Weekly keys – 24 – 31st of August – Energetic Jumpstart


This week I will focus on the energetic jumpstart through AuratransformationTM. This seems to be quite a hot topic right now and seems there is a new AuratransformationTM wave in Estonia.

Openly about AuratransformationTM

I got my Auratransformation 8,5 years ago. I studied visual anthropology masters degree in Tromsö University, Norway. I remember that after the session, which was done by Berit Reaver (my session lasted 4 hours), when I put my feet down I felt like I was drunk. I felt weird. I felt very grounded and I had not walked like that in my whole life, that my feet touched the ground energetically as well physically.

Couple of days after that I went slalom skiing and felt the first time in my life that I was completely present in my body and my legs, which made it very orgasmic. Before the transformation I figured that half of my energy was in my upper body and the other half was empty.


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After that I got into a very intense indigo phase, where I talked my truth as the spit was bringing it into my mouth, without thinking. As I was sharing it with the professors of my university as well other important people, this created lots of problems for me. For me this was something completely new – to set my boundaries and say out loud what I was thinking about things. True, the way I was doing it, could have been better and more well thought through.

norramagiSome months later, I got an insight that I have to climb a mountain nearby Tromsö after I finish my school. I had to sit there couple of weeks alone, without eating and drinking – like having my own pilgrimage and then see what happens. On top of that mountain, I got my new name, as well many energy orgasms all over my body, even without touching myself being completely alone. Some parts of my body received me and my union with my spirit. 

I also got very clear instructions, what I should do right after coming down the mountain – go to the Auratransformation course, bring it to Estonia. So I did. Some months later I moved back to Estonia, after 8 years in Norway. I brought Auratransformation to Estonia.  I talked about it all over media – radio, TV, magazines and newspapers.

I had a very strong earth energy and grounding from Norway with me. Nothing or no one could influence my intentions and targets. I had so much work, that I had waiting lists like 6 months long. I worked sometimes from 6 am till 2 am at night. I also did many trips to Norway, Sweden and Finland. I felt like I was infinite and enjoyed every moment of my job.

aurainstruktoridNext year I started to study how to become the Aura Instructor. I loved it. I can mediate really well, it is my natural talent. I managed to make it clear what is Auratransformation, using my wild imagination as well my little dolls and kitchen cutlery. Being on the top of my game, some things started to go wrong.

After this I found water therapy as well tantra and Hawaii adventure courses, as well Access Consciousness. All of these I inspired to bring to Estonia myself or inspired others to do it. All of these techniques taught and integrated different parts and elements in me. Many times being on this route I got lost completely.

My spirit guided me through different paths back to my right path. It was not that easy to understand how this new time compass and navigation system works. I made many human tests on myself from my career as well my private relations.   

Every person’s experience after the Auratransformation is different, but there are many conditions and situations which can be similar in its essence.

inglidroosipoosascrystalraBeing back in Estonia – I see that many transformed people have problems. It is advised to go to at least couple of aura balancing sessions with the Auramediator according to your needs. You should sense it yourself. In the new energy, the aura mediator should not call you to invite you to the session. You should feel it yourself and take contact with her or him. 

After the Auratransformation the body and the whole system has many changes to go through  and the body may not manage it as fast as it is going, and may need a bit of outside help – like the cars need a little extra maintenance.

In the new energy it is like with electric car – maintenance is not needed that much, in the beginning it is mostly needed for the driver, who is not used to move in a different way.

As the time goes by, the need for balancing disappears, as the energies manage to balance themselves, but in order to have that the person has to contribute to that every step of the road. 

The problem is also for many that the spirit has been whispering many times what to do and when, but the transformed person continues her life in the old rhythm. If you do it for a long time, the spirit will turn its voice down and the intuition is not that strong and you can lose your path.

It will create a huge frustration, which will block everything else – your relation to yourself, the outer world, mission, health and abundance. Does that sound familiar? Then it is the time to come to the aura balancing session and start to listen to your spirit.


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When people come to me the first time, they ask what is the most powerful tool or technique of the ones I use. I have to say it is the Auratransformation. It helps the person into the new platform, clears from the old, pulls to the surface the old stuff and pushes the person into the flow of their life mission in case she or he will listen.

Everything goes in its natural rhythm. You do not need to dig anything up from the deep root level and do it violently. Only now I understand the depth of this technique as well the dangers. The level of responsibility of your choices and life will rise higher so many times.  


On the photo Kaidi Kirss

I have got contact with many other transformed people in Estonia. Many have completely changed their lives – like all that what is old, let that go, or it has been taken away and started all over again – new place to live, new job, new partner and new abundance level. The old goodies will be cleared and cleaned, but the new ones are so much sweeter and bigger. 

This is so cool to see and experience that my small hands have contributed to this situation and there are quite many people who have got my touch and then activated themselves and stepped onto their own platforms. It is so amazing to see the stars in their eyes, listen to their latest adventures and experience how everything is truly possible if you cooperate with the spirit. 

It is so enjoyable to see people flowing in their own wave and do what they love and how everything flows in their life. Of course there will always be some blockages, but then it will be known what to do next and how to get over this. You can not get stuck into it and will not waste time with it.

Auratransformation as a session has changed quite a bit in details, even though the main essence is the same. If you choose to get it done with me while I am still in Estonia (till the beginning of November), you will receive also the e book about how to manage your life after the Auratransformation. I have put  it together from my own and my client’s  practical tips and experiences (English translation in the works). I will also add extra balance, crystal and golden energies from Mexico and powerful activation.

I have private sessions in Tallinn, Estonia usually once a week in person and skype sessions all the time (Auratransformation is not possible to be done via skype though, but I do other sessions via skype).  I do sessions in Norwegian, English and Estonian. Once a week I have an event in Estonia as well. Some of it is not public. Ask me for more info.

If you know at least 10 people who would love to work with me, we can also put together a group skype call. If you would like to join me to some of my adventure tours, let me know as well. I am checking now for the possibilities for Hawaii this November. 

I am planning to do also one lecture about the Auratransformation, where I will talk about the main information, but also a bit about the crystallisation process and possibly a balancing session for those who are transformed in the second part.

If you are based in Europe, you can join me for some workshops as well. Another one is planned for the 17th and 18th of October with tantra yoga, ayverdic walking massage contributed by my cooperation partner Kaidi Kirss as well introduction to my water modality Wantra and other powerful body, mind and spirit techniques.

If your life has got stuck and you would love to have a quantum leap, then Auratransformation can be something for you. I am calling this now an energetic jumpstart.

crystalqueenlaughterI am Crystal Ra Laksmi and you can call me the new time adult. This is the way adults, who have got Auratransformation are called.  This technique has helped me to become a better person and also create a better world as well more conscious and balanced world.

In this process I have worked very intensively with the balancing of the elements and the fire element is the one, which still needs some work. Water with water therapy as well free diving has helped a lot as well the air element integration through travelling and adventures in the whole world.  Earth element’s balance starts to ground me deeper with every step. I believe that I live my life fully and I am still opened to live even bigger and more expansively. Would you like to become part of it? Take contact with me here: