Weekly keys – 17 – 24 August Exploding the skyscrapers of guilt

rivernavestiThis week’s focus is on the guilt skyscrapers, about teaching in the new time and inner GPSes which are confused. Read and share and join my list!


In the new time it works like this that you have fun first and then it is work. It is really nice if your fun and work can be united. There can still be some parts, which you just need to do, in order to exist in this reality. I had one of these days, where the list of my things I needed to do was growing into a skyscarper. My inner unease was growing. My plans were changing and my time, which I had put to work on it, moved on. Inside of me I could feel how guilt was raising its head.

Times square madnessIt felt like some kind of being, which made me feel very bad. It disturbed my peace and presence. So I sat down and talked to my guilt as a being. I could see that my middle self was peaking behind it, the one which is taking care of the practical and rational stuff.

When the pile of disturbance grows super big, the middle self will become one too. One of the emotions, which is its tool – is guilt. When I sat down to listent to what they had to say, but also offered information how I am going to solve this, then they calmed down. They were still peaking and controling, whether I keep my word. When I did keep my word, everything was fine and they calmed down completely.

I thought how many people use hours and maybe even days on these kind of thoughts and feelings.

Home assignment

Good home assignment for the next week if the same would happen to you. Imagine that you sit down with your guilt and your middle self. Listen to what are their worried and arguments (these come in piles, believe me) and then offer concrete solutions and them fulfill them. This creates a situation, where your inner parts trust your word, and because of that everything will be so much easier and harmonic. This brings you a completely new quality.

crystalzoneTeaching in the new time

I share a little chapter from my FB wall, as this created a little reaction.

One interesting thing what I see in Estonia right now is that we have loads of people here who have got auratransformation, but they are completely stuck with their lives. They have not followed the guidance of their spirit and they have not come to the balancing sessions. The life may get stuck on all levels. I know, I was there 2 years ago and if I had not left Estonia, I would most probably been dead by now. Luckily I found the solution.

I got a comment: I am surprised how often you write about getting stuck and losing yourself, what is it you would like to teach?

‘Dear commenter. I am not teaching anything, I am just sharing my experiences in order to inspire people live their life more consciously and see new possibilities and viewpoints to the things. Teaching as in the old time is behind us.’ 

In my case the situation is that I share my journeys publicly and bravely, most people find and lose themselves all the time, but maybe do not even notice, as they do not analyse and observe it and they do it quietly between their 4 walls. 

I observe, process and then share with people my inner journeys publicly. I could share it all to myself, but if you look at my blog, I have many years of materials available there, which would help to put together a book of 300 pages or more, which has already helped many people right when they needed it as what I wrote and how I did it touched them and resonated with them.

How many spiritual leaders only make a technique and then leave people to just hang in the air. As  I am now understanding better Auratransformation I am happy to share it and maybe others can learn something from it and avoid my mistakes and be wiser than me.

I know that I get comments because I am courageous and share my life’s details, but if it does make someone enjoy it, let it be. I am not focusing on this, but on the person, who writes me a letter without knowing me and thanks me from the bottom of her heart how that was a lifeline for her and how that made herself into a master in her life again. 

What to focus is everyone’s choice. Also you, which energies you choose to comment with. Even between the words there is energy and vibration, which all multiplies and comes back to you as a boomerang. Is it good or bad or from the balance center, it all depends on you – who you are the source of the sender. Enjoy your summer and hooponopono!’

The error of the inner GPS-es

I was on my way to Tartu and tried to find one house in the new building development. I had with me the old GPS, which card I had not updated and to be sure, I also turned on my mobile GPS. In the end I had a very funny situation, where both GPSes were asking me to go into different directions.

I trusted the most recent one which had the latest updates, but had to still use my memory and inner compass to make the picture whole. It was an interesting mess which inspired me thinking.

How many of us work with the inner GPS, where the maps are outdated and not updated with the final changes? How many of us manage without outer directions to find our right way? That is why all of us need to make an overview, what and how things work, to get in place these parts, which need updating,so that our moving forward would be easier.

crystalralaksmigoldengoddessI am Crystal Ra Laksmi. I had honour to work with Maris Arulepp, who is an amazing magician in photography world. We had our photo shoot in the forest where I  turned into a mermaid, white fairy and goddess. It was so amazing to experience becoming one with these roles and capturing these moments. This was a wonderful cooperation not only with Maris, but also with the clouds, winds and water and the sun. One day before we had very heavy rains. Two magicians together are two magicians.

My wish is that with my writing I can remind everyone, that we are all magicians, came here in order to create our life on our conditions and find those places, which help to flow easily where our heart desires. As I am doing it more and more myself, I know that this is not only a fairytale, it is possible. I wish you the best fairytale creation in your life! 

=purjetavcrystalI am based in Estonia right now for a short period of time and most of my events are based in Estonia and for Estonians and in Estonian, but I still offer skype sessions (relations, sexuality, health, life mission, money and abundance) and starting to build up my new online course in English as well. Please read my testimonials, if you would like to hear what others have experienced. 

=TallinnvanalinnavaadeIf you would like to experience Estonia, right now is still the best time to come. The summer has not been very warm, but the nature is beautiful and many places are waiting for you to explore. You can also consider hiring me as your personal tour guide for Estonia and you will get to experience a wonderful trip, where a local born here, but a world citizen can show you around and show you some secret spots as well. Welcome!