Weekly Keys – 7th till the 14th of December – Turning into a snowbird in Mexico

OlacruzstreetBack in Mexico, after 5.5 months away

It is amazing what the time and traveling to different countries can do. Certainly it can give us a new perspective into ourselves as well to the world. 

After my hectic time in Europe it was so weird to be back in Mexico. The chaos welcomed me right at the airport, where I had a miscommunication with my friend who came to pick me up. I had two big suitcases and two bigger bags and without a trolley it was not that easy to move alone. We figured out each other’s location and I got home nicely.

I had such a jetlag, that I completely forgot my next morning’s appointment. I was just so lucky that the person I was supposed to have the skype meeting, also forgot it and did not even check her email for some days. I felt welcomed to Mexico.

OgardenviewI would like to share with you what does it mean to wake up in Mexico. Around two am the roosters sometimes start their morning song. I guess they must be completely on some Mexican time. Later the dogs will join in with their barking choir. Some of the birds will have their morning gathering on the tree branches behind my window and sing a song or two. When the sun starts to peak between the palm tree leaves which I can see from my window, the symphony of sounds will grow and more sounds will be added.

OjungleThere is a young man who is selling the bread at 7 am walking around the neighborhood and shouting out loud: ‘Buy some bread! Fresh bread!’ The bread he is selling is not the kind I am used to have in Estonia, it is a Mexican bread, which looks more like a Turkish bread to me. After his male voice touching the neighborhood with his almost singing notes call, the passing cars will add on.

After a bit I can hear the gas car going by. From the loudspeakers you can hear the song: ‘Gas, Sony Gas!’ Every vendor has a different sound, song or call. Then I hear a light music coming from downstairs cafe and Scampi, our dog barking at the cats who have climbed up to the roof to get away from the dog. I can hear the sound of the fountain downstairs and some people coming into the cafe and saying: ‘Buenos dias’.

ObreakfastAs it is my very first day in Mexico I thought to really treat myself with the good Mexican breakfast done by young Mexican lady Alef, who mixes in some love as well. I get a vegetarian omelett with a fresh juice. I so enjoy the tranquility of the Octopus garden in the mornings.

The sun rays sneak in through the big Huanacaxtle tree, which has its roots in a next door neighbour’s lot. These trees have given the name to the little fishing village of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle.Otree

After my lovely Mexican breakfast I put together my bag for my ocean time and walk through the whole village to the beach. I see the lazy Mexican dogs walking around or just having a sleeping break on the road. Funny enough, the dog will not move, everyone will try to get around the dog, even the cars.

ObullI love the sweetness of intimacy I feel in this little village. It reminds me of home where I grew up – Särevere. In every corner I meet someone new and even if they do not know me they wish me a good day, no matter the age or gender. In the afternoon the elders gather on the benches outside the houses to share the stories of the village and their family. The doors and windows are mostly opened and you can easily peak in to see how their homes look like. There is warmth in the whole atmosphere.

obananaThere is no hurry. Mexicans walk mostly slowly and stop in between to talk to someone they know. I experienced it myself. On my way to the beach I met many old friends – so we stopped, caught up and went our ways. It took me almost an hour to get to the beach, which usually takes only 15 minutes. In order to get to the beach faster I sometimes go to the streets or roads where I know I would not meet people I know, so I could get there faster, especially when I am on schedule.

Time is the currency in Mexico and not only I have it, but it seems there is a fair amount of it for everyone. It is slow and almost seems it stretches here.

I set my mask and snorkel ready and slide into the Pacific Ocean. The body temperature water caresses my body and I am doing my Wantra moves. My body is aching of the pain of the stress I had in Europe as well the stiff muscles and joints which I got in result of that, but it is also smiling as I am taking care of it starting my 30 days ocean challenge again. I spend a whole hour in the water.

OflowersThe water visibility was not that good, but I use my mask and snorkel, so I can really relax my neck and head and swim some laps. I come out of the ocean and I can hardly lie still. My mind is so used to the fast pace that I have to calm it down and come up with reasons why I can just lie here on the sun and on this warm sand and not produce anything reasonable. I tell my mind that it is time to relax and prepare for the next big wave and it is important to have that time in order to make it the best.

OpapayaOn my way back I stop in the corner ‘Abarritos’ which means a local corner shop, where I buy a nice big local papaya and a bit of yogurt. After I get home, I cut the papaya and just looking at it, my mouth gets watered. I take the first bite and it is almost like honey melting into my mouth. Feels like I am tasting something soft and silky. Every time I swallow – I feel more caressed by the presence of Mexico.

I get back to my room and just lie there totally enjoying the Mexican siesta and doing nothing. The afternoon breeze smoothly moves through my window, heads towards my door and down the stairs. I feel free, happy and home. All my worries are gone, all the fear is dissolved and I am completely here in the present moment. There is only now. Whatever was is gone and whatever comes is on the way. I am excited. The new page is turning. I can smell the freshness in my nose. As a mermaid on land and a dolphin lover, once in my lifetime I am following my nose.

Home assignment

How much time you give to yourself to do nothing with a good conscience? This week take at least 20 minutes every day to do nothing. Write down afterwards what thoughts you get and what ideas come to you.

I have discovered that doing this like a check in with myself while I do nothing than enjoying the silence and doing nothing brings me ideas, understanding and aha moments which can sometimes even create new products, services, ideas and abundance. Do not underestimate the quality doing nothing has in it. Winnie the Pooh definitely knew what this was about. Take your time and enjoy it. If you like, call it a siesta and imagine being under a palm tree, enjoying the warm breeze and drinking the coconut water. Who knows maybe one day, that daydream becomes real?

ocrystalhappyI am Crystal Ra Laksmi. I did not use to love Mexico. When I got here first time in 2012 February (almost 4 years ago) I came from Hawaii and it felt for me like downsizing. It is my fourth big entrance to Mexico and I must say I am starting to love the crookedness of this country, the absurdness, the chaos it has in its heart beat.

I love the colors, sometimes the food, and their richness in ways of doing things. I think Estonia and Mexico are quite similar on that as Estonians had to be creative under the Soviet rule and the innovation and initiative people take here is very similar. Even though I do not think an Estonian would do a headstand by the traffic lights to earn money, I think there is something to learn from every culture.

opotsI love to spend my winters in the warm places and I am even looking more closely into an option to have this as a home base for the future winter months. I am living my dream and encourage everyone to get infected by my stories and believe in yourself, set goals and know that one day the dream becomes real and you will be the main character in that movie.