Weekly keys – 14th till 21st of Dec – Liver detoxing in Mexico

vorkkiigedmayasolIn these times where we live we are surrounded by so many toxins and we inhale it from the air, we drink it with the water, we eat it with the food and we also absorb it even from our washing powder as well all the influences by media, negative people etc.

Spice it up with a little extra stress, not enough sleep, too much work, little exercise and bad food and our systems and bodies clog up. That is why it should be compulsory for people to do detoxing on a regular bases. That is one of the reasons I did a 6 days liver detox again and what I will share in this weeks blog with you.

detoxtableBody detoxing

After the stressful time in Europe and mostly in Estonia as well eating maybe not so healthy both in Estonia and Turkey this liver detox was very needed, especially as my last one was done 2 years ago, also in Mexico with Sol Ibarra.

This time I made a commitment to myself to do it again as soon as I could. Sol suggests to do the liver detox in the beginning in every 6th month and later at least once a year. In between she suggests and gives you a whole protocol full of recommendations what to do to follow it up later on with your menue and everything else.

junglebushmomentMy body needed more rest, being more in one place, care and love and regular movement. People do not realise how much more difficult it is to keep your body in good shape while travelling from one country to the other, but also from one continent to another. Add to it also the stress created by the time difference and different food and cultures. It takes a toll to take all that in and process in fast speed and move on.

CasitamayasolI travelled from Estonia and then to New York, where I stayed for a week and then Mexico, where I will stay for the next 5,5 months. I am more and more sensitive to these fast changes and moves and enjoy more and more staying in one place for as long as I can. But I also understand my mission includes to be the gipsy of the new time and share my knowledge, energy and being with many people in different countries and places.

Additional activities

losmuertosbeachSo this week was scheduled with daily jungle walks, ocean and beach time, sun bathing and plenty of rest.

The ocean was really good as well, as it clears your physical body as well your energy body from all the negativity. Sunbathing on the towel on the ground helps to ground the whole body. Sun gives more D vitamin. Walking in the air, airs you inside out and inspires your mind, giving it visual food.

junglelovewalkEvery day we walked to the different secluded beaches and some of them had not a single person there. Our walks were from 30 minutes to 3 hours. The long walk was worth it, because the beach where we got to was so breathtakingly beautiful and nourished my inner being so fully. It is so fulfilling to also notice different flora and fauna by the road. Different beautiful tropical flowers, trees and so many different kind of birds, butterflies and bugs. We were lucky to have most days the sun and rain only during the last day. As it was a bit on a higher elevation, it was so much cooler than in our base in La Cruz. It is very humid here, almost 70% or more, which makes it sometimes difficult to cope with the heat.

The difficult part with the rest was that you could not really sleep long at night, as all the liquids needed to be released and I had to wake up to go to the toilet many times per night. Only one week later I had my first straight 8 hour sleep.

mayasoldrinksHealthy juices

The daily program was set hourly with different drinks in the menue. The drinks are put together according to the food science called trofology, which uses different combinations of the fruits and vegetables to prepare the liver to pack all the toxins into small junks, which look like small stones when they come out. It also includes daily anima with coffee and garlic liquids.

mayasolcentromainhouseWhen I did it first time 2 years ago I was surprised how hard it was to drink this much. I felt my kidneys were freaking out with all the liquid processing. This time it was easier as I did so many shorter detoxes throughout the last years. I almost never got really hungry, even though in the end I felt like eating solid food would be so nice again.

During the second day I got a little pimple under my tongue and it was really painful for couple of days. After some days it cleared out and disappeared.

crystalmagnetosMagnet therapy

Sol did also magnet therapy every day. She checks your body for the problems first an then covers your body with different magnets where there is a problem. Every day she needed to put less and less magnets. After each magnet session I felt so good and relaxed as well very deeply grounded. I also feel quite rested after the session and at times I even fell into a very deep sleep.

I think in my case the magnets help to balance the polarization in my body and balance the sides of the parts which are out of alignment. As I am a very active and intense personality, they get out of alignment faster than for most people. I used to say that if you do not have a boyfriend, magnet therapy can be your substitute grounding boyfriend.

favouritejunglespotcrystalDetoxing emotional patterns

On top of all that detoxing which was going on with my body on so many levels I was also doing emotional detoxing and turning a completely new page with my relationships. This is a real huge step coming out of the old patterns of fighting, fear and lack. Now the new page is full of harmony, consciousness and maturity, love and care – which I deserve. So grateful to everyone who contributes to make it my paradise here and now.

patzcuarobeachjumpcrystalIt was a very interesting journey into myself with this detox. As I did it together with a very dear friend, then it brought up some old patterns in me. One of them is about giving from the heart or conditionally. It does not matter whether it is time, energy or service. In my childhood I was so used to that everything was counted, the good and the bad it had to be even at all times. I remember that one of my partners many years ago said, he would love me even if I did not have time to cook for him after he came home from work. I thought I trained this equality pattern out of my system, but seems there are still some leftovers left behind.

twoheartsjunglebeachI could not comprehend that it is possible just to give from the heart and not keeping a point system about it towards me. I think the worst example of this was once I was together with a guy and we helped each other also a lot professionally while being together as a couple. When we broke up, he presented a list of all the services he had done for me and how much I owe him in money. I was in shock. So it made me very careful in relationships and giving and receiving has been so complicated in my life. I am by nature a very giving and heart centered person as I almost always overdeliver for my clients, friends and family, forgetting about myself.

junglewalk2So now when I was not able to walk as I got so weak because of my detox and vomited my toxins out for a 30 minutes period, my friend went up to the other house to warm up the water for me to drink, so I could continue my process. I understand now with this detox how little true love and care and love my loved ones shared with me. It is not that they did not have it, they did not know how to do it in such a way that it would nourish me fully.

So now it is my time to get to know all these ways which make me feel very good, nourished on every possible level and express my needs verbally and with courage and receive the best I deserve. The most nourishing is to have a two way street with every person in your life – does not matter in what kind of relation you are at with them. I also understood how many problems in my life were created because I did not dare to express my needs verbally as I had many negative experiences with it and turned into a situation where I just started to demand it and that is one way to repel men and people away from you in a highway speed.

oceanloveThe processes happening with my patterns were also transferred into my dreams. I had very lively dreams and many were not very happy dreams. I think my subconscious started to work on this as well and release some old blockages.

My friend Almer Jansu told me that liver is connected to the element of the tree. Anger and resentment saw the tree. The tree means it is growth and expansion. The weak tree will not be good to create fire or activity. The tree element in our body will be weakened also by the parasites in our body. The tree element will get stronger, if we give it what grows on a tree, as well herbal tinctures. The tree element influences also our central nervous system.


– Lost 4kgs

– Better looking skin

– Softer skin

– Body feels lighter

– More energy

patzcuarowantrawavecrystal– Clearer thoughts and mind

– Emotional clarity

– Better clarity about my goals, dreams and targets

– Better ability to set boundaries and take good care of myself

– More conscious about my food choices


Completely detoxed Crystal

– I am so much calmer and in difficult situations I do not react with anger and resentment right away, I take more time to think and sense what would be the best next step.

Life is good indeed. The matter of fact it is so good that I have to pinch myself many times to believe it is real

Home assignment

Make a list of different areas in your life which you would like to clear and clarify.

You can start with your body, as well your home, as well your friends list and etc.

The next step is to take action.

Why not even include these areas which need cleaning to your new year resolutions?

By the end of the next year, make a summary where you are with your list and how much of it you got done. It makes you definitely feel good, if you have been serious about it. Good luck with it!

If you would like to experience Mexico as well take care of your health, Centro Mayasol in Sayulita (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico) is your place to come. Ask me more for info.

crystalfitshinebushesofsayulitaI am Crystal Ra Laksmi. I call myself a conscious health person, but I sometimes still eat chocolate cakes or drink sodas. But I hope that sharing my experiences of my liver detox inspires more people to take care of their bodies, mind and souls as it creates a different life quality for you as well everyone around you.

You can do so much already at home as well, but if you need to unplug a place far away from your home may be a great choice, as then you really need to face you and your patterns and problems and let them go. You may return as a completely new person. It is always nice to start afresh. It will open up new possibilities and new ways to live your life and expand and grow to start to live your dreams fully.

If you would like to receive my contribution to your life, let me know how you would think I could assist you. Read more from my website about my services I offer here.