Weekly keys – Latest update with the English blog

mercrystalI am sorry I have not really kept up with the English blog during the recent weeks in here. I did updates on FB. Read what is changing.

Last week I wrote a password protected story about the numeorology of the new times for the year of 2016. If you would like to read this story, let me know and you will get the password after the purchase of the story (15 Eur).

Last week I had a break from my blog as I am modifying my blog. I am going to do fewer posts and change it so I will inspire myself to write more and keep producing more amazing motivating stories as it seems that more I share, more people wake up to live their dreams and stop postponing it to the future. Time to live your dreams is now. 

So keep coming back and check in soon again. Enjoy and thank you for supporting me and reading my blogs. Go out there and live your dream. If you need help, go back in time in my blog and check some ideas which may help you.

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