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Welcome back to my blog. I will introduce you to my new blog set up as well to my very first interviewee, Michael Ditton – an author, self development coach, speaker, sailor, businessman and so much more who lives his dream.


I will start my new blog set up. In sailing we talk about changing the course of the destination by sometimes tacking, that is what I am doing with my blog.

In between this set up I may share still some monthly keys as I used to, but my main focus will be to interview people who inspire me and who I admire.The goal is to do it at least twice a month and publish it accordingly and at times may be less as I am now going to work more on the location with my Wantra business set up in Mexico.

I ask most of the same questions from all the people I interview, so you can see the difference of possibilities to live your life on this planet.

Why am I changing my set up for the blog?

I felt that I needed the change, so I do not take my blogging just as a plain commitment, but also get more inspired myself and get out more so I can activate more of my natural explorative anthropologist side as well. Who knows maybe one day I put it all together into a book?

I also figured that even though my life is above the average and has more adventures in it than for most people, you may have got bored of my blog set up too.

I also would like people to stop for a moment and think what they can do and change in their lives if there is something they do not like in their lives and how to make it move forward the dream they have. I am following the guidelines my spirit gives me and fair enough, it is never wrong. It always guides me to the better life quality on all levels.

In the end of each story I ask them to share the story how they found me and how they perceive me, so you get a different point of view.

All in all I hope I continue to spice up your routine, your everyday life and dream bigger and dare to do more to live it as well and take action to make it happen now not later.


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Interview with Michael Ditton – author of ‘Dreams, Goals and Adventure’. 

20th of January in La Cruz, Mexico

  • Michael, you are a very special person. You have accomplished a lot and lived a very exciting life. Who and what made you to be who you are today?

‘I must say mostly it was me. It was my desires that made me do and choose what and who I am today. Before cutting the lines and setting sail on my latest adventure I owned and operated 5 different companies from a boating supplies store, gift store with clothes, shoes, gifts and nautical novelties, an internet cafe, an electric boat rental business and my real estate office. I also fulfilled a 20 year commitment with US Armed Forces.’

  • Where were your desires rooted?

‘It was rooted in my desire for different things and the ability to get them. I liked to work, it was fun for me. I loved the challenges what were presented to me through the work. Working with adults as a kid was one of them. I supervised adults when I was a teenager which sometimes annoyed them. You know somebody telling you that you can not do something or you are too young to do this or that and I was not. So I showed them how I can and what I can. Acting as a supervisor with the knowledge I had and my work ethics I soon earned the respect for those who worked for me. 

My mother supported and encouraged me by allowing me to work in the garden and to take the fruits and veggies to the houses in the neighbourhood and sell them. With my first money I brought a new fruit tree for my mom, so we could plant it and in the future sell more fruits. I guess I had this entrepreneurial mindset from a very early age. My father ran the Santa Barbara Biltmore Hotel where we had celebrities coming in. We had very high end guests and we had to learn proper manners and etiquette from a very early age and that gave me a lot of knowledge what does it mean to be a gentleman and that has got me further in life too.

  • Your biggest dream in life right now?

‘Working on the new dreams. My biggest dream is to figure out what I need to do to get it together enough so I can travel and enjoy my time with my new partner and do things I enjoy without worrying about my finances and bills.

Now I would rather jump on the plane, go to a 6 week cooking school in Ecuador and take it from there. Live with a family and friends in different locations while exploring and adventuring. Take a plane somewhere and rent a boat or a car and get around. I want to go to Hawaii and work for 10 days and play  for a month without worrying about the finances.  This way it will be easier and I can do and see more faster and I can go further than just cruising with one boat.’

  • What have been your keys to live your life on your terms?

‘Live life as an adventure. Do not be afraid to experience new things, new people, places and travel. Plan and prepare for what you would like to do. If I do not have finances, then I do what I need to to get it. Plan it, do it and enjoy it. Have positive attitude about life, surround yourself with positive people. Look at things from a positive point of view.’

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    Your message to the world?

‘ Enjoy life. Never lose sight of your dreams – that is my big message.

Have a plan and work it. Simple messages, but people complicate them too much. When it is more challenging, keep your focus, it will help you through it. Adjusting as necessary is part of the plan.’

  • What has been the hardest moment of your life? How did you get through it?

‘Hardest part was a breakup of a 23 year marriage unexpectedly just very recently. I got through it thanks to the support from others around me. Time heals. Realizing that’s the way it is going to be. Nothing I can do or say can change it. Lots of good therapy, including Wantra (water therapy).’

  • Your most inspiring moment of your life?

Photo by S/V Pacific Jade

‘When I decided to go cruising, I was so inspired by other people who had dreamed about it and did not do it and I did not want to be them. I wanted to experience it on my own terms. The planning it took me and what I did to do it  – books I read, classes I took, people I met was all part of it and so worth it.

When we decided to do it, it created a chain reaction of multiple inspirations. We cruised for 4 years. It was constantly inspiring. I got new group of friends during cruising and outside of it as well. Doing fun things together. Even to put the boat back and go away was inspiring too. I still have the itch for it because of the newness and being on a constant adventure. Always – every day is different. You anchor in a different spot, your stuff you do on land is different.

One day you are anchoring in 15 feet of crystal clear water – dolphins playing around the boat and then the next year there is El Nino, where the boat is so rocky you can not sleep. Lots of change and never the same. There is a routine but you never do the same thing the same way. Girls can swim, guys will kayak for example one time, the other time we just buddy sail together. Endless possibilities.’

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    Your relation to money?

‘ I never want to be without it. I do not have to have as much as the wealthiest people have. I want to do what I want to do and not worry about paying my bills. I am a friend with money. I know how to make it work for me and I am very conscious with it and careful.

I  use a lot – a wants versus needs concept – meaning: if it is a need, I get it. If it is a want, I will walk away and think about whether ‘It is going to make my life easier and make or save me money?’ By not being spontaneous all the time with it – I saved lots of money and did not buy a bunch of crap I did not need. It is discipline with money.’

  • What is financial independence for you?

‘Financial Independence means having control over your time
without worrying about the ability to pay your bills’

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    How do you maintain yourself financially?

‘ I pay attention to my spending. I do good investments both with real estate and other projects. I monitor everything and especially my expenses. I am not overspending. Sometimes I do paying jobs like consulting, coaching or seasonal jobs as well book sales. I earn money versus spending savings. When I earn I can save more money and not to touch my savings. I am actually retired  as I gave up five different companies and working seven days a week, average 18 hours a day. Now I work because I choose to work, it is not a year around thing, and it is seasonal or temporary or something fun. I choose it from my freedom of choice.

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    How do you know Crystal and how do you perceive her?

‘First time I met her at the time of my life when I was struggling and she was there not only to support but also to heal. Developed a friendship which has continued to grow. Crystal is a very kind, caring and intelligent woman who wants to share what she has to offer which will help others. She has beautiful eyes, nice smile. Caring and goodhearted person. I would highly suggest to meet her in person to have in your life. If you have any needs or desires to healing yourself and get better – she has got some great tools to do that with as I personally experienced.’

  • DGA

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    What was the biggest accomplishment of the year 2015 for you? 

After 7 long years of writing, editing and re-editing the story of ‘Dreams, Goals and Adventure’ finally got published. Like the goals I talk about in the book, I planned it, worked it adjusted as needed and accomplished it. I want ‘Dreams, Goals and Adventures’ to inspire others to never lose sight of their dreams. It is a rewarding feeling being able to flip the pages on a project that I was so devoted to and cared about and look forward to the adventure of marketing and promoting the book, so that others can benefit from the story I have to tell.

  • How could they purchase your book?

Hardback | 978-1-5043-3590-4 | $30.95

Paperback | 978-1-5043-3588-1 | $12.99

E-book | 978-1-5043-3589-8 | $3.99

Available at: Balboa PressBarnes & NobleAmazon & Dreams, Goals and Adventure 

  • How can people get in contact with you?

Author of Dreams, Goals and Adventure
Amazon Author:  Michael Ditton Author Page
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Dreams, Goals and Adventure
Goal Setting Basics

Thank you very much Michael. I wish you all the best luck with all your projects and look forward to working with you on cooperation projects in the near future. 

7 thoughts on “Tacking the blog – Interview with Michael Ditton – Dreams, Goals and Adventure

  1. Loved your book, Michael. It is full of wisdom and encouragement. I felt lighter when I’d finished. Thank you for sharing this interview, Crystal. Both of you are an inspiration to me. I feel blessed for having met you. Can’t wait to see where life takes you next.

    • Thank you Joylene. You are an inspiration to us. Thank you for your support and sharing your wisdom and knowledge!

  2. Excellent, succinct questions that get to the heart of the matter and create thought provoking questions. Kudos to you both.

  3. Finally I am able to read this inspiring interview. Thank you Crystal and Michael for sharing in this format. After reading Dreams, Goals and Adventures, I am sure that many people who read the book will find that they can identify their goals and dreams and sail into their next adventures with the book’s suggestions and information. Truly an inspiring book and Michael, you are an inspiration as well. Good luck in all you do!

    • Thank you dear Janet. It is lovely you loved it and it was a fun project to get the nuts and bolts out of Michael;) Good luck to all of us to sail with good winds to where your hearts guide us!

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