Weekly photo blog – in between dimensions

DCIM100GOPROThis photo is taken by Stefan Lehner from Austria, and he was helping me to record some of the Wantra session moments with a client in Sayulita last weekend. I just fell in love with this picture as it is so multidimensional and tells a story…

The photo is taken with the go pro camera – half ways under water and half way above. Which creates a cool visual effect and at the same time gives a good overview of what was actually happening – me doing Wantra in the pool.

How many times do we actually have pictures which show us both – the surface and what is going on under the surface – at the same time? I love to go deep – whether it is in emotions, in pictures or images. This picture has both – the surface and the depth.

The client I worked on, had to go through loads of different dimensions and face many fears. I was proud of her progress within so short time.

It all was like a co-creative dance. Stefan was offering his help from his own initiative to take photos and video while I did the Wantra session. It was really amazing to receive this help and space holding presence at the same time.

2wantraoceanstefan aloneThanks to him – the rest of the world can become part of the experience as well. His helping me is an example of how golden and crystal networks work in the new time. We connect, co-create and dance with it and it happens very freely and flowingly and naturally. Behind the camera somewhere on this picture, is  his girlfriend Sandy Galaviz, who initiated the whole weekend, bringing me this client from another town in Mexico. How lucky am I?

So grateful for our pool heroes during that Wantra day as well! Thank you for your courage and blessings you brought to us! May it bring more flow to you and your life!

My heart felt so happy after the pool session with my female client, that I suggested to give a Wantra Ocean session to Stefan as a thank you. Here, on the picture, you can see him after his Wantra in the ocean. Thank you so much for your contribution to Wantra development dear Stefan and Sandy!