Weekly Photo Blog – Wantra Bliss

1wantrabebe5This week’s photo is me doing a Wantra session on a client in Mexico.

I am always so amazed by people’s trust in me and coming to this water journey with me and how much can change just with one water session and more with many sessions. To see how different are people’s eyes, how they look at the world like with the new eyes. How in this dance in the water we realise how much we can co-create together with each other and how we can heal each other through that.

I feel like a guide who takes each hand and guides them to places and kingdoms, where they have never been or long time ago. Rebirthing their ideas about their mind, body and spirit. Reminding the mer personality who they all are. Stepping back into the liquid heaven, where no one falls – only free dives and dances…

At times I feel like a dolphin mother. Especially when people come and have huge fears about the water and by the end of the 1st hour they have walked half way through their fear if not got to the other side. What happens later in their life when they get through their fears? In their body and mind? They for sure will flow and trust life more. They would have less stress about most things in life. They would play more like dolphins would do.

Wantra is the modality, which I have been developing since 2009. It is a cocktail of many modalities and approaches, but the main basics is Water & Tantra put together in a universal dance by the Spirit. Shortly put, Wantra is a liberation and expansion in the sacred water. Sessions are done individually or in groups or couples.  More info check out here: