Weekly Photo Blog – Inner Spring from NYC

crystalnycSo here I am in New York enjoying the new and blossoming spring! This picture is taken with my camera by Kristine Pregot and edited by Tiina Liimandi.

I have not seen magnolias blooming like that in my life. It must be a totally new orbit in my life this year. Solar eclipse just before my coming birthday and all these new beginnings and opportunities. I am so full of gratitude. Deep gratitude to everyone who have made it possible!

Brooklyn Botanical garden is a total haven. The day we visited it was a bit cold, rainy and windy, but the trees or bushes or flowers did not care – these were in full bloom. They were still sharing their beautiful beauty with us in all of its aspects. I stopped and smelled the magnolias, inhaled their beauty and presence. It calmed me inside out.

Just couple of days before we took some Osho cards and one of them what came to me was the inner spring. It was a beautiful recall that whatever happens outside, deep dive within and you find the peace, the blossoms and whatever you need waiting there for you. If you listen carefully you may even hear some messages of guidance coming through. 

I love warm places and live in warm places, but for a change to see seasons and my most favourite, the spring is a gift, which I cherish. Walking around in NYC I feel uncomfortable physically because of the cold, but I do not mind the clouds, as my sun batteries are fully charged of 10 months Mexican sun;)

I see how this city is blooming all year round in many ways, as people are so mentally creative, working and forming many possibilities. It is like a garden of Lakshmi properties. There is so much abundance that it almost overwhelms at times. I inhale it and let it spread inside out.

Yesterday brought me to a beautiful event of the past life regression by Debra Huelsebusch and yoga and breathing by Kristine Pregot. I got couple of past life stories and lives coming up with some important messages and guidance and also encouragement that love which is lived from courage can change the whole world and no end is never just an end. Everything will be relived!

Enjoy the spring wherever you are!