Weekly photo blog – living in abundance

IMG_0051This is a photo of my surroundings last week. I thought I have had so many photos of the water that lets get earthly here.

I had an amazing opportunity to work with one high end client and this is a little shoot from the surroundings. I loved how every little detail in his appartement was well thought through and how much space, luxury and openness there was. After my water pool sessions with my client, I got to take the shower there and after living on boats and different locations for months with not very good showers, this was one of the best showers in the area for sure. The water pressure, the temperature and the view – to the ocean and the beach. I let it caress my body and being with all it had…

Money is an amazing tool which can give us freedom, independence, luxury, but can also make shifts happen consciously on so many levels.

Every cent we own is asking us where do we invest it?

What do we use it for?

Do we do it consciously or not? 

Visiting and working with my client reminded me of the goddess Lakshmi and how she is with us and inspiring us at all times to live to the fullest and choose the best for us. My family name is Laksmi since 2009 and has brought good luck to many people surrounding me and myself as well. I love to observe how one word can be so powerful.

Here is a little Lakshmi prayer for us from this site:

For those wishing luck in love, gather a handful of rice cooked in basil water (the cooking process adds energy and emotional warmth). Sprinkle this on the walkway leading up to your home and your preferred vehicle, saying:

‘Lakshmi, let true love find its way to my home;
Let me carry luck with me wherever I roam.’

Keep a pinch of this in an airtight container and carry it with you into social situations. It will act as a charm to improve your chances of meeting potential mates.”

Please share if you have had any experiences with the goddess Lakshmi?

They advice to go and visit very abundant places to entertain her. All of us have one goddess Laksmi inside, even without the family name!