Weekly photo blog – Sailing in the Banderas Bay

sailingronHere it is. The wild sailing in the Banderas Bay. I also made a little video of it, so you can get a little part of our adventure by the end of the entry.

We got out late in the afternoon and it was really challenging in the beginning. The boat was flying with 10 knots in its sails and the boat was tilted half ways on to the side. The waves were splashing over the edges. I just so enjoyed it. The wind and the air blowing and clearing everything from my energy field.

I was amazed to watch captain Ron knowing what to do, where to pull the lines, when to turn, when to motor back to the wind zone and when to give up. I love to see men working in their masculine energy. Very grounding and admirable.

The sailing is a good way to use the water and the air to integrate your water and air elements. You can call the air to come in and clear your mind from unnecessary ideas and thoughts. You can call in the water to flow and wash away everything you do not need.  You can listen to the messages of the elements. Sometimes their guidance is very clear. You just have to listen and act accordingly.

I am so grateful that I have friends like that here, with whom I can do trades, or just sail away. This evening I got a lift paying with a massage. Imagine doing that in New York or other places of the world? Does not happen much. When one learns to ask for help you learn to sink into your vulnerability and not run from it. Amazing new opportunities may come from it and take you to the new levels you did not even know existed… It is all about kissing the unknown with the courage. Ask me all about it, I have been in that bootcamp for the last 14 years. 

Enjoy the adventure with me! Sailing video is up here! Check it out HERE