Weekly photo blog – Singing Rice Box – the result of the flood vortex


This picture is not beautiful and not at all perfect and it is not edited. But this picture gave me an opportunity to see the beauty in ugliness. This picture was taken some moments before I could have died…

This last weekend gave me an opportunity to look at life with a new perspective. In Mazatlan, west Mexico there was a big rain storm, with very strong winds, thunderstorm and lightning and water was flooding everywhere and streets turned into deep rivers within minutes. The cars which were parked by the side of the road started to float as the water was lifting them up. It really looked like a scene from a movie, not a real life.

The photo I present this week is taken from the car while driving. The lower part of the car door was under water already by that time and if I had opened the door at that moment, the water would have flooded in. Only 15 minutes later we did the turn with the car, which let the car hanging half way over the edge, which looked like a street, but actually was a little channel of water, all flooded. The car stopped. We could not drive further.

Water started to flood into the car and up to my knees. The electric system in the car did not work any more. I could not open the window or the door. Outside there was a rescue team, and we were helped out of the car and my side of the window got slowly pulled down somehow. We had to abandon the car and get to the higher spot, where other people like us had got trapped.

While walking on the street, the water was up to the higher thighs, I had no shoes on me. I was very cold, completely wet and I did not have many clothes on, shivering and a bit of shock of everything what happened. After some time the rescue team took us to one of the closest hotels. My friend got to go back to save the car to the car park some hours later. If it is possible to fix the car is not known till this day as the water ruined all the electric systems probably.

I could hardly sleep being so awakened by the incident. After some hours sleep though I could check my clothes, which were almost dry and we walked to the car, to check on it. It did not start, but it was still there. It was strange to see, that the streets were almost dry and there was no sign of the flood left. It almost felt like some kind of crazy dream I was in. Life went on like nothing happened.

In the incident I lost my phone in the car, so it drowned with all of my contacts. I guess I really needed a new restart on all levels. Later I tried to dry it with the other phone in the rice box. The other phone got some kind of shock I guess as well and started to play random songs. So I had two phones in the box of rice with the music playing. It was funny. The other phone, which was iphone survived the water incident. So there you go – apple – good job! Sony did not survive it.

Also – we do not know, maybe our little incident was actually preventing a bigger one. I went back in time and tried to recall any warning signs. I had one. I actually was thinking to put more air in to one of the tires, which was leaking a bit, but forgot it, so we had to use extra time and did not make to our first destination on time. So we had to go there later, which got us to the flooded street. It is interesting – this reality here. How things are interconnected.

I also got the experience how different it is to be in this kind of situation if you have the money. Money fixes everything – from the hotel to the taxi rides and cars and pulling it out from the side of the road. Was thinking of people who did not have these privileges during these hard moments and how would they manage.

Also noticed how I am taking many of the amazing circumstances in my life for granted again – like living on the beach, where the only noise is from the ocean waves crashing on to the shore. I am returning to my gratitude prayer now every morning and night. Thank you for another opportunity to live, create and bring meaning to myself and others on this planet!

Sometimes one moment can change your whole life. It would have been quite ridiculous to drown in the car as a mermaid. I got another chance to live and create amazement on this planet and I promise I will give my best this time. I can not afford any more failures! 


2crystalorchidsmilesI am Crystal Ra Laksmi. I am an Estonian, living in Mexico right now. I am learning to step into my power and live my life without fear and despair and bitterness. I face my challenges and create beauty from every moment. It is all about where you look at it from. The beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…