Changes in the English blog posts

topviewcloudsI tried to keep up with weekly photo blogs, but it did not really work for me or for my readers, so I figured out a new change.

I have been working on the Estonian blog now for a year, writing weekly keys for people from my life and what I observe is happening with the energies and people and consciousness. These have been interesting and popular. Now I have found a translator for my weekly blogs from Estonian, so that we get it also into English every week. I hope this change enriches all of our lives in many ways.

I hope this change will help me to build a new audience for the global markets and bring more interest to my new projects and services from the people all around the globe.

crystalsmileviewI am Crystal Ra Laksmi. I have found my calling to be a catalyst for transformation. You can discover more about me and what I do here.

I appreciate your interest and support as you dive into my life, what my passions are and what new life transformations I have discovered. In these blog posts I hope that I inspire you to grasp the amazement you deserve and can disarm the things that do not uplift your soul and life.