Keys to April – Love compass treasure hunt

This time I felt I would love to write differently. As this last month has been a very tantra theme month for me (because of Estonia events), I thought to explore this topic a bit deeper and in a more creative way. I will let my female energy to lead my words and I hope it will reach to the hearts of those people who are ready to receive it.

If your feelings would be people…


Love walks from one door to the other one. Knocks here and there. In most places there is noone there – as everyone is so busy. In some places love will be let in and will be offered to sit and drink some water. In some places they ask love to leave right away. In some places it is asked her not to beg. In some places it will be offered to sit, drink, as well to eat and overnight. In some – love will be asked to move in. Love will have its own room and in some places even its own house. If you enter that house, you can feel the warmth right away. Your heart starts to melt right away. Love feels at home. It is tickling in the belly. Something exciting is going to happen and it is such an undescribable feeling deep inside.

If you are going to visit love, she (I will call her a she, as it seems to me a very feminine energy) will do everything so you could feel loved from the depth of your heart.

If you have never felt real love, then love will ask you to lie down. Love will caress you, touching your heart in a very soft way. Love gives you the cake she made and offers a nectar tea made of love. Covers you with the warm blanket and whispers words filled with love into your ears. You do not need more than that – as you start to melt in your beauty and pain. You will open more and more with every moment. You are at home. You are received as you are.

You will be loved even with your faults and mistakes. You are just perfect as you are and still loved. Love will hug you and embrace you with your full true being. This will flow through your every cell. The whole world with its worries fades miles away. If the world would end today, nothing would matter, as you have landed in love. You have found your place. You are home.

There are too little of those ‘love houses’ in the world. All of us are looking for these houses, but only few have the luck to find those and experience it. The only ones who will find these houses are those who will wake up to the spirit’s messages from within. They listen to their heart and intuition talking to them. They are held and trusted and they believe that life can carry them on its hands. They fall in love with themselves  and during this adventure they start to share all these hidden treasures and gifts, which they have come here to distribute. This is not the impossible fairytale – it exists in all of us. We all have the compass to our love house. But as most have not asked where it is – for most people this compass lies in their drawers with no purpose. 


I would call it a he as he feels masculine to me. He has no house, but strange enough he is not homeless. If he would have a house, we would not be able to move around. There is too much of him. Hate looks often times like a monster. He has old and ripped clothes and his face is angry and tired. He is the Restlessness with the big R.

Everything is very bad all the time for him. What is interesting is that he is invited everywhere all the time. It can be the misunderstanding when we do not receive what we wish for. Something will be taken away what we like. Hate is most times overweight, as he is fed wherever he goes. With anger and negative feelings. The only place where he can melt is in the love houses and temples. Love will see through him and feed and take care of him. Anger is nothing else than love, which has been pushed away or the shadow to love. 

If each one of us would just stop for a moment and would face the anger, would talk to it like a friend, would ask what is in his heart and what needs to be changed, so it could help it to move on., Hate would share what is bothering him and he would dissolve in front of our eyes into dust. 

But most of us have no time to work with stuff like that, as we are running from point A to point B most of the time. We do not notice what is going on around us. This world is full of messages, possibilities and love. All it takes is to stop for a moment.

Love will often times wear a mask, so we would not recognize her. When we reveal her face and being, then she can touch us right away. When we meet with our hate, while we hold the hand of our deepest love, nothing will be impossible. Hate can also feel love. Like a real being, like a true human. We can make a hate and love sandwich. When you mix these two – in the end love wins and will be on top. Love is our trump and our heart’s essence.

Zero point balance

Hate can push us into the zero point in our life. This is the point, where all the old is cleansed or taken away and the new has not surfaced yet. These zero points are very scary. But only if you do not have inner connection with your inner love. When you already have connected with your inner love, then the rest will fall in place without much effort. Love is our glue, our wind and our creation power – it makes everything possible!

Love’s purpose

Love is our life’s purpose in a deeper way. We have to learn how to feel it towards ourselves, how to multiply it – how to keep it flowing. It does not care about the country borders or traffic signs. 

Love goes to where she is expected and where she is needed and she will create not only new houses, but also new love temples as well kingdoms. This is the new time, where Venus is guiding us throuhg love into new opening and expansion as well new beginnings inside and outside of ourselves.

Her first key is to wake up our inner man and woman and make them fall in love with each other. When this happens, hate has no place any more. Hate will be sent out of the country, not to Siberia, but all the way to the Moon. 

This way under the flag of love, we can arrive into the depth of Mother Earth. If we touch with our deep love the depth of love Mother Earth has for all of us, we become infinite beings where we unite the inner source powers where everything becomes possible.

We choose the path of spirit and heart and the rest will follow us, as the dogs to their owners. We have the power and possibilities. We have the choice whether we go right or left. But in general there is no difference as all the paths lead to love’s temple. We have been born from love and we will be dissolved into love again and we can choose to have a conscious adventure of love in between the beginning and the end. 

Home assignment

  • Write down how is your situation with your inner love and hate?
  • How much do they get your attention?
  • Are you a good friend with your love?
  • Are you aquinted with your inner man and woman?
  • Have you talked to the hate?
  • How does your love compass look like and where is it?

               Photo by Maris Saar

I am Crystal Ra Laksmi. Most part of my life I have looked for love everywhere on this planet. As I got so little of it when I was a small kid, I have been looking for it from all the romantic partners I have had in my life. Most times they could not understand my needs and what kind of love I needed and I did not know how to explain it to them accordingly. As time went by, I met my love from the inside and understood who she is and what does she need and how to express it. During these adventures I conquered mountain tops, as well walked in the depth of the abysses. I sailed from here to there as well flew from one side of the planet to the other. I found a little love here and there.

Private photo from Big Sur, California

When I finally found my love compass while being pushed into the mud and started to move accordingly, then my life started to go in the right direction and lead me to my outer love – Michael.

I know that every reader is able to find their inner love which would guide them to their outer love. I wish you all luck with these adventures! 

If you have already found your love, pls share with me how you have experienced your adventure following your love compass and what kind of challenges you had. 

Private photo from Hawaii, Big Island

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Private photo: Alohas from West Mexico



2 thoughts on “Keys to April – Love compass treasure hunt

  1. I am so moved by your post, Crystal. Love is my friend, too. She is sometimes put down for a nap, so that I can get work done. What a mistake. Today I understand that even as I do menial chores, love has a place with me. This was a very beautiful post. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you dear Joylene. You are so right. Many hugs to you and happy healing;) Kisses from Mexico;) xxx

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