Never give up!

The last days have been a total chaos for me.

I have made a choice.

To change and step up.

To once again open my wings which  I have kept closed for a while.

Being scared to die.

As I flied  once so high!

Is that the moment when you fly out from the nest and do not believe you can fly?

All the doors which have been opening, just closed again? 

So you sit there in total darkness.

Nothing moves.

Total Silence. 


Free fall.

And whatever move you do,

everything goes against you or stops or runs away. 

So you look for the answer.

As you have been told it comes from the outside. 

You have to do something. 

You have to act somehow to take action. 

The solution must always be outside of you. 

But what if in the darkest darkness

 In the deepest depth  

In the biggest storm 

You just sit down 

And look inside? 

Maybe the biggest key –

the solution 

lies in you – 

in the silence – 

in the moment – 

while the chaos and storm whirls around you? 

What if the light in the end of the tunnel is

actually inside of your core being? 

Waiting to be discovered? 

So that you would stop to look outside 

and stop to believe that someone else knows

what is light in the end fo the tunnel for you? 

What is best for you?

What to do or act? 

And if you are the light –

 Where is there to go?

Written in Mexico, Cancun, April 18th