My 1 year in Mexico

greenlight mexico palm

This story is my little summary of my experiences in Mexico especially during the last year. Read this if you think of relocating to Mexico or if you think visiting Mexico or have other interests in Mexico. This seems to become a new destination not only for the snowbirds but a new younger generation like myself, who figure out that there are other ways to live than just follow the stupid rat race and have no freedom at all. Read, get inspired and come for visit or join my retreats here!I arrived to Mexico the third time in my life in June 2013. I came to participate in Pat Henry’s Organic Stretching Teacher’s training in La Cruz.

green light brussels collageI had to find the budget tickets from Estonia to Mexico, so my trip included stops and visits in Brussels as well in Cancun and Mexico City before Puerto Vallarta. In PV, as they call it shortly here I was met by Andrea who gave me a lift to the little hostel in La Cruz. Andrea is the restaurant owner of ‘Black Forrest’ in La Cruz, who is originally from Germany. I had been in La Cruz 2 years ago, the first time and stayed 1,5 months, as well in Sayulita the same amount of time.

katrinminamehhikoThe first time I came to Mexico, I came from Hawaii. It was for me a trip which I was not really wanting to do, but it was one of the options to get out of the US after my 3 months visa was finished. When I arrived here from Hawaii, it was like coming down. Everything felt dirty, cheap and messy. When I arrived here from Estonia, it was like coming up. Everything was warmer, cheap and absurd, which made me laugh. It is so interesting how different countries and places can give us different perceptions on things.

lilaI came down to visit my new friend Katrin Haiba (on the upper picture on the left) who invited me to live on her boat in Puerto Vallarta, La Cruz. Which I did for 1,5 months. We fixed the boat and test sailed it in the bay. For me it was a very healing time as my father just passed away and he was a sailor. It almost felt like he organized me to come here.  It was a very interesting and adventurous time and I had a lot of self reflection during that time. Their boat is called Lila and they do something called Dreamboat Adventures. Check out their video and their webpage here .

IMG_0191-001Second time I visited Mexico was in Cancun for 1,5 months, where I healed my health and lungs after a rough period in London. Cancun did not really resonate with me. It felt so non-Mexican. It was so superficial and so commercial. I almost felt like walking around I was looked like a wallet on two legs by the locals. Sometimes it was annoying, especially on the beach, as there was not a single moment you could really relax. I lived in a small fishing village Puerto Morelos.

The Teacher’s Training went well and I was fascinated by the technique and the progress of the other students. We had theory and practice every day for hours. My body really loved it.

After that week I started to write my daily diary for the training, which I committed to for the next 6 months. This was all together (6 months) a diary of more than 100 pages in the end.

AASAYUhousesAs my Estonian colleague was here with me during that time, I showed her around. We travelled to Sayulita, San Pancho and had a nice special sailing trip in the bay. It was nice to be back. The ocean water was around 34 C and the sun was warm and hot. It was humid, but I did not complain as in Estonia I was cold all the time. So I loved to be back in the tropics. Everything was super slow and very different. In the little fishing village La Cruz, things were very quiet and calm. Coming from busy Europe, it took time to really calm down and enjoy it.

Ocean gifts

SDfocaltextAfter this teacher’s training week was over, I decided to stay at least for a month and then see what happens. The first month I focused in connecting with the ocean and promised to have a daily diary as well go to the ocean every day. That resulted me getting ideas about doing some water stretchdances in the ocean. One month later I started that with some of my friends. I kept doing it for 3 months. It was a nice success. I learned so much about myself, people and the ocean. I love to work outside, the best classroom ever.

In the middle of July in 2013, I was facing a very difficult personal crisis. If I do not have a target or many projects in the air, I am faced with myself and there is nowhere else to go. I get bored and start to create crap. It did not feel good.

New rebirth

greenlightpvday5julyIn that deep emptiness – the idea came to make a documentary about my teacher Pat Henry (I have done two documentaries before (in Norway and South Africa). Pat had previously sailed solo around the world with the same boat my friends bought and wrote a book about it and I lived on during my first visit. She seemed to me to be a phenomenal woman who’s story I felt would inspire many people in the world. I came up with some ideas for the documentary what has never been used before. After a long time I felt very excited. I started to do research how to get the funding for the movie and where to start.

IMG_3877The flow of events was strong and I quickly found 2 professional editors for the documentary text proposal, which I worked on non-stop for 3 months with them, which resulted in the professional documentary proposal. I also found a volunteer to help me to film and edit the sales trailer for the documentary with the local film maker. Everything seemed to flow one step at the time.

I also found a house sitting job for 2,5 months and that wasIMG_4640 like a gift from heaven, as then I could focus on my unfinished projects. The house was not very big, but it had a garden, so I had to water it almost daily if it did not rain and take care of the cat. I could live there for free for 2,5 months and that was very fortunate.

Deadly disease

Couple of months being there I discovered that I have got a new kind of disease what doctors do not know about or do not admit it is a disease. As it came out, it was connected to the house, bacterias in the house and outside it and the cat in the house and maybe even started from Pat Henry’s studio – hard to say. It was so terrible, that I thought I am going to die.

I did a huge research online and started to test and try everything I could find. It took me 6 months to get it out of my body and system. I used mainly living in the wild nature, doing magnet therapy for two times per week the first month and after that at least once a month, eating differently, using also cannabis oil internally and using a new frequency machine to bust the body and did a huge liver detox, which got it out from my digestive system.

Partly I manifested the disease as I was not really happy about my targetless life. So this was kind of an easy exit the spirit created. When I understood the reason behind it, I deleted it and worked my way through it to get my health back on track. Luckily I was very successful with that. After the experience I got even more fearless as I knew that everything in our life is self created, no matter what it is. So if we create it ourselves we can also destroy it. I felt like a magician, but sure, I was scared to death while in the experience. 

New friends

mermaid pondI got more and more new friends. Most of them very kind, happy, generous and very laid back. I had never had that before on that scale. It was almost hard to believe. Some of them are now my dear lifelong friends, who have supported me through some major challenges here. Many of them are foreigners. Most of the Mexicans I have tried to become a friend with feel threatened by me, so very hard to make friendships. But I have made some very amazing friends among Mexicans as well. I so dearly cherish them all.

Summer in the tropics

lacruz plain beachDuring the summer months here it is super hot and humid. The temperatures may get very high and humidity is at its maximum. At times there is so much water that snakes and crocodiles have to move from their usual location to wherever they can. Where I lived, we had several snakes coming up to our big pool tree, so that the fire fighters got them down and took back to the nature. During the rainy season all kinds of bugs are more active, included scorpions. In the house, where I was sitting, that was not a problem, but later in the jungle, it was full of them. Luckily I did not have any incident with them.


After 4 months working with he documentary project and the Organic Stretching teacher’s program, having almost daily volunteers working with me and doing it daily at home, I felt I would love to just keep going with everything till the end of December and do my exam and then see what the next step is going to be. Communication with my teacher Pat Henry became more and more difficult.

000 one day marchWithin that time I started to volunteer for several other people or centers. Most of it turned out a disaster, where all the goodness I was sharing was twisted or turned against me. One particular case was so bad that created a man attacking me in the jungle while walking. Luckily nothing really crazy happened, but it was a complete shock to my whole body and being.

There are small places here where people feel that they ‘own’ the areas and no one new should come in there and do something. I started to feel the intrigues, the hostile energies, see how my posters for my water classes were pulled off the walls the same very day etc. What to do? Nothing – if you are an outsider, you are outsider. You just have to figure out some tricks and how to go around people like that and outcreate them. I am now doing that and it feels great.


greenlight organic stretchingblissMy Organic Stretching Teacher’s Training Exam was a disaster. I have had many exams and learned many healing modalities in the world, but this bad I have never had it. The last months of the program were a disaster. I felt so much judgment coming from my teacher, in addition very bad communication that this made my performance almost impossible and I could not present my absolute best as I was so stressed out and nervous. I did my outmost best, delivering my diary every month on time, had 10 volunteers during the last months to practise more and archive all of the experiences, and wrote a written exam as well did the practical one. I felt like I did the outmost best I could. I was mostly mad at myself that I saw it coming and I did not stop it earlier.

I stopped the documentary project and saw no future for it in October already, not even telling her as the energy was gone. Pat Henry failed me at my exam and said I will never present her program and did not allow me to take a new exam either, neither returned any of my course payment. I was in total shock. So was everyone around here I shared this with. Everyone saw her like the perfect grand old lady who never makes mistakes, including me. Everything collapsed within some days. I guess I had a different experience. Maybe it was just clearing some karma. Who knows?

wantrainvitecardI had never experienced any of that before. My lesson? The spirit was saying – stop hunting for other people’s stuff and modalities. Sit down and work on your own. That is what I did. I started to focus on my Wantra water modality. Took what I learned and weaved it into my own program. So no one can say that I do it wrong. Sometimes we choose out of our own stupidity or a way to entertain ourselves an expensive way to learn like this time.

It ended the friendship as well being a colleague to Pat Henry. For me it felt like she was afraid that someone else will take it to the world before her. I was the one who initiated the teacher’s training. It took her 1,5 years to put it together. The result – 5 days teacher’s training and 9 pages of material. 6 months we had monthly home assignments and one online meeting per month. The rest we had to figure out ourselves. When the exam was written, all the explanations were coming back to me, the ones which would have helped me before the exam. The most interesting was also that she was not interested to get my feedback after the course. I processed this for months and returned to one of my tarot card readings a friend had given me before this process and was surprised how accurate it was. Sometimes it is good to listen. One only learns by experience.


handskeystextIn December I fell deeply in love. Not anyone local, but a man online. I was so deeply in love that I was willing to meet this guy and see what options it would have. After 2 weeks it was clear that there was no option there.

In PV there were no matching partners around. It has been very difficult to find a matching male partner for me here and  I am very picky as well. I am also bisexual and polyamory type.

Another gift

I got back to Mexico and landed in complete emptiness again. This time my boat friends were leaving to New Zealand and asked me to boat sit for them, for 5 weeks. That was another gift ending up on my lap.

IMG_3071While boat sitting, I started to kayak and found many new friends in the marina and really enjoyed the new environment while I was still licking my wounds from the heartbreak. The boat was my salvation army and worked very nicely – rocking me to sleep every night. I had another wave of self reflection and worked hard with gestalt therapy to figure out more of my inner patterns and blockages. More and more I felt I was dipped into consciousness and got clearer where I am and what works for me and what does not.

Location free business from Mexico – a dream or reality?


I set up my two new websites here in Mexico. The first one was, the Estonian version and then the main one The websites got up within couple of weeks. I had many different people helping me to set it up. I started blogging regularly and the first months were very intense. I had like 13 hours day with my computer. But it was working as I also started to sell my online projects and products and during last year I earned around 4000 euros via internet. So for the younger generation – there is an easier way. Find a place in the world where the living costs are not so high that you can relax more and then set up whatever you feel like. The internet is the gold mine. You just have to know how to set the systems together. I can not imagine to have my business stuck in only one location.

So it has inspired me a lot. I produced around 15 different mini e-products, mostly in Estonian and this year I am going to focus more into English and getting my information and services out there globally. It is about time. Puerto Vallarta is one very good location for that as there are so many people coming here from so many different countries. I am always with opened eyes and ears and ready to jump into new projects and possibilities. Life here business wise has not been easy, but it is exciting and challenging, which makes you very creative and make choices and create stuff you would never do if you would live in a rat race lifestyle. I have had more time and more quality time for my friends and building my steps for the future, where I can have more freedom too, but in a sustainable way.


I got to do a little adventure to the mountains to see the Altavista river and the petroglyphs on the stones with some new sailor friends. It was really nice to see, experience and hear more of the local culture and history. Finding this place was a nightmare. In Mexico when you ask where to go everyone looks like they know and everyone is showing you a different direction.

mejannikkI had several really cool sailing trips to Yelapa, Mariettes Island as well to Los Arcos in the Banderas Bay.

I started to fresh up my video editing, finished my 1 year online course for Estonians, started to work on another book manuscript and develop Wantra. I had some private coaching still going on online till March 2014 with some Estonian clients.


stretchdance girls alonestretchIn the summer 2013 I had almost 3 months of StretchDance in the Sea classes where we were doing soft moves, stretches in the ocean. It was a miracle what was happening with it. Everyone got good results and it inspired me to work on it more. So during December I had Wantra group classes in the Watsu Center in Sayulita and did couple of one day Wantra Courses as well as well many different private sessions with people from different countries. I have learned so much more here as it is so much more global here than I could ever have in Estonia.

Puerto Vallarta and the climate


Puerto Vallarta is really an amazing place to be as it has many smaller towns around it, like Bucerias, La Cruz, Punta de Mita, Sayulita, San Pancho. I love the most La Cruz fishing village. It is quiet, small, safe and close to the marina and the ocean. The climate is tropical. 6 months of the year from November till June there is no rain and it is mostly dry and warm and sunny. From June till November it is the rainy season with a lot of rain and very hot weather, around 40C or more some days. It is located on the same latitude as Hawaii.

IMG_3061Public bus transport is pretty good and pretty cheap, so in case you do not have a car, there is a chance to get around.

After the winter months are over the summer comes and that means for many locals that they have to live from the money they made during the high season or just survive till the next season. The Canadians and Americans and few Europeans who are here – all mostly travel back to their countries for the hot summer months here. If the locals have the money, they may also have a holiday and travel somewhere in Mexico. During the summer, the temperature can rise up to 50C and the humidity is almost 100%. It at times is intolerable as you may do nothing and the sweat is just dripping on your body. Air Conditioning is your best friend during this time of the year. Electric bills are huge during that time.

Business lessons

00paramountofficeWhen I got here and started to invite people to do business with me – I got some valuable cultural lessons. In Mexico or at least around here most business is based on social networks and relations. Not much goes through the internet, or if it does, then it is mostly the younger generation or foreigners. Another important detail is that most business is done not honestly. Everyone bribes everyone and many who work just without any paperwork. If you into an honest game, you can not survive here. Not possible.

Most people already are in the paradise here, so where else is there to go? The main focus is to have enough to survive another day and have your family around you. Most businesses it seems to me are not interested in profit. Reminds me of the story of the fisherman under the palm tree. If they are already living easy and relaxed why should the complicate it by having more?

I walked around during the first month here and could not understand how can they not see opportunities and things to set up here? Instead they have small coca cola and chips businesses around every corner. But the strong sun makes you also lazy and during the summer months you basically would not like to move at all, it is so hot. So it is understandable.

Mexican time


Another round of fun and frustration has been around the ‘Mexican time’ matter. You make an appointment with someone or a business meeting for example on Monday at 1pm. They will not show up usually or if so, maybe 5 hours later if you are lucky and then they would say, that I did not specify which Monday and month I meant… I have been sitting and waiting for people the maximum 3 hours. If you do that for several times, it kind of gets frustrating. Now, when I go somewhere to meet someone I can very often be at least 20 minutes late or more. I guess I have copied it. When I come on time, my friends laugh and say I am on the European time again. One time I was walking to my date, from the beach and was 20 minutes late. My apology was the following: ‘ I am sorry, I was on the mermaid time.’

Mexican logic and manjana

11yelapaiguanaI have still not understood it. You are for example in the house. Someone has been fixing something in the very late stage of the building and not put paper on the tiles while painting a ceiling or something. Later all the tiles were full of paint which did not come off. Sometimes it feels to me that they are not thinking one step ahead as they live so much in the Now.

Northern Americans as well many Europeans always think one step ahead. Partly it can be associated to the winters, where we spend our summers to prepare for our winters food wise and our logic is working differently. If you live in a country where there is always summer and always plentiful of everything, there is no need to even think of tomorrow.

Many times the houses are built in ways which does not make any logical sense. Sometimes I have been thinking maybe Mexicans have got so much sun that it has burned their left side of the brain completely through and turned it off at times?

But there was a time when I got locked out and the way this one particular Mexican man helped me to get in, was beyond any logical thought. I was so completely surprised. So it has all kinds of levels.

00paramountwatchtourtextPeople are often taking time off and having siestas during the day as well often postponing things to another ‘manjana’ (tomorrow).

People on this side of Mexico in PV do not walk fast. When I got here, I had to really remind myself what that was like to have a Mexican space in walking. The first days in NYC I was in trouble of course. Everyone walked superfast.

I have broken 4 pair of shoes here. Partly during the rainy season, partly the cobble stone streets and humidity are the enemies of my shoes.

Mexican chaos – bank in the furniture shop

Recently I had to make a money transfer from a local bank. We looked for some and according to the online information it should have had a sending money option. When we got there, they said they did not. Later we passed a furniture shop, which had a bank inside of it and where I could do the transfer without any problems. It was so weird to me and I would not come to that idea myself never ever. It is so good to know some locals who can get you around.

Mexican Families


These are big and full of people, food and socializing. I have one very dear Mexican family in Sayulita, I visit and volunteer for every week. I have learned so much from them about the Mexicans and the culture and the way things are done and been honored to be part of their many Mexican family dinners. I have been received like their adopted daughter. They have always been so caring and helpful towards me. I am so lucky to have found them. The story how I did that was really interesting.

Women in Mexico

Women in Mexican families work, work and work. They are lucky if they can do what they love. Most of them do something to bring in the money and then there is the home, cooking and laundry on top of that. Men mostly do not cook. Some men help at home, but most men do not do much of that.


Here on the picture you see Sol Ibarra. She manages the little centre Mayasol in Sayulita, doing liver detox courses as well magnet therapy and other natural Mexican therapies and vegetarian cooking courses, where she also includes men. She feels to me like my Mexican mother, who always knows how to fix all kinds of problems. The other day I got my magnet therapy from her and she said – you need to go to bed and tell the bed, it is the place where you sleep and thinking is not allowed. I loved it.

I admire her humbleness sunsetpoolcleanlightand presence and how she is so centered and grounded all the time. We help each other doing different therapies on each other weekly. As you know if you are a healer you often end up working with everyone else and may happen you never receive yourself. So grateful to have found her and her family. They live in a beautiful kingdom on the top of the hill and I always enjoy walking there.

Sayulita magic


Before leaving from Hawaii, my friend who got me to the airport said, I should go to Sayulita in Mexico. I stepped out of the plain and my friend who came to meet me at the airport started to talk to one of the family members in the Sayulita family. So that is how I met them. Magical as the Sayulita town is supposed to be. Things like that happen here a lot. It is like in Hawaii, but it is a lot slower here. Things are really on Mexican time, even the magic…


groupsunsetAmerican and Canadian and many other countries have really scared people about Mexico. But if you look at the statistics, you can actually see, that Mexico can in many ways be a safer place to be than for example a big city in USA. It is of course advised to go to areas which are safe for tourists. In tourist areas there are more policemen out there than usual. You have to be careful who you talk to and who you trust. There are some conpeople working here full time.

So if you are going to come to Mexico, I would advise to talk to someone who lives there and how things are right now.

MEx groupinsidecaveIn October last year I had a small group of Estonians coming for a visit. I was their tour guide and set together a wonderful 4-5 days full of activities and adventures. We did Stretchdance in the Sea as well a sailing trip to Mariettes Island, Sayulita day and some Organic Stretching as well a nice goddess potluck with the local foreign women.

Paperwork in Mexico

IMG_0051So far I have stayed here as a tourist with my 6 month’s tourist visa and renewed it several times. This spring I started to get some nice opportunities business wise as well here in the Bay. Firstly I was invited to work and live with the millionaire. I did that for a short period of time. The experience was amazing.

After that I got the invitation to work in the 4 Seasons hotel with my Wantra as a sub contractor. Since February I have been trying to figure out my paperwork here for that.

The first lawyer said, the easiest – get married to a Mexican or someone who owns the permanent residency.

The second lawyer said, get a baby.

The third one said – do not get married.

The fourth one said – buy the papers (3000 usd or more).

The fifth one said – do not buy the papers…

Etc, etc

There is almost no information directly on the internet – do this, pay there and you get it style. You have to know who to talk to who knows who and then who to bribe and how much. As I am an honest person I am kind of lost in this kind of game and trying to figure out where to enter.

Right now I have been looking for so many options here and will check now couple of more options, but can tell you – Mexican paperwork is a nightmare if you do not have loads of money to pay for it right up front and do not know the people in the system.

Men and dating

MEX street jobFor me non existent here. Last year I got around 5 men asking me to become their secret lovers here. I said no. None of them was a Mexican man. Mexican men who have talked to me about that issue have been in the public minivan when there are no other people and asked if I have a boyfriend. Then they have offered me their sexual organ and said it is very big. They could not understand why a white person like me does not want it.

Obviously there are many Canadian and American women who come down here to just have some sex games and leave. Mexican men then may think many white women are like that. The last conversation I had like that was kind of funny. You should have seen the face of the guy.

– ‘Do you have a boyfriend?’

– ‘Yes, I have actually right now 3.’

– ‘???’ (rolling the eyes)

– ‘On top of that I also have a girlfriend’

During that point the discussion ends. So girls – try it out – sometimes it can work!

Even though most men here have secret mistresses and are unfaithful to their wives here, everyone knows about it, but no one talks out loud. It is a catholic country after all.

I thought to activate some polyamory club events here, but many locals do not advise it as the religion and cultural moral codes would take longer time to really accept it and it may get me into trouble.

I visited NYC for 3 weeks and had 20 first dates. I had missed real dating like that so much. I got 3 new deep connections from this visit and now working on getting to know more about them.

Just a little comparison. In PV area my single site is checked maybe max 50 times per week. In NYC, it was checked 150 times per week. Here I get maybe 2 emails per month. In NYC I got around 10 emails per day.

Most local men do not have profiles here or if they do, do not speak English. Seems online dating is quite a new thing for many here.



One huge lesson here in Mexico for me has been the money. I knew that it can be harder to find clients here locally as I do not yet speak fluent Spanish as well to work mostly online because of very bad internet connections, but I was willing to try.

The time here has made me very humble. I have been on my knees and lost all hope and the next moment there is an abundance of gifts and opportunities coming towards me. I have been completely ripped off naked in every sense. It makes your vulnerable and fragile. After some time you may even get tired.

At the same time I have had the clients I would have never had in Europe. This place is so multicultural that it is beyond my wildest imagination. I love it. I feel in my element on that level.

Sometimes our spirit is wise. If we have more limited conditions, we may get to places or do stuff we would otherwise not do and we would gain so much from it.

1crystalnycMy good example about it is how one friend gave me the stand by tickets to NYC and back as well 4 friends who offered me to live with them for free in NYC during my 3 week stay. During that time I dipped back into my real me and found all the parts which I had lost in Mexico.

Money is not so important for most Mexicans – family and other values are – that has been my experience. It is more value based society. But there can be times where many Mexicans try to rip you off, even if it is a 1 peso or less. It mostly happens during the off season, but can also happen during the season. All depends on the person I guess.

0sayulitafoodOne time we ate with my friends and the waiter had made our bill around 20 usd bigger as he just figured it was off season and he needed some extra money.

I have done so many trades here as I have never ever done in my life. I have got Moringa powder, I have got massage, gestalt therapy, living on a boat, using the kayak, getting my paddle for the kayak and on and on. Many people are helping each other like that and it happens very naturally.


I have made many tests here. What is the minimum I can possibly live here with. Some months I managed to buy food for only 100 eur per month, add on around 100 eur for accommodation, food, transport in addition. My living space costed usually around 200 eur or less per month if it was not for free or traded, even though I could have found complete rustic ones for 100 eur as well (no internet, no private shower or toilet and no kitchen). Right now I pay for the electricity and water, which is around 25 eur per month for 5 months and as it is summer I can not really eat much, so the food costs are very low too.

0sayulitapalmsI have learned how to live a very simple life and have almost nothing or very little and manage and enjoy life. I count my blessings every day and that helps me to focus on everything what is in balance in my life. I have become much more creative what and how to create new opportunities. I have become a much better friend with my intuition and following it.

I appreciate money much more than before. I know what you can buy with it. I am much wiser with money and also where to use it.

I have been through all phases with it here – I have hated it, I have cherished it, I have got it, I have lost it, I have been given it, I have been receiving it, I have had loads of it etc.

chaossurftextIt has made me stronger and I am stepping into the courage and understanding what it means to live without fear about tomorrow like the birds in the Pible. When you have that, you are undestroyable and dangerous. Dangerous to the collective consciousness as you are on your own. You do not obey the rules any more. You are not the slave any more.

I have learned to see the value and abundance in a mexicofriend’s text asking if I need something or an offered ride to the grocery store or the airport. I have learned to see the abundance in the millions of diamonds glittering in the ocean during the sunny day. Or pineapples full of juice and more yellow than the sun. The happy kid’s smile in the bus as she discovers that I look different. A sailor who gives his hand to pull my kayak out or repair the cracks in it. Spontaneous dinners or lunches with friends. Getting a birthday cake, self baked from a friend, even though she could not come herself etc, etc.

I have learned so much about kindness and human values here. It has forever changed me inside out. It has not killed me, so it has made me stronger. Even at times I wonder how much stronger I really should get?

It has taught me how to be on my knees and count my blessings every single day no matter how many or few I have.

The ocean


My best friend here is the ocean. It is nothing like in Hawaii, but it is an ocean. It is strong, big and powerful. It has whales in it as well the dolphins, manta rays and turtles and lots of fishes. The ocean has been my best friend day in day out. When I do not go to the ocean more than 2 or 3 weeks, I get very negative and grumpy as the salty water is missing.

Salty water helps to clear the chaos as well to neutralize everything which is not supporting me. The ocean is always there and ready to receive me. You can swim in the ocean here all year round. During the summer it gets really warm up to 35 C in the ocean. I recently did my wantra session in there and it was a very miraculous experience both for me and the friend who got the session. Recently I have done many kayaking trips, which are my solitude times where I sort my stuff, my thoughts in my head. I can not imagine my life without an ocean any more.

Changes in my body


My whole body has changed since I got here one year ago. If I do my regular training – 3 times a week kayaking and swimming every other day in the ocean and walk at least 4 km per day or more, I have no overweight, no problems with my body. I am fit, happy and tanned. I eat mostly veggies and fruits and very little or very healthy. As soon as I start to eat for example like bread or butter or pasta, my overweight comes back, also if I just sit by the computer. I need to move all the time. My face skin is in top form here, with the sun, wind and salty water all the time.

The summary of my year in Mexico


All in all it has been one of the most challenging years of my life. I am not sure if Mexico is my place to live all the time. I love so many things here, but also because I have lived here now longer – I see what works, what does not and what I like and what I do not like. I guess I could live here during the season and the rest of the time find other places to work and live in the world.

I do not have a clock or a watch any more. Most of the time I do not know what date it is or what month as it is always summer here. It may take me sometimes 15 minutes to figure out what time and date it is. I have moved out from yesterday and tomorrow and moved in to the NOW.

2crystalkiigesjaI am not in the rat race wanting more, buying more. I can manage my life simply and the only new things I have bought are new clothes as I have worn out the old ones or shoes. I have cleaned my bills so that my monthly bills for my business do not exceed 100 eur per month (it used to be 4000 eur per month). I have little stuff, so that I can move easily and if needed just in 30 minutes time. Hawaii was the first place in the world, which really thought me how to live simply and enjoy simple small things and pleasures and beauties.

I have got more clarity about who I am, what I like and do not like and what I would love to create and what would be my contribution to the world. Every day it gets clearer and clearer.

I trust the universe more and myself as well

I know that when other people try to make me smaller than they are, they have felt threatened by me and all I have to do is shine my bright light as it is received in places.

I have learned about people. Basically you can only trust yourself, if you are lucky some very close friends.

I have had 3 people in my life from Estonia, who have supported me wholeheartedly throughout the whole process and without their support I do not know where I would be. Thank you all from my heart!

2stairsupI know I do not like Mexican music, Mexican food or the street vendors who come by with their cars every hour with a different sound or story or song, or a rooster which wakes up at 1 am or neighbor’s dogs who start to bark at 5 am. But when I leave Mexico, it feels strange to live without these weird things and noises and I almost feel Mexican while walking around and wondering why it is so quiet.

I now start to really study Spanish as well take up many of my hidden and not used talents and skills. Something big is in the works.

My advice about Mexico?

00paramaountviewsIt is a marvelous place to have holidays or to come and snowbird or get married or come to your honeymoon. PV is quite safe. But it is not definitely the place to show off your riches.

It has many beautiful tropical beaches, things, food and living costs are cheaper here. Find out what you need and what Mexico can offer and then make the deal.

ANVBCparadiseThere is no guarantee that it turns out the way it is told. On the opposite there is a guarantee, that it most probably will not show up like planned in Mexico. But if you have a good sense of humor, it is not such a big deal. You smile, order the next taco and enjoy your siesta. If not in Mexico, then in your home, as you have just imported it with you in your suitcase. Without any paperwork!

Mahalo Mexico and the people here!

I am extremely thankful to everyone who has been part of my journey here. You have all made a huge difference! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!


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