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Sry some of the weekly photo blogs get a bit late. I guess they are coming out on Mexican time. Please go and read the last big entry about my 1 year in Mexico here.

Here is another beautiful sunset photo from Mexico, from Mazatlan. I have seen many beautiful and breathtaking sunsets in Mexico.

As the sun was setting – behind my back the big dark clouds formed itself to prepare for the night thunderstorm and rain. It is the rainy season here in Mexico. In Mazatlan it is a bit drier and not so humid. But from June till November it may rain quite a lot. I had a long walk on this secluded and private beach and enjoyed the waves in that amazing ocean just before taking this picture.

How beautiful can this planet actually be and how much do we allow to stop and see it and be grateful for it?

This time this sunset took me into the thoughts about life and gratitude.

How many of us are actually happy with what we have here and NOW not later?

How many of us manage even one day without complaining at all? 

How many of us are reinventing our life every single day? 

How many of us are able to look at the sunset like the first one in our lives? 

How many say good night to the sun and good morning when they go to bed or wake up?

One thing for sure, the sun is my best friend. Even though the Mexican summers can be challenging and very hot, I love it more than the cold. I am also learning to be grateful for the sun, the heat, the uncomfort. Because through this I experience life in all of its versions.