Keys of the week Nov 10th-17th The Sun’s dance through lessons of depth into the Grand Canyon

topviewcloudsThis week’s keys will be about the age of the Scorpio, the victorious procession of the Sun, life’s mission, integrating lessons through experience and the powerful force of the Grand Canyon.

Age of the Scorpio

The age of the Scorpio is continuing powerfully with the addition of a big full moon. Autumn is not only the time when leaves fall off trees but when people should shed off the old in order to turn it into fertile ground for the new. How to live your life so that changes, endings and death are celebrated and their necessity in the bigger picture understood? An end to one thing will always be a beginning or a rebirth to something new and possibly bigger.

 mazibeachbackProcession of the Sun

There were many solar flares last week which caused a lot of chaos and conflict. That might have made us feel like we were being cornered or put on the edge which we would not have chosen for ourselves. Many of you probably felt time passing quicker than usual. I, for example have not felt a month pass as fast before as this one did. Since the Sun represents male energy, it will influence and guide us to think and act more from the male energy’s point of view. If we try to run away from it, the energies of the new age might bring us down to our knees to make us see the valuable lessons we are still yet to learn. Integrating male energy into your life is getting more important by the day because it will help build a strong foundation to fall back on. What happens when you try to build a house without a strong foundation?

Your life’s mission

What is also gaining importance is drawing more and more attention to the projects that take you closer to your life’s mission. If we don’t know what our life mission is yet, we need to create opportunities to find out. Before every decision you make, you should be asking yourself whether it truly contributes to your needs and your desires to get you closer to your life’s mission. If the answer is that the contribution is small or non-existent, you should step back for a minute and make necessary changes.

It is also important to observe the points where we create from and what kind of people surround us by that time. The more we are able to embrace change in this roller coaster of transformations, the faster we can grow and flow in the right direction. Ask yourself: What can I give to the world by sharing and creating my gifts and wisdom?

roadtrip inenglishLessons through experience

For the spirit to integrate more knowledge into our bodies and consciousness, it will put us into situations where we could gain that knowledge. My adventurous trip from Orem Utah to Mazatlan Mexico is a perfect example of it. I will add a little e-book of these lessons that will cover that trip and will be available to buy for everybody who may be interested. Please open the picture on the side and find the info how to buy the product. 

The „age of theory” is now over and it is time to really put everything into practice and experience is one of the easiest ways. For example when I was in Utah, I tried to exchange  flip flops for regular ones because it was getting colder outside and nobody was wearing flip-flops anymore. As the days passed I just got more uncomfortable, so I decided to keep my flip-flops on until it got cold enough for me to trade them in for shoes again. I realised I wish to live in a place where I could possibly walk around barefoot or with flip flops all the time. Now, being back in Mexico I appreciate the fact I can walk around barefoot much more than I did before, as well as wearing less clothes. Planet Earth is amazing, we can choose where to live and go about our things.

platooviewfrom the towerThe Powerful Grand Canyon

Years ago I got inspiration from a documentary about a man whose dream was to see the Grand Canyon. But this man’s physical health was not good and the doctors advised him to cancel the trip. He was paralysed and the only part of the body he could move was his little finger. With that finger he managed to make an animated movie which was about his caretaker who he fell in love with. A doctor had told him he would not live past the age of 6 and when he was 35, he decided to find that doctor. He travelled from Jerusalem to the US to tell that doctor not to predict people’s deaths anymore. His adventures to see the doctor and the Grand Canyon got made into a documentary which I saw at Tromsö film festival. Every Norwegian who came out of the movie theatre at that film festival cried and that’s what inspired me to study and create a documentary myself as well.

Grand Canyon is one of the powerful spiritual vortexes on this planet. As soon as I was getting close to the area, I felt powerful waves of energy. There are many energy pillars as well as ley lines that cross around there. And since the nature there is powerful and breathtaking as well, it dissolves negative energy almost instantly.

When I made my way to the watchtower there, I started doing my 4-element meditation, especially emphasizing on the earth element because the mountains represent earth. I accentuated the air element as well, because I was very high up (approximately 1800 meters above sea level) and the canyon is as long as 446 kilometers. Standing in front of me was two billion years worth of Earth’s geological history. That is earth element and male energy at it’s best. I was absorbing all of that might, wisdom and energy that it had to offer me and gave back what I could as well. I also conducted a ritual to say goodbye to my old glasses and I recycled the leftovers.

They say that the Colorado river started making its way through that area 17 million years ago. American Indians inhabited the territory and made the caves their home. The people of Pueblo considered it a sacred place and made pilgrimages with the canyon as the destination.

I definitely plan on going back there to take more time to truly meet the place and its spirits. Nevertheless this adventure was a good start and activation for me.

Home assignment

I suggest everybody to find the places that empower them and pay a visit to them. If it is physically impossible, you can look at photos and videos on the Internet. But if you dream big, you could go to places you never imagined possible. Dreams have a weird way of coming true, especially if you don’t go running after them.

crystalflyplatformI am Crystal Ra Laksmi. I embrace the unknown and walk on the edge, literally. My road trip from Utah to Mexico was an experience where I stood face to face with my biggest fears and conquered them. The real juices of life flow in the unknown and the edge is the place where you can see the furthest and grow. Hopefully my stories and photos inspire you to embrace the unknown as well and enjoy living on the edge. It will enrich your life in many ways!


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This blog post was translated by Cathy Roost and edited by Crystal Ra Laksmi.