What is the connection between two way streets and fear?

Many have asked me Crystal – when did you start to have two way streets in your life? Check the answer out from today’s video and blog!

1. First step was to change my relationship as well approach to fear. 
I have been so, so deeply hurt in my life so many, many times both professionally as well personally. This created a situation where my subconscious started to create thick walls around my heart and myself together with my Inner Saboteurs. These walls were several meters deep. I was not visible for others any more. I was so lonely and so unhappy. I was safe, but unhappy. Only when I started to guide my fear with my courage to demolish the walls again and start to experience what is a true vulnerability, I was able to start two way streets on every level in my life. I also started to connect with fear like a friend, not like an enemy.
2. Starting to realize I need to ask for help and learn from others!
When I was inside these self-built castles I was so unhappy and I really needed help, but as a strong Estonian woman, like a workhorse and stubborn I was trying to invent the wheel on my own or figure it out on my own until I was kneeled down on the floor – my knees bleeding… I did not share these moments with the world. I thought these were weak moments. I was not proud of these. I pulled myself through it each time, but for what kind of sacrifice?
3. I made a decision to change something which was not working for me any more!
In 2014 November I decided to let go of the dream (after 14 years of traveling to 30 countries) to find my dream man or Mr Right. I was happy and accepting the fact that I may live alone for the rest of my life married to my work.
Only 1 month later Michael came to my life and swept me off my feet and taught me how to melt and dissolve those walls around my heart one by one. Only almost 3 years ago we got married in Hawaii and are still very happily married. 
4. Step out of the professional castle through the vulnerability!
Only recently I decided to start to crawl out of my self-made castle on the professional level as well. I started to do my FB lives. For 2 years I have done these almost weekly.
I ripped all my layers away to the worst nightmares I have experienced – like my sexual abuse as a child, abortion which almost killed me or my suicide attempts or other difficulties. I am just a human as well.
It has grown me so much closer to my audience and my walls are gone.
Now I can finally start to sit on the captain’s chair with my COURAGE as my co-captain and I have fired FEAR from that position for good.
5. Only when I took learning from other captains seriously – only then I was able to level up!
It did not happen overnight though! I had to find new guides, mentors and other captains who had sailed the rough seas before, who had done the leaps from one side of the world to the other – by literally crossing continents and oceans. I had to learn from them in person, through books, courses or classes – as I had to learn from my driving teacher how to drive a car when I was 18 years old.
So the question is – who is sitting on your captain’s chair? Fear or Courage? 
If it is fear or you know people who still struggle with fear, join me and Michael for a free Positive Infusion Webinar this Friday on the 17th of April at 4PM PST here: 
This is going to be an amazing journey from fear to courage and we share many tips and tools how to approach fear differently and how you can make a difference in your own life as well others by changing certain behaviors and habits connected to it.
Join us and you will not forget!
It is our responsibility to learn to activate our two way streets, so we can start to take full charge of our lives!

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