Self-help Emergency Kit Vol 2-1


I will start to do my mini-video series, where I give 2-3 tips how to get along with yourself and the world weekly. Many people are still struggling really hard, this is why I decided to put more focus on this exact topic. To make this work, read it, watch the video and put the tasks to work. Find the task sheets by the end of the blog. Enjoy!

Watch today’s video here:

  • Put on the first priority list self-help as well self-realization and your basic needs will be taken care of. It feels contradictory from your rational point of view, but this is how to the most successful and smart people in the world create and act. Where can you start right now? What kind of self-help do you need? What are the ways you can start to self-realize yourself? What action can you take? 
  • Understand that in order to change something, you need to start to do things in a new way. In order to change you and your actions need to change and only then you can expect different results. What are the first 3 changes you can do already today? 
  • Admit honestly that you have a problem. Take your head out of the sand and face your reality! Whatever you need to do for that. Check out the facts and map your reality. This gives you a good overview what needs to be changed and from where you can start. Next week you will get next steps. Till then put to use these 3!

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Crystal Ra Laksmi-Ditton – Self-help Emergency Kit Vol 2-1 PDF






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