Connections between Energy Work, Inner Family & Holistic Abundance


Today we dive into the invisible world of energies. I share where my journey started and how I have step by step developed most of my spiritual abilities to work with myself as well with people. I share also some stories and give some ideas how to start to work with it in your life. Watch, share, do the tasks and subscribe!

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When Energy Work is part of your life mission, you will be guided to it usually through some incident. For me it was my first time I met with my angel in 1995 through automatic writing and drawing. Secondly I started to work with Silva Method. I got so quick results and it started to really fascinate me to have the ability to influence the outside world through the inner work. I became an aminologist in South Africa in 2005.  The most influential in my energy work has been actually Auratransformation™ and work with New Time Energies. I love how holistic it is and how it always guides me and my life path to the next right thing or place or life mission gift and also how I can help people with it.

Check out what are your psychic abilities: 

a) clearsentient – clear feeling

b) clearvoyance – clear vision

c) clearaudience – clear hearing

d) clearcognizance – clear knowing

e) clearalience – clear smelling

f) cleargustance – clear tasting

I suggest to approach energy work with caution and respect. Always have good guides and coaches to start with and trust your gut to whom to go.

Today’s tasks: 

  1. What kind of psychic abilities do you already have? If you do not think you have any yet, which are the three first ones you would love to develop? 
  2. What are the three stories where your spiritual abilities were giving you hints and you listened? What happened? Were you protected extra? How was your Inner Family activated in this? 
  3. If you would love to start energy work, what is the first step you would do? Would you find a good coach, do a program or something else? Implement it! Make it happen!

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May this next step make your life and this world better and may it be amazing!

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Holistic Abundance Challenge – day 29 – Energy Work, Inner Family, Holistic Abundance


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