How bad Relationships can stop your Inner Family’s Holistic Abundance Manifestation?


Today I give a short overview of my own journey of 15 years with many bad relationships and what I have learned from my own patterns. Many tips and tools you can put to use to make a difference and also focus more on your Inner Family as most of these years I did not connect with my Inner Family 100%. Now it is changed because I cooperate with them every step of the way! Watch, share, subscribe and evaluate your relationships and eliminate the bad ones NOW!

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Today’s main tips before going into relationships (does not matter whether it is personal or professional): 

  1. Answer to the questions – who am I? What would I like to have, experience and be, become?
  2. What are the clear agreements I would love to have to go into this relationship?
  3. What are my personal goals and targets and what are my partner’s goals and targets? Are these compatible? Are my goals respected? Can I still do things on my terms and feel appreciated?
  4. Map your 4V and 4S systems as well Abundance Wheel? Get clarity you need from all of it – add it to your self-declaration point by point.
  5. How are things with your values, needs, viewpoints, worldview and shadows? How is it with your partner?
  6. How are things with your self image, self value or self confidence as well setting boundaries?
  7. In what situation is your Inner Family? Are they broken, wounded? What kind of needs do they have? How can you help to heal them?
  8. When you connect with the new person figure out if their Inner Family is in a good state or totally broken and not healed? Does this influence your communication or your Inner Family? Does this activate your shadows? Do the shadows reflect each other? How to end this? What can you change? What can help you?
  9. Are your world views as well values compatible? If not what needs to be done?
  10. What kind of fears do you still have about relationships? (Be alone, how do I manage, live together because of the children etc)
  11. Where in your relation do you have suffering and tolerating something which should not be tolerated or suffered for – like mental, verbal, physical, emotional or sexual abuse.

Today’s tasks: 

  1. Do you have bad relationships in your life currently? If so – name at least 5. If not think back to the past. Pick 5 bad relations. Note down the bad patterns of all of these relations.
  2. What needs to be changed? What can you do to change these patterns? 
  3. Write down 10 points to your self-declaration how to take good care about yourself in relationships?
  4. How is the whole situation about the same questions about your Inner Family? What do they need in order to have better relationships? 

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Holistic Abundance Challenge – Day 28 – Bad Relationships, Inner Family & Holistic Abundance

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