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Ready for the trip! Get to know our monkey Happy and lamb Aloha;)

Aloha everyone!

This blog will be about my traveling insights. I have not focused too much on the blog as the statistics has shown that people do not really read it much. They would rather watch a 8 second video than read something long. But because I love writing I love to archive my thoughts this way and there are some who enjoy reading too. So here we go.

I have been preparing for this trip more than I ever have. During my world travels since 2011 – 2017 I met my future husband Michael in 2014 in Mexico and we decided to settle for a bit on the Big Island. After 2 years passed we decided to try something different. There were many reasons for that and we will hopefully record a video about that later, but all in all we understood that our life missions are needing more movement, networking and more flow. Hawaii is a wonderful place, but so remote that logistics may get on the way at times. So we decided to flow with the question – where are the people, circumstances, places and connections which would allow us to share our gifts, talents and fully use all of our life mission elements? With that open question we are taking off to the world for the next year and a half. We do not know where we end up or if we even will find a place to call home base. We are willing to be in that open flow.

It can be very scary. I understood that these 2 years in Hawaii made me feel very comfortable. To have a home base, have your own bike and car and have a routine or rhythm on many levels or even having my own table to work behind which I had not had since 2011 – it all seemed like a dream. Now it is time to shake it off and be ready to hit the road again.

This time though many things are different. I have got many insights already. Here is my share:

Fascinating grass in San Diego

Fascinating grass in San Diego

If you travel it is always best to be fully present where you are.

Do not get lost too much in the past or the future. It is always good to be aware of the future, as your present moment will help to create it, but you live mostly in your air castles then it will not happen either. You will need some action. Action in the present moment. If you dwell on what you do not have – you will also waste your energy. As we are now entering more of the New Time – we need to really be more aware how to optimize our time use and what choices we make.

In the past I used to be so craving for Hawaii. Wherever I was – I lived in those Hawaii moments. I was so hungry for it. I have definitely lived in Hawaii for many lifetimes earlier as it seems so home and it feeds my spirit and mind and body so much. I have travelled to 30 countries and no other place has had that effect on me.

Mermaid in action on land.

But this time I decided I am not going to crave for it. While swimming in the ocean in Hawaii for the last time – the message came from the ocean – do not think of me like I am not there – I am always with you as is Hawaii. This is the same message our Hula Kumu gave us about hula and Hawaii. Hawaii will always be with you and travel with you. I think also that the last 2 years have got my Hawaii and aloha container quite full. I cried a bit before leaving, but not as much as earlier times. The knowing that I will be back at least once a year soothes my soul and now we have a bit more social network to go to once back too. So this time I decided to travel differently. And that change of perception changed everything! Read more how.

See the beauty everywhere!

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Having the most potent energy, life force and mana and also such a variety of everything. On the Big Island only there are like 13 climate zones. But there are very many other beautiful places too. So it is important to acknowledge that.

Bottle brush tree in San Diego.

Once we arrived to San Diego – I have noticed difference of the air – it is so crispy clear here and also cooler. I noticed the sky and clouds in the mornings. I noticed all new kind of vegetation. I appreciate the beauty every time I discover something new. Like this bottle brush plant. I was so fascinated by this. Took like 10 pictures. I had never ever seen anything like that. Or this little lilly, which even smelled very good. I have noticed that in Hawaii most flowers and everything smells much stronger than anywhere else – even the rain! I started to notice the smell of rain just recently. I think all of that kind of appreciation has come after I started to dance hula. Once you dance hula, you actually become the story you are dancing.

Face the new with excitement instead of fear!

When we started to prepare for this move 2 months ago I had no idea that I would meet so many of my inner fears surfacing. I used to be the girl who had a thought and jumped on the plane and did it. So what happened? Firstly I think I am much more grounded now and also my body, mind and spirit is much more crystalized and taken in golden energy too which makes everything much more optimized.

What do I mean by that? That means that you will calculate everything from many perspectives. How much time it takes to get some place, how much money, how much energy, what you would eat, what are the dangers etc. I am much more detailed on so many levels than earlier. It can also be that I have copied a lot of those things from Michael as he sailed for 10 years and that extra caution has come from there. I realized that fear was very big. So I had to figure out the source to it.

It was my inner family. My inner child had completely freaked out. It really loved the stability which I have not had that much in my life. Then my inner woman as well – it had also loved the security and many things about living in Hawaii. The inner man was not sure if that whole idea was good enough to happen. So I had to have a proper meeting with my inner family to explain each member what and why I am doing. Then the flow started and things were going much better.

After some time too many things were piled on top of each other. I have learned after Auratransformation™ that if something is pushed, it will never give you good enough results. We were a bit pushed into doing a 5 day live series. I felt that it would be too much stress and also I had no idea I had to work and get up a whole 3 levels of classes by the end of the fifth day. I had no time to pack or think of anything else than to get that done. It felt good and we learned a lot after it was done, but I had never ever imagined that online business on that level with Kajabi is so difficult. It seems like never ending work, work and work and results are moving further away like mountains .We are tweaking and learning new and smarter ways to do it but I think we need some really good bad ass coaches who see what we have to offer and how to put it together so that it will really hit masses. I would have never imagined that it can be so hard as I have had my business for so many years and done all of it even without Kajabi. Sometimes it is also that simple can get you further.

Listen to your inner guidance more and give it a voice!

I also learned in all of that rollercoaster that I have to listen harder to my inner guidance and voice it louder. I sometimes go along with things as I do not want to upset people or loved ones around me. But it is super important to listen the inner guidance as it always gives you the shortcuts if you would love to live an easier life.

We rented a van to fit in all our luggage for the next 20 months.

What you think you create!

Such a simple truth, but so many forget it. I decided that every day on the road will be a fun and amazing gift no matter what happens. Once we landed at the airport and got into our rental car we had to get a little water and a bite to eat before bed. We walked into a petrol station where Israel was serving us. Michael walked in and said: ‘Aloha!’ Israel answered with Aloha and asked if we are from Hawaii. We started chatting and it was such a friendly welcome from San Diego to have a person like that there. I felt so welcomed. So that was a proof that my thoughts helped to co-create that situation.

Check out our transition video from Hawaii to San Diego here

We have met very many nice people who are all very friendly and curious. I am aware that if my mind is going into why something is not good, I turn it around and smile at it. Today I went to Planet Fitness in the area where we are. Most of the machines were old and squeaky and some machines were missing parts, and most people did not even wipe the machines after the use, the foot handle on the rowing machine was missing, but I took it as the delightful people watching sightseeing possibility while working out having that aloha smile on my face. I just found everything so interesting. So many different kind of people – so many more latin Americans. I could hear again some Spanish and even thought of some words to say or jump in to conversations. I found the whole gym so huge compare to our Kailua-Kona one. People were so friendly and so helpful. I had a nice experience. Because I chose to.

We discovered yesterday night that we had shipped our meal replacement shakes all to Palms Springs. I had counted on them to cover most of my daily meals. Super good option while traveling and keeps the weight under control. First I was mad that we did that, but then looked at the solution option. I found instantly where the closest Wholefoods was and while I was working this morning, Michael bought it. So all good.

Create containers while traveling

I understand that traveling brings many new places, new energies and people encounters. I name now some of the things I realized I need to include into my daily schedule wherever we are:

a) Take daily vitamins and food supplements to support our organs and health while our bodies go through extra stress (traveling long distances or also changing time zones)

b) Keep up my morning movement program no matter what, as this stretches me and makes me move and gets my morning going

Feeling fit and slim in San Diego!


c) Keep training and mark all my training in my big calendar so I keep track on my progress – if possible get at least one aerial silks class per week, 2 – 3 gyms, if possible at least 1-2 swims, at least one hula practice, and some outdoors stuff – a hike, roller skates, bicycle or smth. Put this in the schedule every week.

d) Sleep at least 6-7 hours every night.

e) Eat light and healthy and keep my program going. This means if possible 2 meal replacement shakes or bars per day and one bigger meal with measured portions. Have only one cheat day per week. If possible do at least one lemon water day or detox day per week. Keep losing weight and building muscle.

f) Keep socializing even while traveling. If possible call friends on FB also who are in other places than where we are.

g) If I can check out Alanon group meetings in every place we go. It keeps my mind really on track. If I can not go, I read at least one page or two per week from my Courage to Change book weekly.

Why is the traveling commitment container important? Because it creates a system, routine and helps you to take good care of you no matter the outer circumstances. This is where the world is heading. We all need to learn it. Our home is where your heart is not only feeling good, but singing out of joy!

There are many more insights, but I will stop it here at the moment. I hope this was helpful. Share with me your traveling insights.

Aloha from Hawaii!

My name is Crystal Ra Laksmi-Ditton and I am a world traveller and explorer. I am the happiest when I can adventure and then archive it and share it with others. That is where my anthropologist comes out. I love to go new places and discover myself through these places and people. I believe that we all can live our dreams – it is just the matter of choice and commitment. My life mission is to inspire people to live their lives BIG and make their dreams feed their new realities.

If you would love to check out how I work and what I offer, take contact with me via FB @liquidheavenfacilitator

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