Keys for Landing to Authentic You


I share one of my biggest breakthroughs from the previous week which gave me many insights about how to land into your Authentic You. Read more! 

I strongly believe that the number one key to self-realize yourself is to be your true Authentic You. I share several thoughts today, what came up about the topic today.

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Overview of the topics from today’s video: 

  • Wrong belief that I am not enough – university studies
  • Understanding that I do not need to do more, but BE more
  • Those of us who do not believe that we are in the NEW TIME by now – for them it will be very challenging to adjust
  • Cultural projections and constructions – survival instincts connected to Estonia
  • Abundance Wheel and your relationship to you and your guide to explore yourself
  • Becoming aware of the fears
  • Unconsciousness brings problems
  • Energy is looking for channels of expressions – are you ready and receive it and take action?
  • Dissolve the invisible carpet on you
  • Find your mentors and guides and sages
  • Do not become someone else, just integrate the characteristics which you admire into your being
  • Suppressing needs
  • Mature woman’s guidance from inside out

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  1. Oprah Winfrey’s Podcast about Your Own Truth
  2. My self-exploration journey since Auratransformation (13 years ago)
  3. Connections between Abundance Wheel and Inner Family

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