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Have you made a silly mistake recently in your writing or with your career? Is there a mistake you’ve made more than once? I’ll share one of mine: When I type fast, I often hit the wrong key. This happens the most with the word “shut.” I accidentally type an “i” where the “u” should be. That makes for some interesting sentences and a lot of laughter when I catch it.

I think the first thing is to look at what is the meaning of the word ‘mistake’?

From the online dictionary it says:

MISTAKE – noun


an error in action, calculation, opinion, or judgment caused by poorreasoning, carelessness, insufficient knowledge, etc.


a misunderstanding or misconception.
In my life I have said many times that there are no mistakes – only experiences. Mistake can be considered to be a mistake if you have to follow certain rules or regulations or a social code or common sense. But many times the real life and inspiration comes in spaces where we do those so called ‘mistakes’. I have done many in my blogs and is hard to remember all, but I think I focus more on the so called ‘mistake’s in my career in this blog post.
It all started as a little girl when I was about to finish high school. My grandmother told me that because we do not have much money she could not support me going to the university and it is better for me to study something practical so I could find a job and start my life on my own quickly. I was young and believed her.
As I loved to work with papers and writing, I thought I could study to become a secretary and an admin person. I studied 2 years and got many necessary skills in our everday life as professional, but my career as a professional secretary lasted only for 4 months. It happened so  that I was part of the team who reorganized the whole admin system in the famous Estonian confectionary factory ‘Kalev’. I loved it, but pretty soon realized that most of my potential will not be used in this kind of profession.
Interestingly enough I got pregnant during this time. I was afraid to tell anyone as I knew I would lose my job for sure. At the time we got boxes of candy underneath our tables at work, to fill in the baskets for the table tops of the directors of the company for their guests. So at one point someone came and asked if I had eaten too many candies as I had gained quite a bit of weight?? I almost chuckled and then told them that I was pregnant. One of the main accountants fought for me so I got all the benefits and left the job preparing for the birth of my son.
I did not plan my pregnancy and it changed many things in my life, and took me to the detour, which actually made me closer meet myself and my true inner career, which I had no idea of. I am not saying that I took my son as a mistake in my career path, but I am grateful that he chose to come during that particular time, so that my life could get more aligned with my true spiritual purpose. He has been my anchor many times during later years as well. Children are a true gift and sometimes it seems they are sent to us in order to figure out our right path to go.
Before my son was born I used to have my own radio talk show, called ‘Waves of Life’, where I interviewed people who inspired me. They were not celebrities, but their lives were so exciting and I wanted to show that even a normal person from the street can have a very special life and fulfill their dreams.
Me and Sander (19)

Me and Sander (19)

After I gave birth to my son Sander – I got another opportunity to use the skills learned in the other talkshow and continue this in the little radio station close to my home in the central Estonia. It was a huge success. People loved it. In addition I also started to contribute to the local newspapers and magazines as a freelance writer.

Some years later we broke up with my partner at the time, the father to my son and I was devastated. For me – family was everything and I tried to find out where were the mistakes I made. I could not find any. Sometimes it is just all about people and circumstances. He was my childhood sweetheart who I noticed when I was already 5 years old. It was hard to let go of him and our life together. It took me 5 years of painful experiences to do that.
Things did not work quite out as I planned, but I tried again to start my secretary career. I worked in one position for 1 month and they fired me as I had so many family issues which interrupted me to focus to work and full performance. I started to look for a new job very intensively. I went to hundreds of interviews and it took me 7 months till I found something suitable. I went through many phases and became their number one candidate. I had 2 more weeks to start in the position.
During that period I got an invitation to go to Norway as an aupair, which had been my long dream. I cancelled my lucrative 8-5 job and waved good bye to Estonia and my son. It was not easy. But I was so broken that I felt that in order to fix me I needed to get away and get a new perspective. It was a right decision and saved me.
thomassmileWhile in Norway I changed aupair family once. It was a huge challenge, but I learned about the culture and the language. One day I walked in the park and asked a question in my head – what should I study? I saw a newspaper on the asfalt. I picked it up and Thomas Hylland Eriksen (one of the leading Norwegian anthropologists) talked about social anthropology. I had no idea what that was. The name itself was already so intruging that I decided to do more research about it. So I did. What came of it was a bachelor degree in social anthropology in Norwegian and English (my mother tongue is Estonian) and part of the degree was done in Cape Town University in South Africa and secondly masters degree in visual cultural studies in Northern Norway and South Africa, which also helped me to produce two documentaries about people and cultures. Finally I was getting closer to what I loved and burned for.
norramagiBut after 5 years of the academic world, where I was super active also in boards and student clubs, I was done with it for a while. So I decided to do a pilgrimage to the mountain top in Norway and stay there for 2 weeks completely alone – in silence and fasting. While there I got the guidance to start my new spiritual business and change my name. I came down and did that.
For now – almost 10 years later – I have had my business – consulting people all over the world – guiding their spiritual journeys – finding themselves and building their dreams through private sessions, online classes, live workshops or spiritual expeditions and retreats internationally.
wantra updated collage feb 2015 mexI just recently opened a little side branch in Mexico and enrolled in a contract with the Four Seasons hotel to do my water therapy there. All in all – I also use many of the secretary knowledge and knowhow to run my business every day – it does not matter if it is how to communicate with the future business partners, or how to fix a printer, or how to archive my papers or write a business email.
My so called ‘mistake’ to become a secretary has given me structure and systems – even a foundation, which has helped me to become a better writer including writing my blog for the past four years and contributing to many possible causes and magazines.
Hiking in South AfricaWith all that I have discovered that every ‘mistake’ or experience we go through is a next step for the next best thing coming. We may not always see how it all hangs together, but it is all divinely orchestrated and all we need to do is to be opened and curious and dive into new possibilities as these come up, as there is always a hidden treasure in it, if you dare to look and especially if you dare to face your fears. Behind it can be your dream life where every day is a day in the Earthly Paradise – where you fulfill your mission and live your dream as you designed it in co-creation with the Divine and it is real!


I am Crystal Ra Laksmi. I am travelling in Hawaii right now. We just finished a 10 day retreat, which I cohosted together with my divine partner Michael Ditton and which was a huge success. We are exploring and researching the Big Island for the future opportunities and dreams. All my dreams are realizing faster and more and more because I have trained my thoughts and words and actions – so it is all aligned with my dreams. Only then it can co-create the dreams and beyond. What is  the most amazing that now I have also found my divine partner to co-create with!

So do as many mistakes you can, as some of these may lead you to your dream life and even partner!

Thank you for reading. Please share with me how your big career mistakes have actually brought you closer to your true mission on this planet?

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  1. So happy to hear of your success in Hawaii, Crystal. Sorry I’m late. My internet isn’t hooked up yet. I may be silent on this end, but I think of you and Michael often. Take care. Keep writing.

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