Monthly keys – Summary of 2016 and a *Won* forecast for 2017


I hope everyone had wonderful holidays. I wish everyone a happy abundant year full of possibilities of fulfilling your dreams!

I will now take a little deeper look back at the year of 2016. First I tell you more about my personal journey and then more of the general – how I observed this year was for my clients and the world.

When I look back at this year I feel good. I am happy and in balance and I feel accomplished. I worked a lot and also had a lot of fun. I am still learning how to create balance with those two extremes for me as work for me is not really work – because I do what I love. I got more clarity where I am heading and how and why.  My abundance wheel was going in full speed – as I was loving myself fully; had my king beside me far away or close; my sexuality was consciously activated at all times; my health was good or in the process of being fine; my work was very good; my abundance was flowing in more than enough and I travelled to many more new places on this planet and made many new discoveries about myself and the energies.


2016 in a nutshell

I stayed in Mexico from January till June and worked a lot with Wantra. Later I travelled to Alaska to visit Michael and some other friends up North. I passed through New York on my way back to Europe. After that I worked and travelled a lot in Estonia for 3 full months. I set up many mini workshops and retreats as well did loads of consultations and private sessions. I also spent a lot of time with my family.


In October I travelled to California to meet up with Michael again and travel through most of the Southern California and supporting him with his book tour. We covered almost 1200 miles within 25 days.

After that we took off together to Hawaii. In the middle of the stay we had the adventure retreat with 8 Estonians. We stayed longer to do some more research for the future as well to help some friends with house sitting jobs. After that we travelled to Palm Springs to celebrate Christmas with Michael’s family and travelled back to Mexico.


Our California trip travel map

My year of 2016 in depth

In January I was still in Mexico and just getting my paperwork done for the first round with the immigration and all together it took 4 more months to finalize the paperwork – to live and work in Mexico.

It was a challenge and coming from Estonia I know we would have managed this with our e-systems within at least a month and so much less money as most of the info would have been available online. Here even if you have something in English online, the rule is that the immigration officer who recieves your papers says the final word. I am learning so much about patience in Mexico. There is not much you can do. You just have to wait and accept how things are. Frustrating at times. 

I set up my volunteer Wantra classes in the local marina and helped whenever I could with Octopus’s Garden projects. We tried to get the movie nights going again as well, but it did not have such a well reception as the previous season.

mexicoFebruary was the month where the bar opened in the cultural center where we lived in Mexico. It was a very challenging time for me as much of the peace and quiet we were used to was all gone.  It is okay if you just have that couple of nights, but as a long term tenant it started to influence my nervous system and made me very frustrated.


Villa Ananda Spa, where I worked as the Wantra therapist for the whole season. Such a heaven by the ocean

In the end I used the experience as the clear line what works for me and what does not for the future. I felt I was done living in the hostel style of living – maybe I grew up??? Michael agreed and we set a goal to return to our own little place with our own kitchen, our own living quarters as well in a bit more quiet neighborhood in La Cruz (such a thing is quite rare here – mostly possible only in the gated communities and some hidden courners).

The situation also gave some interesting solutions as we made date nights on Michael’s boat during the nights which were super loud back in the centre. This was also the month where we decided to sign our relation shift agreement for the next year. It was a huge thing for me to go into something like that consciously and with love and no fear. Michael left to Alaska in the end of the month to work there till October. We had 3 months of separation ahead of us.

wantra updated collage feb 2015 mexMarch was pretty much working more with my papers and having little Wantra sessions here and there. I worked hard to prepare for my Estonia retreats and events as well preparing all of it for my Estonia return – a place to live – car etc. On top of it keeping up with my local community volunteer work as well. I was busy and never bored. We also did quite a bit of surfing with the local friends quite often as well kayaking with my kayak and some sailing and general socializing.

April was the main month to focus and prepare my paperwork for the contract for  the Four Seasons and finish up my volunteer projects in the village.

In May I got to start the little sessions in the Four Seasons preparation work. It was fun. I also got a serious health issue this month, which took a lot of time, energy as well money to fix. It was a good lesson again about expressing my needs and not suppressing them and choose wisely and not to postpone my big projects.


In June I was on the go again, visiting Michael in Ketchikan for couple of weeks and he was the best tour guide around there – from the local bears in the river who magically showed up when we got there – to jumping salmon swimming up the stream and float plane ride as well hikes in the local temperate rain forest. 

It was the month to reconnect with Michael after being away for 3 months. I love these moments of being apart and coming together again. Everything is reignited and so passionately activated and feels like new. It was also very fun to visit Nancy and Holly in Fairbanks. I visited places which I would never have otherwise – like the hot springs in the mountains or the place where Santa Claus lives. I could see the nature beyond my wildest dreams. I met really wonderful people. I got to go to one of the oldest hot springs in the area, which existed without any road to it for quite many years. I did one interview there, which will be coming up soon.


In the end of June I passed by New York to work and play a bit there. I did an intro workshop about myself in a little center in Queens. I loved it as my dear friend Uno Habakukk organized me a very wonderful time there. I also managed to do some interviews for my blog and enjoy the magic of New York. New York challenged me again and gave me all the courage to return to Estonia fully loaded with ideas and new inspiration. I love New York since the first time I visited in 2012.

In July I moved into my rented two room apartment in Kadriorg Estonia and rented a new car. I organized all my stuff from different storages to my appartment. It took time to go through it all. I am at times mad at myself – as I accumulate a lot of stuff. I have been better during the recent years, as I have lived out of a suitcase. But even then – after 6 months stay in some place I still have at least a week to go through stuff and elliminate more. In the long run this is good, as then you can not carry all of it with you.

I also got an opportunity to housesit a house of a dear friend in Kuusalu, close to the nature, so I enjoyed the best of the two worlds.

On the average I had at least one workshop or retreat per week or even more as well loads of private clients. It was flowing very well. I really enjoyed it. I could also spend quite a bit of time with my sister and her kids and my son and family. It is very precious time if you do not have that all the time.

What I really loved was that spirit was really guiding me where to do and what. Somehow it was really weird but things happened fast. I got an idea for a workshop on Monday and Wednesday I already had a room full of people and working with them. I also learned once again that while in Estonia I have to work as much as I can in the water, as then things flow and the collective consciousness can not really stop me.


In August I continued to work a lot and had more workshops and retreats all the time. I had sometimes crazy days, working like 10 – 13 hours a day. I did not complain as it was all for the abundance creation for the holiday and for the next phase in Mexico. As I live on the budget everything is really well calculated and organized. A nice skill I picked up and integrated from Michael. 

September was the last finalizing month in Estonia and I worked even harder. Sometimes quit sleeping. It created some health issues and I took it under control by going to different alternative places. One of which was the eye iris test, which gave some good ideas how to work with my body issues. I have been on the go since 2011 – without a home base – and it stresses out my body and everything quite a bit. You can not fully relax, as you always have to figure out the next phase and place to stay. It is exciting, but also exhausting. I honor that my body needs more rest and more stationary base, which we are now going to work towards with Michael.


October was a month full of travel through the whole of Southern California with Michael and supporting his book tour, which was fun. I saw so many wonderful and beautiful places and nature highlights as well beautiful people. We started in Los Angeles, then Mendocino, then down to Big Sur and Carmel by the Sea, Monterrey and Ventura and Los Angeles. I felt so rich with all of these experiences. Michael drove and set up all the logistics so I could just join him on the passenger seat. It was weird. Usually it was me who did all that. I guess that is how you start your career as a true queen;)


November and December we spent mostly in Hawaii. In November we had my retreat group happening and this time we had some challenges, which were beyond I had ever experienced in Hawaii with the groups. Because of Michael as well, we managed to find the best solution for the group.

10 days travelling with the group was one of my favourite times of the year. I love to lead expeditions like that and see how people change – not only their faces, but their inner visions, dreams and personalities. I was happy to send them off to the plane with tanned bodies, smiles and faces full of life. Hawaii is the best classroom ever to work with people. My favourite part is of course Wantra in the natural hot ponds underneath the palm trees and the sun or the rising moon. Nothing like this under this sun!!!

Swimming with the wild dolphins was very special this time. This island really challenges me a lot, but also makes me face my true me. I loved it a lot. It was nice to reconnect with some of the previous friends I had met there earlier as well.


We spent our Christmas in Palms Springs with Michael’s family. It was a Christmas full of family love and care. It was lovely to be included and so sweetly.


In summary this was the year where I transformed many of my old relationships patterns into more conscious and better ones with my divine partner Michael. It was quite a learning curve to do this with a true gentleman, with someone who is so good at communicating and will not allow the bad emotions to rot underneath the surface, but brought up to the surface and embraced into love and consciousness right away. I became a better version of me because I worked so hard on myself with some Alanon materials as well.

walkgoldenflyqueenkadriorgThis was the year also when I decided to get married to me. It was a very special event and true to my heart for the rest of my life. I have not felt more beautiful as during that day. My inner man and woman are now happily married. It shines through me and makes me also a better partner for Michael. Michael supported my getting married to me in every aspect and I am so grateful for that. This was hitting the news which made me into an instant cover girl on the local newspaper in Tallinn. 


I felt the happiest this year I have for a long time, as I had a true man, king beside me. He supported me when I was down and could not lift my spirit up myself, he was there when I was also on the high of the life and in between. I have learned so much more about myself – especially what works and what does not and how to express my needs and feelings so that it does not blow up universes around me.


It was a year where I had several major health issues, from minor UTI’s to big UTI’s as well one major issue in May, which I was able to get under control in June and a new one in July, which I got under control right away, and now a new one which just popped up recently, which I am on now. I think all these things are popping up, so I would take better care of me and my life and my health and body, mind and spirit. I am promising to do whatever I can in order to return back to ‘complete health and wealth’ in every area of my life this coming year.

Life mission and work


Out of the 12 months I worked fully 8 months and travelled around 4 months (even though I did a bit of work while traveling). So I am a bit surprised myself that I am finally living my life fully on my terms and doing what I love wherever I am – in Mexico working fully with my Wantra and even landed a contract with the Four Seasons and now more places are contacting me to offer my special treats to them. In Estonia I did my work fully on every level – doing my Auratransformation sessions, workshops as well consultations and balancing sessions daily; on top of it lots of Wantra sessions as well workshops and retreats; prepared the Hawaii group and kept up with my blogs. In Hawaii I had my 10 day retreat happening, which was the highlight of the year for me in so many ways. I just so love these. I also put together a new book in English with just 7 days which I am going to work on now to get published this year. I am serious about it this time.


The general observations of the year 2016

In general I can say from my observations that the overall planetary energies are all transforming from the old into the new ways of doing things, thinking about things and teaching us new behaviour. It is all part of the evolution and of the new energy surrounding us.

I noticed that many people were struggling to really find their own individual platforms as individuals and then also what is their life mission here on the planet. Many just could not do the work they hated any more, so they quit, even without a plan.


Many were waking up in their relationships and understood it was not who they were and that it did not support them any more. Many lost secure jobs and were thrown into the unknown. Only to discover some months later their dream work filled with passion and setting up their own business.

There is a lot of movement between the ME (indigo energy) and WE (crystal energy) energies on this planet right now. We have to get to know both sides well – from inside out and outside in and once this is done we can unite them creating the new path to the golden energy – where we all will start to live our dreams on every level of our life. Then we find ourselves in a right spot on this planet – doing what we love and be with who we love and feeling the support and love of the place and people around us. It would be like a golden heaven on planet Earth.


Traveling insights

During our hectic 3 months travel with Michael, which was the true initiation for our relation shift foundation as well for the cooperation projects in the future – we saw many people – especially in California who had wonderful lives, but often times had to really work so much extra to keep it up with the prices and the living cost there.


While in Hawaii, on the Big Island, we met many people, who had made conscious choices to relocate – found their community, their home and people and live a very simple life, but enjoy life to the fullest – taking good care of their health and working as little as they can, just to keep things rolling and at the same time putting more time and energy into the values of life for them – family, friends, health and life mission.

This for me was like traveling to the future and maybe one of the reasons why I love it there so much. When you are surrounded by people and communities like that – there is less resistance and less negativity as everyone does what they love and it creates harmony and not only with one self, but all the surroundings as well and helps the planet to ascend.


Not only had I met many people who had found out why they are here on the planet, but also they did so very consciously – living off the grid or using solar panels, or recycling their garbage or filtering the rain water, which they caught into big huge thanks (my hair loved that water). I loved that. I loved to see how people were living in tact with nature, which is something most people are losing these days. If you ask a city child these days where is the milk coming from – they most probably would answer – from the supermarket.

Today someone was asking me what was the number one thing I discovered during this 3 months trip?


First thing what came to my mind – was that what a beautiful planet we have! Then came the moment swimming with the wild dolphins and tears feeling a bit of their pain – how we are not taking care of the waters of this planet.

Then – how lucky I was to travel with my king Michael and getting to know him and discovering all the facets of ME and WE platform and how to make it work.

If you really want to get to know someone – go and travel with them – it shows a lot about their habits, the way they are built and what way they see the world and life. Also stand your grounds and show who you truly are and what works for you and what does not. We had both highs and lows during this trip and we learned so much about each other and I am so grateful for all that as now we can create a new conscious future together.


There is some incredible force behind us being together. There seems to be a bigger plan with us and our co-creations for that force. We are humble and ready to listen and co-create with that divine heart power which would benefit the world and create a new value for everyone involved as well. While travelling together  with Michael we talked to people and connected and we noticed that they all enjoyed it and felt inspired and some of them even took action to change something in their lives in order to follow their dreams. Exciting times ahead.


Being in the NOW=WON

One thing I noticed during the Palm Springs visit this Christmas is that many people do not live in the NOW or in the present. They live in the past or future – which brings along a lot of sadness, fear and other negative emotions. When they do that – there is no one home in the present – and to receive the ‘present’ what the present moment is.

If we are in the now and the present moment – we are grateful for all the little things we have in our life – a little flower in the vase, the bird who just flew by, a partner who we can hug and kiss and make love and share experiences with, or the beautiful place we stay and lovely people who surround us.


We do not put too much energy into the stuff or people we lost or do not have, or stuff we can not have as the future may not always look bright. But it is all about what we choose NOW. Without the NOW there will be no future and soon also no past.

NOW. If you reverse the words here – NOW will turn to WON – which means – if you live in the now – you have already won a jackpot of the ‘present of being in the now. This knowing helped me a lot when I got into a fearful mindset about something during the travelling. I pulled myself into the NOW=WON mentality.

plumeriadIt is remarkable that it comes out not as – WIN – but WON – that means that if you are in the now, you already won! ;)

Try it out during this new year and see how it makes a difference for you and your loved ones. Let this year be the gathering of the good moments of the now.

Year 2017

I see the year of 2017 being the year of new beginnings on every level. The number 2 is about being together and the WE energy. Number 0 is the feminine and the infinite number. Number 1 is the masculine and the forming number. 7 is the number of spirit as well the earth element in the new energy.


So all together it will give us the number 10 – which is the number 1, the new beginning, but also number one is like a man standing tall and still, as well standing on his platform (which means we all need to figure out how our inner masculine works) and then 0 here is the representation of the woman (figuring out how the inner feminine works) – the womb, the emptiness and chaos, but standing right next to the 1 it means it is there in some kind of order.

Last year was number 9 – which was the year of the finalizing of the old in our lives and lifestyles and the fire element helped to burn away the old. But it was also a year to ignite the passion and fire we have inside of us to activate our life mission – the reason why we are here on the planet.

Many of us experienced this and figured out what does not work and maybe even had a change in careers. Those who are still hating their job, should make this their new target this year – to at least find out what gives you joy as an activity or creation, as the coming years the focus is all on that particular issue. From there the rest of our lives will fall in place. 2017 is also the year where we have to learn how to cooperate with our inner man and woman inside of us but also outside of us. In that union we can create our new dream life.

The key on that road is to follow our heart and intuition and without questioning take the necessary steps towards it.


Photo from:

Rooster messages interpreted the new way

This new year will be the year of the rooster according to the Chinese Astrology. Rooster for me has always been an animal symbol of a ‘waking up’. Is there something in our lives which needs a wake up call? Change?

Rooster is the representative of the male and macho energy and they say the most cocky roosters are the most fertile, but this year the masculine has to learn to reset itself and treat the ‘chickens’ differently. Allowing the chickens come to the roosters – instead the rooster hunting the chickens down. Let it still be the game, but a conscious game, with softness and care and love. No brutality.

I think it is a year for women to open their mouths through their inner rooster – as maybe each one of us has one inside as we all have the inner masculine and feminine. We need to express the truth of who we are, what we need and how things work for us and how they do not.

hawaiikuninganna-overlooking-the-queendom-piltIt is about coming out as you are and being proud of it, not covering this up or being ashamed. As the male character it also symbolises the sun. Shining like a sun. Sun is shining even if the clouds are hiding it. The rooster is crowing even if there is no sun coming up. I see it also as a sign from the middle self – who wants to get things in order and in that process calling in the feminine to help. It will be a challenge of learning how to do it all with humbleness and care, not to become too cocky or arrogant. The latter is the energy which will push things and opportunities away from us.

As last year was preparing us to find out more of our talents, this year we should come out and share it with the world like a rooster is showing off their beauty and what they can.

This is the year to be truly honest about yourself – who you are and who you show to the world. Mini rooster talisman in a pocket can protect you and bring you luck.

It is time to get a bit more serious and out of the monkey business of our minds and games and take conscious steps towards the new future.


crystalleafdoneWe have now 365 days ahead of us – this makes 365 new conscious choices. Make every day count by your conscious choice! Every conscious choice creates the life of your dreams. The life where you wake up, love what and who you see around you and can not wait to go out there to create and share what you are here to create and share.

If you do it with the courage of your heart and listening to your intuition every step of the way – you will get to your blissful life where every moment counts and creates your dreams.

I am Crystal Ra Laksmi. A true travelling mermaid by nature. At first I picked travelling as a way to get to know the world and its cultures. Now travelling many times picks me so I could get to know more of who I am and I am not and share my knowledge and skills, talents and energy with those who need it.


By meeting new people and going to new places I am facing different facets and particles of myself in the whilrwind of the possibilities of this crazy world.

I keep myself sane with honoring my rituals to the ocean and selflove and care as well creating value and possibilities for those less fortunate or prisoners of their minds.

The world is our haven – but only when we believe so. It takes care of us, if we take care of us and together we can create the most amazing fairytales on this Earth. I am creating mine and it just turns more exciting with every day which goes by. Stay tuned to read more!

This year I will stay in Mexico till the beginning of July, thereafter I will follow the plans as the divine guides. The target is to find a basecamp and start to build up my dream center there.

In the end of October we plan to do another Hawaii retreat as well in the end of November, more info is coming up soon.


5 thoughts on “Monthly keys – Summary of 2016 and a *Won* forecast for 2017

  1. Even though I have been following you through the Internet in your travels it was good to have a summary of your journey in 2016 and your intentions for 2017. Thank you for all your positive and encouraging comments, and the beautiful images. One of my resolutions for 2017 is to use my awake time in the middle of the night to make spiritual and conscious connections. Spending this time reading your blog fulfilled that intention powerfully. Thank you Crystal!

    • Thank you dear Janet. It has been amazing to have you beside me with your powerful words and knowledge. I so admire you and your journey. Lets make this new year a year of fun;) Many more lovely moments to come! Hugs and kisses.

    • Thank you Janet for your support. It is lovely to read your feedback and have you beside me as my good friend;)

  2. You are an inspiration to so many, Crystal. Thank you for sharing your abundance. It’s been fun following along. I’m excited for you and for what 2017 holds. Being your friend, even from a distance, is an adventure. Happy New Year.

    • Thank you. It has been fun to keep it up with bits and pieces. Even though I have like thousands of pics to go through and edit as well videos to put together, all in all it has been a very abundant year. I hope to use many of these pieces also in my writing. I have so many stories. I just have to write these down. Thank you for loving support! Happy New Year dear Joylene!

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