Keys for March – Meet the spring with your heart’s megaphone and courage!

I am so sorry – my dear English blog readers – that I have not kept up my logging here as I promised last year. It has been a very chaotic period in my life, where we travelled with Michael for 3 consecutive months (California and Hawaii). After that we arrived in Mexico where I had to fix my final paperwork to live and work here as well host some guests from far away and work at the same time. It took me almost a month to adjust after the trip.So all in all I plan to also translate the other blog posts for my monthly keys from last year – as well work on the missing interviews, which I still did not manage to do in full (4 more interviews in the works). I am also learning to structure my life and work a little bit different and prioritize accordingly.
This year the main focus is to get my work going really well with Wantra. I decided that this year I will do my monthly keys as well my ISWG posts monthly in English. If occasionally it happens that I get inspired, I may write some additional posts here and there. I am also focusing to be able to finish and publish at least one of my books during this year. It is about time!  This gives me the maximum minimum to keep my blog fans in the loop while my adventurous and exciting life continues. Thank you for your patience! I so appreciate you all!
This month I will talk about some very important keys, which I never get tired of talking about. It is how to live from the center of your inner courage, intuition and heart. Sometimes I lose my patience. I talk to people and see them around me and feel like I would love to shake some of them to wake up. When do they finally get it? Who are the doers who are actually going to get something done? Is it you?

Key to your freedom

We all have freedom.

Freedom to choose to be.

Freedom how we choose to be.

Most people are not even aware about it. Most people live other people’s lives. They do what they have been told to do. They live completely detached from their true being. They float above their body like balloons in the air.

Then they are surprised why is it that nothing is manifesting the way they would love to and why their life is difficult and why do they have three different jobs they hate. Most of these people live in the constant boxes and limitations, which they choose again and again by thinking the same way and creating the same way. As Einstein said – you can not change anything if you keep doing everything the same way.


This was the very first Body Aquatic Work Course I did in Hawaii in 2009. Since then my life changed dramatically. Every year for the better! So grateful! Thank you Lilia, Elizabeth and Helen for being there for me during these transformative times!

We can’t create in totality before we have been reunited with ourselves.

During the last weeks I have given many Wantra sessions to different clients. I have understood how Wantra reunites people with their whole being with their whole body. Wantra pulls the wandering particles back into the body. Most people live outside their bodies all their life. That is why this can be a shock at first. Some start to cry, some start to laugh, some are just surprised.

Most people live their life by escaping from the real true self, their dreams and from their heart. When these people, who have just received Wantra sessions and open their eyes in the end of the session – they often times feel that they have been reborn again.

Wantra is one possible paths into yourself again. But there are millions of ways to do that. If someone takes contact with me and asks if they could join me for the Hawaii trip, but they do not have the money. I am very direct with them. Now I am not even trying to convince them any  more. Sometimes I am maybe a bit harsh and too honest the way I express it.

But why should I waste my time with someone who does not believe in the magic of life? Why should I choose the hardest road?

I have done this too many times in my life. Not any more. I am going to choose an easier route with the companions, who believe that it is possible with ease and co-creating the possibilities together if needed.

Hawaii turtle me

Beautiful sarong art close to the Akaka Falls national park. I love the colors of Hawaii.

First you need to pick a dream, then do it with your full consciousness and then check out how you can use all your talents, skills and knowledge in order to create what you are here to create.

Sometimes we need to travel far away places in order to get out of our routine and pass the manifestation exam.

Most people who have been to Hawaii with me, have noticed that their money and abundance flow will be activated and get amplified so much better after the adventure. They often times also get really clear directions what and when to proceed on every level in their lives: like relationships, health, life mission, abundance as well sexuality. This is a place in the world where we reconnect with ourselves on a deeper level.

Let the numbers serve you


Some really influential people from my very first trip to Hawaii, where we followed the inner guidance and broke the rules. From that trip the first cornerstone to Wantra was born. Spirit has magical ways to guide us – if we just would listen.

Most internet ads are advertising how we should all pick a route where we earn six figures. Just like that. We earn and serve figures. But in the new time it works the opposite. Firstly we choose what we would love to experience and then we start to move towards it while we completely listen to our heart and in this case the numbers will serve us and we need to set the price to the value of our work.

Our heart talks to us via our intuition. Intuition is like our inner GPS.

Most people have it turned down to a voiceless option. This is why we do not hear what our inner guide has to say. If we do not listen to it for a while and are not aware that the sound is turned down, then our intuition can not work with us. When we turn the voice on again, then the intuition can start to work with us again and we can listen to its message and behave accordingly. If we do it one time and two times – our intuition will get encouraged and help us even more. Our intuition is like a being with its own being. It needs attention and communication. Like a human being does.


Spirit guided me to my very dear Hawaiian family(in black and white) and attracted to me these beautiful people who came to adventure with me in early 2010. Kirsti, the lady between two men – was my business partner at the time.

During this last week I talked to several people. My spirit gave some ideas to them which could change their lives for the better. It did not only give my ideas for them, but even a roadmap – from my heart. But all I heard as an answer was – but I can not afford it, or this is too expensive or this is too much to reorganize or too many addtional obligations etc, etc. We will find excuses – always. But I have always noticed that both with myself and others that who does a lot, will also manage and achieve a lot. More I put stuff into my schedule, more I can manage to accomplish. Especially when I do it consciously.


These are the Estonians we travelled to Hawaii with during the first time. The retreat was organized by the Swedish lady. It was in 2009 in April.

I remember my first time when I had the idea to visit Hawaii. It was a very costly trip. I did not have any extra available money at the time of the registration.  But the feeling was very strong, that I have to go. I already knew this feeling – this was my intuition, which pushed me to do it. I said yes, even though I did not have all the money at the time. After my choice to go – I started to get one opportunity after the other and every time I had the next time’s payment deadline, I had the exact amount needed. Many times I remember I even closed my eyes and paid it – trusting it will work out. This was how I travelled to Hawaii first time in 2009 April.

After this my life changed completely. Everything has changed. During this first adventure what was really interesting was that my spirit was guiding me very strongly and we completely stepped ‘out of the box’ – leaving the original retreat group as we had rented our own car. We created our additional adventure, because we had the courage to do that and ‘brake the rules.’

While we did that I started to get hints and ideas about my own Hawaiian adventure retreat program for the future. I overcame the fear of depth in the water, as we ‘accidentally’ found a water course. I remember when I was taking the money for this water class, I was not quite sure, if it was the right thing to do…. One week after I arrived back to Estonia I met my client who asked if I would love to work with her in the water, as she had water fear as well. She had the pool for me to use if I would help her. This deal started my water journey to Wantra for the next coming years.

crystalyellow flower

This picture is from the Akaka Park walk where the universe gave me a beautiful gift – the yellow flower with a message. It was Autumn 2009.

Right now I am living seasonally in the tropical Mexico and travelling and working the rest of the year where the energy and spirit is inviting me. Have developed my own water modality Wantra and offer it in high end luxury hotels like St. Regis as well Four Seasons and in a luxury Boutique Spa Villa Ananda.  If I had not listened to my inner voice, I would most probably been dead or very lost, as I would have not known how to live my potential.

The same happened when I got the crazy idea to go to Hawaii for 3 months!!! My rational mind told me right away – NO! What do you think? You need to keep your company going and pay your bills and what else? But my heart was telling a strong yes. Then I made the leap. I had only 2 weeks covered with places to stay and activities of the total 3 months. When I got there one thing lead to the other and I got some opportunities to housesit and sometimes even several houses at the time. I even got to drive with their personal cars.


Hawaii has been the only place on this planet where I feel the most home. Here in spring 2010. Filled with Aloha and super happy.

The pearl of trust

During my Hawaii adventure I rented out my studio in Estonia both for events as well for someone to live there – so it covered some of my expenses there.  When it flew so well during the first time – I thought to repeat it after some time. Again – my mind was stopping me and my heart said a strong YES. So that is how I arrived in Hawaii again and the same thing happened. Everything flew and it felt like Hawaii was carrying me on its hands. As my rational mind was still not sold for this idea, so I did it one more time.

After I had managed it 3 times I understood that I can do whatever I choose to and wherever I choose to and every dream seemed to be like a piece of cake after this.


On the left you see Helen, an Estonian lady who was so brave to co-create the ‘out of the box’ adventure with me. In the middle is our water class teacher Lilia Cangemi.

Everything what I need – comes to me – only when I have that TRUST and PATIENCE.

When I do the Wantra sessions – I can feel often times how people hold their bodies up on my hands and arms – even though they do not need to. The only thing they need to do is to breath. These are the people who control every detail in their life and use 99% of their lives for the resistance. This is a very hard life. Life and the universe can not give them what they they need, as they think that they need to do it all by themselves. Because they act and think like that, their universe gives them exactly that. There is nothing to be surprised about – as your life gives you what you think about.

If you meet a stranger in Hawaii you will always ask first: – who are you, how long are you here for and  when do they leave. When I said repeatedly that I am there for 3 months and I am from Estonia – noone could believe me – how is this possible? They asked me whether  I am a drug dealer, retired or a millionaire? How can I afford this? I did not live under a boat, but in luxurious villas and rented a new car every month. It was possible because I trusted and did what I love and I treated my money respectfully. When you do what you love – the universe delivers and gives you all you need and beyond.


You do not know how heaven tastes like till you taste a mango in Hawaii!!!

I am just a little Estonian woman, who has decided to live her dream on my terms. I believe that I can let go at times and co-create with the universe and co-create whatever I choose. In this process I choose what my heart tells me. Then I will check for more. Sometimes it brings me many juicy things – like this mango on the picture. 😉


Another example.

This is the pool at St. Regis where I work with my Wantra in Mexico.

After I had couple of my Wantra sessions yesterday, I saw a little advertisement from the corner of my eye for one art auction. I felt something was moving in me. I had a thought I should go there. But because it happens in St. Regis hotel, it is not that easy to get in. After 30 minutes of detective work I finally got through to a person who was in charge of the event and I got the needed additional info and the tickets and invited Michael to be my date. Some hours later we were enjoying the beautiful art, supporting and contributing to their organizations as well projects and we had the chance to networks with some new people.

I met again with two of the women I had worked in the pool earlier that day. I noticed one of them from the other side of the room as her face was glowing like a sun – she looked so happy. At the same time I noticed how eagerly she talked to one other woman. I walked beside her in order to introduce Michael to her. She was so surprised to see me there. She was so happy. She turned to her conversation partner and said: ‘Wow this is Crystal – who I told you about just now!!!’ She was so surprised that I appeared like from clear skies. She walked away to talk to some other people and get some air, while I was continuing my conversation with the lady who I just got introduced to and who started to bombard me with different questions about Wantra. She seemed to be very interested and promised to book sessions for two people later.

So as I followed my inner call to go to this event – I did not only create a wonderful date for me and my partner, to enjoy beautiful art, but also networked and received an opportunity to work with two new clients in the future. This all happened, because I listened to my inner voice. We never know where this can lead us.

One more example

Courage will pay you back

In September 2016 I got an idea to make my dream come true – to marry myself. It was really funny that the universe started to give me info about everything – royal wedding dress, make up artist and hairdresser, possible wedding cake, catering, musicians, the place and all… I decided to make it happen within a week and had 21 guests to celebrate with me! It was one of the most special days in my life!

Someone even joked that this would really hit the news, so I invited a special journalist who had the exclusive rights to write about it. This article did not only make it to the news, but even to the cover page as well to many news portals all over Estonia. Check it out here. It was published while I was travelling in California.

Some days ago I woke up and had an email from a BBC journalist who would like to make another story about it. I also found out that two other English news portals had used my story in their portals. Read about these stories here: Story 1, Story 2.

So this info reached to the world news. Without listening to my heart and walking without courage – it would have not happened. Who knows, where all this will bring me in the future?  

The difference is that most people would not act right away. They wait too long and sometimes even forget the guidance. So they just swirl around in their mud pond and nothing changes.

One dream starts with the first step. Our heart’s megaphone is our intuition. If we do not only listen to it, but also act upon it, we will reach far distances. Maybe even further than we thought that our own wings could carry us.

Questions to each reader as your homework:

  • What can you do today so that you can fully experience your dream in the future?
  • What conscious steps can you choose towards your dream today?
  • Map your relationship with your intuition and your courage and heart.
  • What needs to be changed?
  • What are your dreams?
  • What kind of habits should you change to be able to move towards your dreams faster already today?

I am Crystal Ra Laksmi. I am a world traveller, who discovers herself and the world. I collect all these experiences into words and sentences as well into the pictures, so that the world would be part of my journey. I also share this with everyone who is ready to receive my gifts  and knowledge.

How is it to live in tact with your heart, so that your courage is blowing wind into your sails and your heart is the captain and your rational mind is in the role of the helper?

This is possible. You just need to do the first step and choice. For me it was Hawaii. Thanks to it I know now why I am on this planet and what is my mission. Thanks to it Wantra was born, which has inspired and helped many many people in the world and will do so in the future. Hawaii and Wantra have the ability to reconnect us with ourselves.

You have the same opportunity. Come and join us for the adventure of your lifetime in Hawaii this winter! Read more about it here or read this PDF here: Hawaii English Invite 

If you are short on money, but you would love to find out where the blockages are and how to get your piggy bank going again, book a skype session with me. Take contact with me here.

Please share with me how you have listened to your intuition and where has it taken you in your life?


Check out our video invitations here: 

Video invitation 1

Video invitation 2



Hawaii can reset your life. Would you allow it to?


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