ISWG for June – How my happiness moved in…


Central Park NYC Photo by Jayendran Subram

Central Park NYC
Photo by Jayendran Subram

Here is my this month’s entry about creative writing. Enjoy and leave your comment!

Oh boy! Where did the time go? It is again a new month and I have managed to visit Alaska (Ketchikan and Fairbanks for 3 weeks) and New York before arriving to Estonia. As a writer and an artist I must say that travelling is such an amazing food for me in every way. I also love how it challenges me. Being back now in Estonia after 8 months I feel the difference of the growth I have gone through since November.

Here in Estonia I have already had 2 events about ‘reactivating your abundance’ in Pärnu and Tallinn. It has been pretty hectic month with so much travelling that I often times mess up with times, schedules and sleeping rhythms. The worst is the time difference across the Atlantic. Right now I have 11 hours time difference with Alaska.

I am not complaining as while travelling I started to work with my new favourite book by Natalie Goldberg ‘Writing Down the Bones’, which Kami Kanetsuka inspired me with. She had a 3 day retreat in Puerto Vallarta about writing, yoga and meditation. It really boosted my writing as well my whole being in so many ways. On my way to Fairbanks, when I sat in the plane for 6 hours more started to pour out of me and I thought to share it with you. I really think to give time and space for creative writing is super important. I am now finally letting more and more of my creativity to flow and express itself.  Here it is…

How my happiness moved in…

That is how it came… My happiness. Having his rubber boots on. One was red and the other one was yellow. These were also on the wrong foot. This did not matter and did not disturb my happiness at all. Who is actually saying where one boot should be and which way? If it makes you happy in any way, what is the difference? 
As my happiness had a smile covering its whole face, it  almost automatically opened my heart’s door like with the special password. 
Happiness had two bags. It does not need that much, it has for sure some kind of golden visa or master card in the pockets. They tell us that happiness and money are not relatives, but they have quite a lot to do with each other. Sometimes they even kiss or melt together while making love. Money can make people happy – if they allow it. My happiness knows that very well. You can have it also without, but the golden card would never be too bad to have around. 
Happiness came into my heart, where I have the room filled with sunshine and moved in. Without permission. Happiness told me: ‘Crystal Ra you have changed so much and your heart is so inviting  and that is why I can not resist and I just moved in.  If that does not suit you, you can kick me out, but I think I can be a good neighbour. Maybe the best one you have ever had…’
I was surprised and speechless. Wow, my happiness is so confident! I have nothing against it. But I wondered how did my happiness know that I am ready? 
As it could read my mind my happiness answered: 
‘See this shines through your eyes. Check your eyes – they are shining. This means you are inviting your happiness in – come in. Kind of like when you have the whole foundation of the house ready – the poles are up and the roof is on the top. 
The problem is that most people build their houses before they deal with the foundation of their happiness. The point is that you should find out what you should put into these corners and poles, what is the essence, which would hold this whole structure up.
But if all of it is old and not functioning, it should be demolished and the new must be built. Many are attached and almost clinging to their safety and security, which is actually making them unhappy – their spirit is crying deep inside and most times it completely bored.
By the way unhappiness is my brother. I do not like him at all, but there is a trick here. I have a feeling that you have discovered this. This is one of the things which will attract happiness. 
You know that if something is not going as planned, it is not unhappiness, but just a question of the point of view. Sometimes you need to climb a tree in order to see it from above or to the top of a skyscraper or dive deep to the depths, to look it from below. When you do this, you can create another point of view and you will get a new spiritual understanding.
This will give you an understanding why something happened and where to go next. Every  point is connecting to the next one – like in a chain.
The spirit is very smart. When the time is not ripe for the candy, it will actually surprise you with a chocolate or even a cake with a cherry on top.
Would be very stupid to cry because you did not get your particular candy as you actually got even more. 
The point is that we should not cling to the stuff and things as well people which/who we think would make us happy if they are not and should choose something else, even if something completely out of the blue – to make the spirit flow and play naturally. Your spirit knows what your heart and spirit needs.
You Crystal – you have finally got it – do what you love and all the rest will fall in place. Have your self boundaries in place as well your self value and it will all come together beautifully. Now you live that truth. It took some time, about 40 years, but you got it. Now you should remind this to others as well!’ 
I wondered how I should do this and my happiness answered me again, reading my mind. 
‘You should remind people that we have a problem in the world. We have a whole bunch of unemployed happiness ambassadors like I was before meeting you and they can not move into the hearts where there is unhappiness or bitterness or suspicion. They can only  move into the home of joy. What can you do and be every day so that you can share that joy to be awakened in their hearts? This seems to be very easy, but this is a real key how to ascend this world one happiness at the time!
Thereafter my happiness went to his room, crawled under the blanket and said: ‘You can go to bed now with peace – do not worry, I take care that I as your happiness would sustain you and carry you on my hands. I have so much to share. This is just the beginning. Happy dreams!’
Please share with me if you have ever talked to your happiness. How would it look like, what would be the message for you? Would you consider yourself a happy person? What would make you happy?


I am Crystal Ra Laksmi. I am a world traveller – who spreads her wings and sprinkles her mermaid sprinkles to people and places who are ready to fly higher, to reach further and make the new steps in order to live their dream, even if it entails walking on the edges and kissing the unknown.

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13 thoughts on “ISWG for June – How my happiness moved in…

  1. Happy is how I try to start my day. It’s a conscious thought the moment my eyes open! Talking to it, no, I’ve not tried that, yet. Maybe I should!
    Love that you’ve visited Alaska. Fairbanks was the first place I lived. I hope to get back soon for a visit! I hope you enjoyed your visit!

  2. Sorry I’m late, Crystal. Computer problems. Happy IWSG Day. I talk to my inner being often, but I suppose you could call her Happiness. She always makes me smile. Wish I could attend your retreat in Hawaii. Not meant to be at this time, but who knows, maybe next time. I hope every moment gives you back the joy you give the world.

    • Thank you so much. It is always good to be friends with your inner beings;) Thanks for the support and Hawaii will be there, we hope to set up a new group for next year too as many can not join this year. I am so grateful to be able to share the joy and happiness with the world and activate it more. Just came from my event with 40 people. Wohoo. So love to see the smile in people’s faces, be more in themselves. Enjoy life. Smile. Estonia so badly needs it. The government should pay me for the work I do 😉

  3. What?! My happiness is too busy being happy to sit and talk with me. We both are. We kind of run parallel to each other and wave on occasion…while panting for air.

    • Thank you;) I know my happiest are also when pen in the hand or doing something so that the other person would smile;)

  4. Hope you enjoyed Fairbanks–that’s where I live (and grew up). It’s a beautiful, if often frigid place to be!

    I think I am happiest when I reread a piece I wrote and think, “Wow, I wrote that? That’s not bad…” haha. It happens every now and then, but those moments are often far between.

  5. Oh yes, I talk to my happiness. Almost every morning, I see myself walking the streets of Rome, coming from the bakery with fresh muffins and greeting to the people I know with Buongiorno. It lights up my world and reminds me of the direction I am headed in.
    Happy you enjoyed your writing retreat. I love them also. I go to them usually searching for something that I find and I return home elated.
    Shalom aleichem,

  6. Great snippet of creative writing. I don’t think I’ve ever talked to my happiness, but I do consider myself a happy person. Then again, when is a squirrel unhappy?

    • Thank you. This time it really sticks around. I have found a formula how to keep it around. it is very simple;)

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