Monthly keys for July 2016 – let the inner feminine dance on the earthly carpet!


This month has the main focus on the earth element. Read my keys to understand how it can all play out! I also focus on the new time relation shift using these energies and making the shift happening in all of our affairs…

The numbers of the month:

9 + 7 = 16 = 7

This month will be so much about the earth element and the masculine powers inside of us and outside of us. The only balancing feminine energy is number 6. Number nine has fire and is connected to activation of our individual life mission, which will happen this month via our masculine powers, restructuring and organizing all the forms in our life – starting from the living space, till paperwork and whatever else is needing a new form and system. Number one carries with it an energy of setting boundaries for your own choices and happiness and learning how to stand on your platform, being supported by the inner feminine flow, intuition and softness.


Do not be hard on yourself. It will all result in number 7, which is the number for earth in the new time, carrying the message of being grounded, growing roots for where you need to be and reach out your branches wisely. Share your energy and time with places and people who are ready for something you have to offer and do not waste a second with others. Time is counted and in the new time we need to learn how to take the shortcuts by listening to our spirit’s commands.

Many times spirit is commanding us to walk on the edges, open up new horizons inside our outside of ourselves, dissolve some more walls around our inner heart and land in total vulnerability, which rests on the foundation of the true inner abundance. In that energy and essence there is absolutely no fear, as the inner masculine will offer the safety and love you truly need. If you do not have that kind of man in your outer external space right now, it is good to check in with your inner man. He is always there at home – in your heart. The problem is that most people do not not even know about its existence and do not communicate with that energy. I have discovered over the years that this energy has given me the guidelines how to find my external divine male partner and with the qualities it shared with me I knew what to look for.


One of the qualities of the new masculine is the gentleman quality. I stepped on to the flight from Anchorage to Fairbanks and there was a male steward, who followed me to my seat and lifted my bag up to the overhead compartment. Over the 16 years I have travelled constantly I have never ever experienced this. Wow. It almost swept me off my feet. The way he was enjoying his job and joking and being there for people was beyond anything I had experienced before. This is the true new time masculine man who knows that by doing that all the women in the plane were astonished and surprised and opened up to him in a split second. He did not want anything. He was just there in service. This way the man can become the hero for the women.

sailingactionThis month will put a lot of focus into our own inner relation to ourselves and everything outside of ourselves. In my new book (in the works) I explore the word ‘relationship’ and figured for me it has always meant – that the ship will sail away or sink. In the new energy we are moving into something I call ‘ a relation – shift’ which means that we will be shifting and growing all the time, and sinking is not possible in that case as everything what pops up will be embraced with love and consciousness and nothing can sink in that consciousness unless it is chosen consciously. This is where we are moving. If you can not really experience this outside of you yet, start to practise it with yourself. What does that mean?

mestretchinbedIt means living in complete vulnerability at all times. What does it mean? It means that the moment you meet a new person in your life you do not put 100% of your energy into securing that into a ‘safe way to be and not to be’ but create a field of space and energy where you can open your wings (which most people do not even know they have) and start to use them and fly over and sense the freedom inside.

What makes me really appreciate and love my new divine partner Michael?

Exactly that – I can fully be me where ever I am and I can also fly away at times and explore more who I am where my boundaries are and what works for me and what does not. It gives me also a possibility to reflect back to times when we were together as then I can see what we have in common and what is very different and how we can use these differences in a very conscious way so that it would multiply and amplify everything in our lives.

sailingIt is good in times like that to count all the blessings in the form of your talents and then see how to put them in works. If my strongest side is to develop products and write online material and courses – I can do that. If Michael’s gift is sales and marketing and business side of it, he can help me with that and we will both benefit. If I am a very good creative writer and he is a very good editor, we can both do our best parts and both will benefit. If I am a night owl and he is the morning person I can have times where I go into his rhythm and get more done because of it. Or live in a place where we have extra rooms, so I can stay up and let my creative flow come out of me till the morning hours and stay there, so his sleep will not be interrupted.


The problem with the old time energies and relationships has been that the focus has been too much of what we do not have and then amplifying and multiplying that by focusing on that.

Instead we need to see what we do have and how we can use it so it will complement each other and complete each other and how to make it fuse and melt. Many relationship sink in the old energy as they are too rigid on focusing on differences instead of looking at what can make things work better.

New time relation shifts are based on the balance energy. Not only that two people are balanced together, but that they work with themselves individually so that both are consciously balanced with their own self love as well their health and sexuality and fulfilling their life mission and taking care of their abundance and finances. Only then the strong new time relation shift can emerge, as then both come into the sharing of gifts and energies in full persons not with the expectations of the other fulfilling the holes.

wantrainvitecardIn the new time energy there is a new thing which will pop up and I feel very strongly that this may be also one of the focus points of this month. Which is that we need to look deeply into what is our life mission here on the planet.

We need to firstly make peace with our inner man and woman as only then the outer divine relation shift can create itself.

When we get ideas what our life mission is, the next step would be to find our twin spirit. Many times we may meet consciousness partners (terms by Anni Sennov) first (who prepare us for the ultimate relation shift). Twin spirit is someone who’s life mission matches with yours 100% or very close to it. You will both have energies in you, which help to strengthen each other and do your work on the individual level and then go to the global scale.

mexicopalmsusI feel that is the case with me after I met Michael. At the time when we first met about 1,5 years ago he was not yet ready to fully live his mission and be with me. He was at the time in a relationship, where living his full mission was not supported and possible. Spirit came in between and made corrections. On top of that mess he tried to really hold on to the comforts of the known mostly out of the habit, the spirit sent me to his path, actually carrying many qualities which were needed in his new life. How interesting is that?

Many times spirit may take some time to balance and prepare for the two power houses to come together in order to create together fully. The past needs to be cleared to the core in order for the new to rise from the ashes. We have been conscious and patient with the whole process. Now the first sprouts are coming out from the soil rising their heads and giving the new messages for the new future. Now we need to dare to take the challenges and fly with it off the edge and not only believe that our wings will carry us to where we need to be – but to know that this is the case.

Home assignment

During this month of July use your time and energy to clean the old from your life whether it is by cleaning your home or clothes or just changing your patterns or cleaning your paperwork. Go over also all your structures and systems, which is the important part of the earth element and the masculine this month.

true loveLook into options how you can take better regular care of your body and what does it need?

Maybe an extra massage or a delux spa experience?

How is your inner masculine doing?

What does he need from you? How is your outer masculine? If he is still not real out there what needs to be changed in your life that he could arrive? More space in your schedule?

More room in your apartment? What else? Connect truly with your earth element by spending lots of time in the nature. In most countries it is the summer time – so perfect to discover yourself and let the Mother Earth embrace you and your being and listen to her personal whispers which road to take next.



I am Crystal Ra Laksmi. I have had no home base since 2011 April. I have not been homeless since then. I found out that my home is truly in my heart and wherever I find a place and people where it starts to sing as it does what it loves – that is where the home is at that moment. I am kind of like a turtle – carrying my home with me, but not on my back, but in my heart.

Right now just arrived from Alaska to New York and feeling deep gratitude how the universe works. If you give all the best you can to the world, it will give back to you in multitude of ways. I would have not been able to be here without that extra support. I am grateful to the energies and people and knowing that without systems and structure none of that would have been possible.

You can dream about going some place but till you have the ticket it is still just a dream. So make this month a real stepping stone to that dream, but taking action and making it closer to manifest into a form which feeds your spirit and nourishes your body and being.

Life is an adventure, but till you step out, it will just remain a dream. Go out there and smell the roses, climb the trees and kiss the Mother nature – by looking up to the stars – seeing them as your distant friends blinking an eye to you – supporting your earthly journey to your true self.

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