Weekly Keys – 22nd – 29th of Dec – Stepping fully into your Abundance Ocean!

moneysuitcaseDuring the last years I have experienced abundance from the inside out and outside in. I have lived with multimillionaires, I have been pretty rich myself and also moved completely to another polarity where I have lived basically without money or with people who are very poor, but who are abundant and rich on many other levels. To experience all of that inspired me to think more about the abundance and this holiday topic will be on that topic as this is one of the main keys to the new life on this planet.

Christmas time is the time, where most of the world celebrates it with gifts and parties. There are very many people on this planet who do not have anything to eat during that day, not to talk about the gifts. For them the blowing wind and shining sun and clear drinking water is the gift, if even that.

All the people are completely different on this planet. How they behave and think will be programmed from different cultures, families, schools and societies. One very important part of this programming is the program of abundance or poverty. The way these will be expressed will vary from one end to the other.

The energies right now challenge us all. I know very many people right now, who whatever they do or not are struggling financially. Somehow the money leaves faster than comes in. Why is that? It is partly created by the spirit, as the spirit is testing our core values and reprograms it all.

casa 2 balconyviewI dreamed about living on the beach, in such a way that I could have a view from my room to the ocean and the palm trees. When I experienced this, I understood, that I left out very many super important details. Every detail creates an experience. What and how, depends our situation and spirit lessons which patterns the spirit wants to clear right now. Money is sometimes a very important detail in creating that experience.

Think back in your life and recall the times when you made some really important choices in your life. Was this choice made because you thought you could not choose anything else, as you did not have money for that or you could not afford that?

Choices based on poverty

Every time when your choice was based on the poverty consciousness from the mindset that you can not afford something, you start to create it on the foundation of poverty. Every moment from that moment on will create more poverty. But if you notice this right away, you will be able to change this. But in case you have built your new castle fully on that, you can be sure, that in one moment it will all collapse into pieces.

This is the way the spirit is following us detail by detail so that we would move from the generation of survivors’ to the ‘infinity generation’. In the latter you make choices by following your heart’s choice and it will create possibilities, which are nurtured and fed by the abundance consciousness.

The new time energies do not like old systems, which are built on the poverty consciousness. That is why many systems are in chaos right now and collapsing, as these are built on the poverty or to the negative power or ego, control foundation. If we resist that change, then the spirit will kick us to different environments and people, who are part of the reprogramming program.

Choices from abundance and courage

When in the other hand we chose through the resonance of the heart, so even if this is not creating millions to our bank account, it will create abundant possibilities and experiences, which are priceless.

For example I manifested my last three trips to Hawaii this way, when I spent 3 months at the time there. My mind was saying – you are are crazy – everything is so expensive there!!! But every time the magic and following my heart managed to create new possibilities which were beyond all of my expectations. When I had tried that three times, I understood it works, and I do not have to repeat it again this way.

Money fights

Last week I experienced that if someone comes to demand something from me, especially if this is about the money and agreements, which that particular person has changed without discussing it with me, that I instead fighting against it, could just offer that money and in additional something else she or he needs. When I was accused to create more trouble because of my choices, I turned the whole system upside down and showed how I maybe on the contrary helped to avoid many troubles in the future and actually save money and to be more clear in her future agreements. Everything is a co-creation.

I stepped out from a very old pattern – to go along with accusations, fight against it and protect myself and create a bad disappointment energy, where things will hang in the air for years. When I put my sword down, stepped towards the person and said: ‘You see I can give you a hug, money and also some services if you wish’, it was a huge surprise. I became conscious of my pattern and I had transformed it.

Home assignment

What if during the holiday time you all think back to all of these people, who you need to forgive, go through a hooponopono session and would even send them a warm Christmas card? What if you would ask forgiveness and thank them for that experience? Would that be a good gift to yourself?

1tacosDifferent kind of abundance

When we drove through the South West Mexico towards Ixtapa, I experienced and saw villages and people and families, who did not have much. They cooked in their street counters and smiled at me with lightness.

When our guide’s friends offered their roof top for our camping or the cold shower to wash off the salt from our bodies or just hang around on their property, I saw abundance in it, in a way which I have never seen before and never valued before. Abundance was in a gifted wave by other surfers, in a chance to contribute to the cause of the trip.

1mestefansandyriverWhen everything got shared without measuring the millimetres. When my friends here live a simple life and offered me a chance to be their guest till they leave and then take over their house – I felt I had arrived home.

I now know that abundance is in my every breath and it has no price tag on it. I know that when I am full of abundance inside, then it will also manifest outside.

What is abundance for me?

Abundance is in the smile, which comes from the heart, when the warm hand is patting you on the shoulder as you have been very good and does that with the heart. Abundance if when someone offers you an ice cream with a friendly smile, without putting it into the ‘own you’ list.

crystalsmellAbundance is when someone is gifting you something from their heart, without counting the cents. Abundance is in the knowing that there is enough of everything and there will be more. Abundance is when you always give and never count your gifts as you know that the universal account has the overview and everything will come back to you not only in tenfold, but even more as you deserve it! You just need to receive it!

1waterlilisAbundance is in kindness and caring emotions. Abundance is in consideration with others. Abundance is when your wallet is empty and your friend invites you out and buys a dinner. Abundance is in the friend who allows me to work in his warm pool with my client. Abundance is in the question how I am doing, not because of politeness, but real caring from the heart. Abundance is when every moment uplifts you.

Abundance is when you will be invited to sail, as it is boring to do that alone and to do it together would be more fun. Abundance is when I can connect many people with different wishes and needs into one big present whether it is a sailing adventure or road trip. Abundance is in giving what you have and what you have not. Abundance is on every level – love, time, attention, money, hugs, embraces and a home made cake. Abundance is in people who are always happy to see you and adventure,- create and also face the challenges with you.

11crystalsurfupAbundance is in when you lie on your surf board somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, feeling the last sun rays touching you on your sunburned face and feel the body warm ocean water caressing your toes. Abundance is in opportunity to pick up a coconut from a palm tree every day and drink its nurturing liquid.

Abundance is in Mexican dogs barking and different village bars playing music and the only possibility to fall asleep is to use earplugs or earphones. Abundance is in taking the friend’s dog for a walk, to refresh in the ocean. Abundance is in that, when your friend gives you half of the library or old things or clothes as he or she has no need for them any more.

Abundance lives in the now and being where there is gratitude and presence.

11crystallauagaI am Crystal Ra Laksmi. My last 14 years with the adventures in different foreign countries I have learned that abundance and fortune lies in me and that is where everything starts. I am as abundant as I allow myself to be from the inside. The inner and outer reflect each other.

 Within the last years I have learned, experienced and value not the monetary abundance – when I have shared my healing sessions with my healing friends or shared other services and opportunities. I have learned to live without owning anything and also learned that it is possible to live on this planet without the money. It is all the matter of choice.

It is a fact though that money makes the wheels go around and when it is handed to a conscious person, it will make the wheels turn powerfully. If someone would give me the villa on the beach with pools and the rest of the necessities, I would have the business up in couple of weeks, where people could change their water problems and fears and the rest and start their life anew. Sure I would need some business administration help as well powerful marketing.

But if the spirit is not giving that right now, it may be not the right time for it and I have to learn the lesson of patience and other lessons. I am surrendering and learning. I will once again step into the black hole and the free fall of not wanting anything or anyone. Because from nothingness something will be born.

I understand now that abundance is energy and it is how I look at things, how I perceive them and accept them.

1yelapatogetherI hope that this blog entry inspired you during these holiday times. As I mentioned earlier, gift to your loved ones an emotion or an adventure instead of money and things. This will never expire and creates joy, which is one of the most important keys for the change on this planet.

You can also by them a money magnet number one from my site here, so that they can meditate and create more adventures and their dream life here! This little meditation has given people many miracles according to their wishes and beyond. Try it out!