Monthly keys – Grounding February through the male energies


As some of my big blog fans from Estonia gave feedback asking me to continue to produce my weekly keys, I am trying to find the golden middle path here and maybe post once a month some of my thoughts for the next month.

I base my stories mostly on the new time numeorology, as well some of my observations from my adventures. As I have got most feedback from the Estonians, I will translate the keys into English only when the time resources allow it.

Men aspects

0michaelviking 2This year’s February carries with it a number 11 as well 2 (2016 is a 9 and February is number 2 = 11=2), which in the new time energy carries a very strong male energy. As this has two number ones, it has a hidden two male aspects. Everyone could do a little evaluation of their lives, to find out who are those two men in their life or nearby who support the full being of the self. 

If you have in your life two weak men right now, who pull you down with them, then think what can you do, to start to rise up and point them to another direction as well?

Being you number

Number one in the new time also is the number of being totally grounded in who you are. What could you do so you could set your boundaries more for yourself and others around you? 

pagemountainsEarth element month

According to the new time numerology, this is the month of the earth element, so it is a time to take care of your earthly business – papers, payments, material stuff, selling your stuff. It is really wise to pull yourself together and move some material things even when it feels uncomfortable and not on the top of your priorities.

If you do not know how to do it yourself, manifest two strongly grounded men into your life (does not matter if you are a man or a woman) who would be ready to support you on your path and contribute to you on that level. If you do not do it, then the universe will organise it for you, so that it will pull some things apart through your male aspect. Be careful and notice it!

As this leads us to number two, which is the messenger of the old survival mode, then all the old patterns, which are not serving our life, will start to cleanse itself. You should let these go with ease.

Men’s balance

The whole world would be in a better state, if men would be grounded in themselves and consciously present, so they could support women and then women could contribute to men their amazingness.

But most men are not there yet, so the women need to really guide them and give them some ideas how they could get their grounding in place, so that it could help women around these men.

taurusmountainsWhat do I mean by grounding?

Grounding is in a man’s confidence being himself and being set with his targets, dreams and goals. He is a real gentleman in all of its aspects and he is here so that he could support everyone who comes to his path, but doing so consciously. When the man is grounded, then he has no fear and no hunting energy. He is totally in his own energy and usually has found his life mission, what he fulfills very eagerly. He has integrated his inner and outer feminine energy with his male energy. Most women will sense it and these men are much more attractive to women than the macho hunters.

Grounding is also in having the financial and material things in order. This means where and how he lives, how neat it is, what kind of vehicle is he using to get around, what kind of numbers he has in the bank. How many numbers, does not matter, what matters is that he works with it and manages it so that it grows all the time, so that he can add value to himself and to the world. 

5HIKEtreeGet some roots!

As January was the month of the water element, then now we need to get our roots down and see what is next. What is that something, which would be the red line for the whole year to pull it together? 


If you want to balance the masculine energies, it is very important to notice, that when we are angry, nothing can be received. Does not matter whether it is money, peace or love. Men and women both should work consciously to dissolve anger and find the roots to the anger.

This helps to build a new platform to the receiving energies, which is the key to the whole month of February and its transformation.

The energies of hunting and surrendering

The other big energy, which is really leading this month is to witness and sense the energies of hunting and surrendering. If we hunt something or someone, we push things away from us. If we surrender, we pull things to us. This is actually all about the different poles of the magnets. What we focus on, that happens – the pushing or pulling. It does not matter whether it is the partners, colleagues, parents or children or money and poverty. This is a very simple key, which can completely change your life. 

Number two

This number has balance in it. A woman is someone receiving a man into their womb, as well is the energies. When the woman is in place and in balance, then she can be the grounding container for the man. When the woman is flowing and blossoming, then the man can become the grounding platform for her and then life becomes a flower. So simple – isn’t it?

Home assignment

Go through all the keys in this article and find out how these work in your life and what needs to be changed so it would? Give me feedback and share your results here. 

mercrystalI am Crystal Ra Laksmi. My key number one is to take time for myself. It does not matter whether I am in half knee depth of snow or sand, what counts is that I am having my time with me, where I can listen to my intuition and my heart’s whispers, which help me to create a new reality with flow and if possible share it with the world.

What would happen to each reader if you would take at least 1 hour of your time every week, so that you could sit or lie and listen to your inner messages? You would need to turn off your TV, close your computer down and close the door to your room, turn off your phone, so that the outer silence would help to listen to the inner. Because this is where all your deeper treasures are hidden. 


If you are interested to order a personal skype coaching session with me or a numerology session, let me know.

2 thoughts on “Monthly keys – Grounding February through the male energies

  1. Wonderful post, Crystal. So true. It is vital we listen to our inner being. Thank you for reminding me. Have a wonderful week. Enjoy your deeper treasures, as I will mine.

    • Thank you Joylene for your comment. What was the most amazing was the realisation for myself was that if we are angry we can not receive. Wow. That changes quite a bit! Enjoy your treasures this week! Many hugs!

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