Reconnecting with myself through a virus in Hawaii!

A wonderful stretch in my favourite Botanical Garden on the island – it feels to me like I am Alice in the Wonderland there;)

What happens when I try to go to bed early and sleep like regular people – 8 hours? My mind is usually so active in the evening and night time that it takes sometimes hours to slow down and in the end I end up still with 6 or 5 hours. But today I had a wonderful shamanic journey while slowing down my brain. I will share here with you.
I have not updated my blog for quite a long time. I am so sorry. The reason is that  I am so overwhelmed by so many tasks, projects and things on my to do list (and believe me my time management is under too much control at the moment!).
Writing for me is a spiritual time or reconnection and creativity time for myself. When the obligations suck me in I often times lose a desire to write. But today I will as I had a wonderful journey I would love to share with you all.
I know I have to make some changes in my life and choose some new commitments for my self-love so that my own time for my creativity gets also nurtured more.

Right after our 7 days ISTA training here in Hawaii (International Sacred Temple Arts) I have had many really powerful dreams. I work with my dreams a lot recently.
One of these was that I was on the 10th floor of a building here in Hawaii, looked like Oahu actually and there was a huge wave coming. Super huge, but I knew I would be okay on top of that building. I was just worried about all the surfers out there as it seemed to wipe these people away completely…
Before the wave part appeared I was in a cellar and there were zones there. In one part it went over to a radiation zone and there were no signs about it but I sensed it and stopped before stepping into it. The zombie type of beings were not very happy about it but they could not come to my side…. 
The wave I saw may mean my feeling of overwhelm at the moment with my tasks, but still caring about people (the surfers) and the zombies – that there is a zombie zone and even though they are there, I am protected and guided by my inner guidance. 
Often times we do not think much about our dreams, but our dreams can be our best friends and messengers and can help us a lot. During ISTA training I saw a dream with someone from the group and it actually delivered a message for that person through my dream! This is called a collective dreaming.

Picture from the internet.

But this evening I went to a spiritual canoe ride with the Hawaiian God Kanaloa. I also did not know that he was considered as a God of the Underworld and a teacher of magic. 
He has been my favourite guardian and helper for some time now and has been teaching me also how to steer an outrigger canoe together with my human steers people here in Hawaii.
Kanaloa is often times connected to an image or appearance as an octopus or squid. Only now I realized how he may have been guiding me as well – even while I was in Mexico since 2013 – 2017 as I stayed in a cultural center called – El Jardin de Pulpo – or Octopus Garden. This was the place where I met Michael in 2014 who is a sailor as well. This connection I just made this moment. How cool! There is magic in that!

Picture credit to Ancient Hawaii.

Kanaloa took me to a secret place and there I was taken into a healing chamber today. Different processes were done and run on me in the spiritual realm and I had so many helpers working on me that I was so amazed. It was nice to receive. I realized how much I give to others all the time – even if not directly then indirectly.
At one point I was embraced by Mother Gaia and then turned on my back and floated in the sacred warm pool which was covered with sacred plumerias and orchids.
The perfume was almost too strong to inhale. On the other side I had Kanaloa watching out for me while Mother Gaia was floating me. I felt the safest I have ever felt.
It felt so good as a water therapist I almost never get floated myself. I may float hundreds of people per year, but never get floated myself. It felt so good and I felt melting. While in this complete surrender and relaxation I understood how little I give myself exactly that.
I am the real warrior woman who produces, fights her fights and is ‘on’ all the time. I give myself very little time to be fully ‘turned off’ from obligations and expectations. It is about time to start to put this into my calendar!
I started to get other insights and confessions what my spirit shared with me. The problem is that I do not really take enough time to listen to it. Today we had another coaching session with our High Performance Coach and one of the things what came out was that I should do more regular meditations and in a committed way.
Today I did meditate during my lunch break and took a nap like this cat on the cat couch.
I started to hear different new sounds, notice the world behind worlds and also change my focus a little bit. So I guess sometimes we need to get a virus and completely sick so all you can do is to lie down so that we could reconnect to ourselves on so many new levels again.
My spirit also told me what are the reasons I am sick and how I can avoid it in the future. How I can prevent myself and my health in such a way that I will be strong at all times. One of the main keys is to give yourself time to be weak, to be vulnerable and also feel good about it and not shy to share it. I am amazed how much more love I have received since I started to practice it. It is really nice to also see who truly cares about me. Today I had a wonderful dolphin friend sending me distant healing;) <3  
I hope this journey sharing was inspiring for you as well.
Share with me underneath this post:
How often do you meditate or go for some inner journeys?
Is that your regular practice?
What are your results? 

Crystal clear Crystal Ra and now also Wailani (one of my Hawaiian names).

I am Crystal Ra Laksmi-Ditton – a healer, entrepreneur, filmmaker, energy coach, retreat leader, world traveller, adventurer and explorer and so much more… I am happy to be on this planet and that I can share my journeys with you all. I live my dreams on so many levels while living here in Hawaii with my beloved husband and spirit mate Michael. This year will be a game changer for me as I am taking my first steps to fully start my spiritual work here in USA as I am a complete legal alien here now. I am so excited to see where it can take me and us with Michael and how we can contribute more of our gifts to the world!

Thank you for reading and may aloha always be with you!
With love and aloha,
Crystal Ra from Hawaii

Aloha from the motor cycle ride in Hawaii!

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