To the most special man on planet Earth – Michael Ditton – for our anniversary!

I had no idea as a little girl that my whole life would partly be a preparation to meet my king Michael from California one day. Every breath I took, every step I made, every person I met, place I went and all of it was guiding me towards him. What an exciting adventure! How many times I had to go completely down and how many times I was about to completely give up!!!  But somewhere deep inside I still had hope and knew that something special will happen. Sometimes fairytales become  real… 

On the 11th of August we will celebrate our first anniversary here in Hawaii and I will do a little look back to the past year together. I will look at what I have learned about Michael and how it has changed me and my life and what my readers could learn from it.

It has been a very special year as we have lived mostly here in Hawaii. During the last months we spent some time in Estonia.

This year taught me that Michael is a man who will never give up. No matter the circumstances, he will push through. Now he is listening more and more to his intuition so that instead of pushing he can actually flow through the obstacles.

Understanding where the challenge or roadblock is, he observes what to do next and figures out the point of least resistance and only then moves forward. This is something I would call optimizing your options and Michael is really good at it. I am learning that from him.

I learned during this year that Michael is a really good shopper. All the main grocery shopping is done mostly by him as he knows all the best deals, ways to go around, so that every time we come out of the store  it is with 40 – 50% of savings in what we bought. This saves a lot of money especially if you are living in Hawaii, where one basket of food may cost 100 dollars or more per visit. I really picked good!

Happy adventure King;)

I learned that Michael is very caring and while I had some weak moments while going through my immigration process, he was there supporting me every step of the way and not giving up and helping me to look at things from the bright side. I discovered that Michael is really good at that. He always sees another angel.

I learned that we can actually have a daily, weekly and monthly routine and that it actually feels good for a while. Then our adventurers inside get itchy and we need to go out again and explore. I figured that we have similar characters on that level. I also got the knowing from deep inside that because of our life missions we will always travel.

Michael taught me more about systems, structure and budget. In preparing for the summer events in Estonia he was beside me and supporting me every step of the way. There were moments where I was about to give up. It was too much and so overwhelming to deal with it as I was the only person in the family speaking Estonian and a lot was on my shoulders. But once we were in Estonia and everything was rolling, it was so worth it. We had to readjust and once we did it things were flowing even better than planned.

I learned with this year that Michael is a really good team player and that we are a good team. He is a structure and system guy, I am the flow girl with full intuition in action. Put these together and you have a winning team. While in Hawaii I was mostly in the ‘house wife role’ and doing the online classes online as my job while Michael went out to the field to work in different places. In Estonia it was the opposite – I was out on the field a lot working like a true work horse and Michael was the house husband. We can switch roles as needed. The most enjoyable was when we were both working at the same time. I know we can create more of those moments.

Family in Estonia – me, Michael, grandmother and my sister with her twins.

That moment when my grandmother (soon 92 years old) looked into my eye and patted on Michael’s shoulder and said – you picked good Crystal – gave me so much. I am so happy that Michael got to meet my grandmother and see where I come from. We were in tears saying good bye to her as we do not know how much longer she has on this planet.

During our trip to Estonia we activated both of our individual and global life missions on a completely different level. It was so exciting to do live events together, to talk to people, inspire them and offer them another point of view.

It was amazing to see that I was able to touch so many more people together with Michael than I would ever had just alone. In this process I had to remind myself many times that I am not carrying all the load alone, that we share it and we can help each other. As a very masculine and independent woman it was quite a challenge. All these years  I have been to Estonia, I have done it all alone. Now I could ask someone to do something, to help me with something. A whole new level.

Our event during this year’s tantrafestival in Estonia.

My dream came true. I dreamt about a man with whom I could do my work together and in such a way that it would also activate both of our individual life missions as well our common global one together. I was surprised that it actually worked. 

I learned during this year even more that we have a relation without drama. If there is something where we disagree or where our views or opinions differ we will figure it out and communicate. I learned that Michael is a super communicator. Even if I sometimes may close down, he will find a way to come and open me up with his kind words and presence.

Michael has brought out the wise woman in me and instead of reacting emotionally to things I now also know how the wise woman would act and what would he do so that I can please and help my husband. It has been a real pleasure to experience this.

Michael’s family in Palms Springs

I learned during this year that one of the reasons Michael is a true king is his childhood and the way his dad and mom raised him with good manners, values and caring.

During last Christmas Michael’s sister’s husband died because of the 2 years battle with cancer and we were lucky enough to be there when that happened. I witnessed a true caring and loving family coming together in such a hard time and supporting each other. I had not experienced it like that before with any other of my partner’s family. That was really something very special. It touched me very deeply. I felt so included, cared for and loved.

I learned during our time in Estonia that my husband is even more tantric than I thought. He has found his true calling and passion and I do all I can to support him with that. I know he has healing hands and touch and also some energy healing abilities which he has not yet opened. I am happy to guide him to use it more.

I learned during this year that Michael can really cook very well. His meals are delicious and very well thought through.

Michael did a huge gift for me in November last year. He saw that my old car was giving me so much trouble so that he decided that because of my safety he bought me a brand new car as a surprise. He was part of my magic process of mana-festing the car during that time. I was so happy as I got my car which I ordered – mermaid blue and brand new.

I experienced small love notes and gifts, flowers now and then from Michael as he knows that gifts are one of my love languages and he knows how to speak it.

I experienced a lot of bliss and ecstasy by being physically close and intimate with my husband. It is so fulfilling, calming and satisfying. We played, explored and expanded together.

It is truly a gift to be with someone you can connect and be together on every level – to talk about whatever you feel like, be physically intimate together, share our emotions, share our finances, dreams and build a new future together, talk about spiritual stuff and share some practices together, do work together, grow together, expand together, adventure together, have fun together, go through challenges together and on and on…

We were playing in the waves yesterday and I told Michael that I love him and how lucky I am that I have him. He said that he feel so lucky to have me and that he got me out of all these other men out there… That really touched my heart and made me feel special.

I also learned that Michael is not only a good sailor on boats, but also in life. He can tack well, or change the course if needed, readjust quickly and navigate well – in the darkness and light. I feel so safe and comfortable with him. So HOME.

I also think one of the reasons why I met Michael when I did was that I was so ready and I had worked on myself so hard, that I was getting clearer and clearer what would work for me and what would not. Even though this took another year to figure out while we already knew each other, it was definitely worth it.  Sometimes you need to let go to let God and then your true love will come back like a boomerang to you.

Visiting Wally in Escondido in California in August 2018.

I felt deep gratitude to my friend Wally today. Wally helped me during this difficult time when we were not very clear what and how we go about with Michael. Wally suggested that I should ‘park Michael’ like a car in the garage and when the time is right he will come back. It was really hard, but I did. Michael came back.

So I am grateful to Michael that he did not give up on love or on us so easily and once the clarity arrived he pursued me again. True love is amazing, but does not necessarily come easily. 

I was ready to fully receive him and true love as was he.

This is a reminder to all of those women reading this story at the moment who have not yet found their king or their partner and have lost faith in love. Do not lose it!

Keep working towards it and firstly fall in love with yourself. Start to play games what if you would have your partner. I played these games for years before Michael showed up. I practiced. I created an energy path for him to come. He got the call and responded. Things flew from there. I am so grateful!

Palms Springs celebration of our first anniversary.

I thought I knew what true love is. But came out that I did not. True love is the kind of love which does not disappear, which goes deeper and grows bigger with every breath you take, which is so strong that you can not break it and which is still ready to adjust and change.

We have also heard many people saying that when they look at our pictures they can feel that true love emanating from the pictures and that it soothes their soul and gives them hope to find their love and partner in life. 

Many times I have said that I feel I am very lucky that I found Michael or that he found me. But maybe it was not luck.

Maybe it was the stars who aligned us and it was our destiny?

Maybe every step of my life has been a preparation for this union?

Maybe we truly create meetings like these so that our spirit’s purpose could express itself in all of its aspects? 

I think that thanks to the fact that I have now a man who is a  true mature King, I am a better woman and I can also give and share more of what I am and can to the world and this is one way to change the world.

Live a happy life in harmony with myself, with my husband and co-creating together a new future for ourselves and the planet. 

Thank you dear Michael, my dear lover, partner, husband, friend and everything that you have been and done all what you are. You are a good example for me and other men and women.

May you always be blessed and protected, may aloha always blow into your sails and may we have many more anniversaries to celebrate together!

With love and aloha – your wife from Estonia<3,

Crystal Ra 

Photo: Jako Ülenõmm





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