To the most special man on planet Earth – Michael Ditton – for our anniversary!

I had no idea as a little girl that my whole life would partly be a preparation to meet my king Michael from California one day. Every breath I took, every step I made, every person I met, place I went and all of it was guiding me towards him. What an exciting adventure! How many times I had to go completely down and how many times I was about to completely give up!!!  But somewhere deep inside I still had hope and knew that something special will happen. Sometimes fairytales become  real…  Continue reading

Weekly Keys – 8th of June till 15th of June – Mexico Reset

mexicoThis week’s keys talk about my reset in Mexico for the last 2 years. In order for me to reset, I had to unplug to get plugged in again. It has been a challenging, but exciting journey. Without my courage and ability to listen to my intuition, I would have not had that and most probably not been on this planet any more. Mexi-Go, was a kick ass go for me. We will see where it gets me next.  Continue reading