Summary of the Holistic Abundance Challenge with a Surprise!


Today we finalize the challenge, check into statistics, what did I learn, what else is possible to co-create with me and some additional tips and final tasks for you to do. To top it off you have a wonderful surprise which ties together my beautiful journey with my Inner Family. Watch, share with at least 5 people the whole Holistic Abundance Challenge here and like!

Thank you all who you joined and helped me to co-create this beautiful experience and invest some more Holistic Abundance into my Universal Holistic Abundance Account and give you some tips how you can start to do it as well! Till the next time!

This challenge will be made into a product later. Enjoy it free until you can!

May your life be Holistically Abundant Every step of the way!

Check out today’s video with the surprise here:

Check out a bonus video for participants here: 

Today we meet the SURPRISE – Michael – my husband, my co-creator and partner in life. He will share with us one of his personal experiences with the Inner Family as well one of our clients at the event in Estonia. How we have also discovered that our Inner Family’s are different and they have a right to be that. It is all about respect and figuring things out together as a couple.

Michael also gives tips how to overcome the main excuses people have – I do not have enough time, money, resources etc. He recommends to contact me for more tools if that is also your case – about time management, or start just with the little money magnet to get yourself going. When there is a will there is a way!

What I have learned with the Holistic Abundance Challenge?

  • It pays off to listen to your Inner Man and Inner Woman and implement the ideas right away even if you do not know how it all will come together in the end!
  • How to optimize everything in my life – from preparing my hair, make-up, to the whole process of also how to get all the videos up faster and easier each time.
  • Produced around 31 hours of material for FB and You Tube content.
  • Showing to all my clients and fans – that I am consistent, commitment and you can always count on me and if you need a guide, a coach for the rest of your life – I will be your fit!
  • Co-creating with all of you I managed to invest more abundance in the value of around 200 working hours, plus 31 hours of video content to my Holistic Abundance Account in the Universe!
  • Everything starts with your choice! Where there is a will – there is a way! Choose what you would like and see what you can do to make it happen? If you need more money – can you work more, activate more of your talents? What else is possible?
  • Go out, take action! This is the only way for things to change and become more visible.
  • Find out also who is your possible accountability partner or partners! It helps you to keep yourself on track and manifest your dreams faster!
  • Find supportive people, guides, coaches and spaces where you can freely express yourself and grow as well expand in a very supportive way! Find out local meet up groups, ask around about the local organizations etc.

Today’s tasks are here: 

1. Please be so kind and share with me your review of participating in the Holistic Abundance Challenge at my FB page here: 

Mention in the review – that you participated in the Holistic Abundance Challenge with Crystal Ra Laksmi-Ditton, what did you enjoy the most, what were your biggest ahaa moments, what changed in you and your life, how was it to work with me etc.

2. Take my Abundance Wheel and map your next 11 months how you will accordingly set targets for each topic. Who would be your accountability partner(s) on this journey? 

3. What committed choice can you do in connection to my offers to work with me? What is stopping you? How to overcome this? 

4. Share with me also your favourite 3 topics of the challenge?

5. What is the prize you will give to yourself and your Inner Family to reward for the beautiful journey you all did together? What would be a fun and amazing gift? 

Thank you all who you have been part of this Holistic Abundance Challenge!

The most popular topics of the Holistic Abundance Challenge were:

In You Tube: 

  1. Inner Family Meditation
  2. Intuition, Inner Woman and Holistic Abundance
  3. Four wheel drive for your successful life
  4. Sexuality, Inner Family, Holistic Abundance
  5. How to find your Spirit Mate


  1. Last Questions and Answers session (30th of January) 
  2. 4 Elements connections to Inner Family and Holistic Abundance
  3. Bad Relationships connections to Inner Family and Holistic Abundance
  4. Open Relationships connections to Inner Family and Holistic Abundance
  5. Auratransformation connections to Inner Family and Holistic Abundance
  6. Courage connections to Inner Family and Holistic Abundance

In total You Tube watch hours – 337 hours, Fb watch hours 378 hours within the last 31 days!

Your options to work with me are following:


  1. One on one discovery consultation – 1 hour live or online.
  2. One on one coaching session – 1 hour live or online.
  3. Auratransformation™ session – 2-3 hours (only live).
  4. Aura balancing session – 1,5 hrs live or online.
  5. Wantra water therapy session – only live in the pool or on land.
  6. New Time Tantra session – 1 – 2 hours in the water or on land.
  7. House clearing or energy clearing session (especially good after divorce, break up, move in, move out etc).
  8. Customized sessions according to your needs.

Group work: 

  1. Inner Family Coaching program for 4 months – starting in January (from 2021) or September every year. Right now there are still spots opened for this year’s group in February. If you are interested, let me know, so we can start the prescreening process. Usually done mostly online, but can also be done with personal meeting once a month with the rest of the distant homework.
  2. Attract More Abundance online program check it out here: 
  3. Abundance Wheel online coaching program – 5 months program.
  4. 4 S system online coaching program for 4 months – to activate your self-confidence with the ability to set boundaries easier and start to live more independently and freely.
  5. 4 V system online coaching program for 4 months – to activate your ability to create harmonic relationships and have conscious conflict resolution skills handy when you need them.
  6. Wantra Water therapy group classes, team building classes or adventure retreats. Need to happen in a warm heated pool, with possible salty water.
  7. New Time Time management here:
  8. Customized group or team work depending on your group’s needs.


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Thank you for your time and commitment.

May this next step make your life and this world better and may it be amazing!

May aloha always be with you,

Crystal Ra Laksmi-Ditton San Diego, California 

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Check out today’s tasks here: 

Holistic Abundance Challenge – Day 31 – Summary with the Surprise!





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