What to do with goals in the New Time Energies?


Many of you may have noticed that you can not set goals the old way any more. Today I share with you my approach and some tips and tools how to work with it in the New Time energies. Watch, like, share!

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My roadmap to New Time goal setting is actually to suggest to set directions or targets instead! This way it is more fluid and you can always also adjust it.

Goals were very old time masculine way of moving forward, mostly connected to your mind and the rational. Often times it was not okay to adjust or change the path. It was also mostly direct movement from point A to point B.

In the new time we are more interested to find targets or directions which are more adjustable, you can move forward and enjoy the process much more and be much more present. It is connected to the divine feminine and it is more of a process than just a linear movement from A to B.

In order to do it with more ease I shared in the videos my steps towards it.

  1. Find your Ultimate Dream. This is something which is connected to your talents and life missions. If you need to understand more what these are, check out my previous video about it here: 
  2. Write your self-declaration. How are the ways you would take care of you? Check out the Abundance Wheel video here to get a better overview of the topics which could be first ones on your list. 
  3. Figure out what are your values. Refer to your values when you make your choices. Your values and choices create the quality of your life. 
  4. Live your life with intention. Intention starts to shape your world according to your wishes. This is your shortcut to your life on your terms. 
  5. By starting to live intentionally you start to shape and influence the space around you. By doing that regularly you start to become the boss of your life and enjoy your life more. 

Check out my article about my journey to find my talents and my life missions after my Auratransformation here: 

Check out the Holistic Abundance Challenge here. 

Your tasks will be connected to all of these steps: 

  1. What is your Ultimate Dream? What talents and Life Missions turn you on? So much that you will weed out the rest in your life? Be aware that this will be a process and may take long time – at times even years!
  2. Write your self-declaration in detail. This is also a process. Be patient.
  3. What are your main core values you base most of your choices in your life? Notice how these create the quality of your life.
  4. What daily intentions can you set to influence your space in your life?

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