Overview of the Holistic Abundance Challenge

Here you can find a nice overview links to all the days during this challenge with added task sheets, additional resource links or PDFs and also FB live videos in You Tube format. Check it out and share with many! 

Day 1: What is abundance key number one?

Day 2: What is the connection between the Inner Man and Abundance?

Day 3: What is the connection between intuition, Inner Woman and abundance?

Day 4: Connection between the Inner Child and Abundance

Day 5: Connection between self-love and abundance

Day 6: How to find your Spirit Mate? Spirit Mate and Abundance connection?

Day 7: Questions and Answers sessions on different topics

Day 8: Mini introduction to Abundance Wheel and its connection to the Inner Family

Day 9: Connections between Sexuality, Abundance and Inner Family

Day 10: Four wheel drive for your successful life – Relations, Inner Family and Abundance

Day 11: Health’s connection to Abundance Wheel, Inner Family and Abundance

Day 12: Keys to your talents and Life Missions!

Day 13: Keys to Holistic Abundance in the New Time Energies

Day 14: Questions and Answers session

Day 15: Connections between Money Magnets, Inner Family and Holistic Abundance

Day 16: Connections to Fear, Inner Family and Holistic Abundance

Day 17: Connections between Wantra Water therapy, Inner Family and Holistic Abundance

Day 18: From Fear of Change to Embracing the Unknown

Day 19: Connections between Courage, Inner Family and Holistic Abundance

Day 20: Connections between Auratransformation™, Inner Family and Holistic Abundance

Day 21: Connections between Hawaii, Inner Family and Holistic Abundance

Day 22: Connections between Open Relationships, Inner Family and Holistic Abundance

Day 23: Holistic Abundance Challenge’s Questions and Answers session

Day 24: Connections between Love, Inner Family and Holistic Abundance

Day 25: Connections between Judgments, Inner Family and Holistic Abundance

Day 26: Connections between Values, Inner Family and Holistic Abundance

Day 27: Connections between 4 Elements, Inner Family & Holistic Abundance

Day 28: How bad relationships can stop your Inner Family’s Holistic Abundance Manifestation?

Day 29: Connections between Energy Work, Inner Family & Holistic Abundance

Day 30: Final Questions and Answers session

Day 31: Holistic Abundance Challenge Summary with a Surprise

Please join. Do the tasks daily. Share this with as many people as you can!

In case of interest for more personal connection and work with me, take contact with me here: 

Who is the Holistic Abundance Challenge’s Guide – Crystal Ra?

Crystal Ra is an internationally licensed AuraMediator™ (since 2007) and at the moment the only one working and physically living in San Diego all year round – doing this work.

Crystal Ra offers energy reading and guidance sessions directly from your auric field, new time energy touch therapy (indigo, crystal or golden energies), conscious body sessions guided by your own spirit, business consulting, water therapy Wantra™ sessions, Women’s healing circles and New Time Tantra sessions, aura balancing sessions, 4 element balancing sessions, rebirthing on land and water, space clearing, release the past sessions, conscious rituals, activating your true abundance, reconnecting to your voice sessions, social media management etc.

Fluent in several languages a world citizen by virtue of travel, Abundance Anthropologist Crystal Ra Laksmi-Ditton facilitates business and personal development coaching, courses, meetings, events worldwide offering tools and possibilities to live a more conscious and successful life on every level.

She choreographs lives, uniting spirit, body, and mind, weaving it with the four elements. Each client’s life is transformed from musical phrase to symphony and they shift from every day survival to thriving, meaningfully and profitably.

Crystal Ra has two higher university degrees from 3 world class universities – Oslo, Cape Town and Tromsø Universities and 2 degrees – a bachelor in social anthropology and a masters in visual anthropology. Crystal Ra has made 2 holistic documentaries. She is a true culture preserver wherever she goes.

She has been featured in Estonian media since 2005 regularly, also in radio and TV on several occasions. She has been also featured in several UK media outlets as well in one of the Dutch TV show. Crystal Ra lead her own radio show for several years in Estonia many years ago and is about to start her own podcast very soon. She was a freelancer journalist or contributor for several local women’s magazines as well spiritual media magazines in Estonia for years. She has participated in several international holistic fairs for many years and in summer 2018 she and her husband were two of the few international teachers at the Estonian ‘High on Life’ Tantrafestival. 

Crystal Ra is very innovative and has lead her successful online classes since 2010 and since 2013 written her blog in two languages regularly and helped many others to set up their social media accounts. Crystal Ra was one of the pioneers in spiritual self-development classes in Estonia since 2005.

Inspired by her sailor father, Crystal Ra’s destinations have included 30 countries and receiving temporary or permanent residence status in 4 countries on 3 continents which has given a rich experience of cultures and healing on a holistic level. There is more to be experienced in the future. Crystal Ra participates in communities that are open for her involvement in building new futures through several volunteer projects, movie making, ocean activism, cultural ambassador work and more. She is primed to impact on a global scale. It is her mission to inspire people to create the life of their dreams and quit just surviving.

Her education, together with her collection and study of healing modalities and experiences from around the world has allowed her to perfect a system of ‘organized tranquility’ to share with others. Working with people across continents and Globe for 20 years has given a wide variety of experiences and also the knowledge how to be respectful in every place and culture and how to approach people. This is one of the reasons why she is also part of the local canoe club as well dancing hula here in Hawaii. For the past 11 years, self-employed Crystal Ra has led courageous people on spiritual adventures and retreats which included – sailing, surfing, swimming with dolphins and hiking mountains, volcanoes and caves. The inner journeys during these retreats with Crystal Ra’s guidance have allowed clients to conquer fears, realize careers, and discover harmonious and abundant futures.

Crystal Ra has developed her own successful water healing modality WANTRA™ along with authoring several book projects. 

All of it is connected to the new time energies which guide her to make bold and courageous choices to lead others by example. The latest brave choice was in June 2017 when Crystal Ra moved from Mexico to Hawaii, the Big Island – where she married her spirit mate Michael Ditton shortly after. 

Crystal Ra travels whenever the spirit is calling her to share her gifts and talents. Her favorite destinations are Estonia, Norway, New York, Los Angeles, Mexico, but she is always opened to discover new places, people and cultures who are ready to receive her and co-create with her.

Happy adventurers – two mer people – Michael & Crystal Ra – united in spirit, mind and body!

Together with her husband Michael they have started a new brand called Infinite Activation which main focus is help people to understand how to create conscious relations and how to find your life mission and have more than enough abundance to fulfill your ultimate dreams.

Crystal Ra offers daily, weekly and monthly one-to-one coaching sessions, group workshops and consciousness adventure trips to different locations around the world. Each adventure being custom tailored.


Professional FB page: 

Wantra FB page: 

Infinite Activation Brand with Michael: 

Video from Estonian media recorded this summer of 2018 (partly in English):

Infinite Activation You Tube page: 

Crystal Ra Laksmi’s you tube channel: 

Till we meet – may aloha be with you!

Crystal Ra,

San Diego

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