Stepping into your own power

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Entrance from the end of April 2013

I just arrived from Akumel today (still in Mexico), where I had an amazing day’s adventure with a lady Julie Ann from Michigan, whom I met yesterday in Tulum. We swam with many sea turtles, saw some amazing manta rays and corals. Will write another blog about that later.

But just on my way home, some of the local dogs started to bark, one of them so bad, that started to come after me. I stayed in my power but it was about to bite me. I was surprised what was happening, as I was in a very good mood and in good vibes, unless I got some entity hanging onto me from the bus or smth.

Anyway I did some more steps and then suddenly turned back and hit my foot down on the ground and shouted to the dog to hold back and go back to his gate. I said it in a very nasty Estonian. Maybe the dog got shocked by it, or just totally got the point? It just ran away the next second.

When I walked further the whole village started to sound like a dog choir. Isn’t that interesting. It is really like a ripple!

I then asked myself what was actually happening? I got an inner answer. If you are not really in your power, you get situations like that to check on you. As I did what I did, it was fine, the power was there. I also have noticed recently that many children do that as well. They can be all whiny until you let them know how things are and where the boundaries go.

I thanked the dog, and knew that it is probably not so okay to walk during the night here, as the dogs are just protecting their properties as well.

So even a dog can contribute to us, if we are opened! Wow, thank you!