Weekly photo blog – the mermaid Luna

2stretchdance lunajumpcardCouple of weeks ago I had some Wantra sessions with my friends Stefan and Sandy. They also have a wonderful dog, called Luna. She was obviously also afraid of the water. While I was working with Stefan and Sandy and they got more connected and one with the water, so was Luna. I did some other magical words on her and invited her in. We did different tricks, so by the end of that day she was in the water with us, swimming.

Sandy and Stefan needed to travel and I volunteered to dogsit her. Today we had a nice walk to the marina and he assisted me nicely while I fixed another crack on my kayak. As a prize we went to the beach. She ran instantly into the ocean and stopped to wait for me. She started to swim almost instantly. If I was getting too far, then she was checking on me and wanted to rescue me immediately.

So suddenly the dog became a mermaid, without even noticing. She really enjoyed the swimming so much, going in and out that when we got home, she was so tired, that fell asleep like a baby immediately. It was so sweet to see how a dog’s life can also become transformed by water. I am so happy for her. So from now on I can offer Wantra for dogs as well. 😉 Thank you Luna for the experience!