Weekly keys – 12.01 – 19.01 – Jump out of the selfsabotage trap with your courage!

--11destiladerasboatThis week’s keys talk about the traps built by the self- sabotage, how to simplify your life, Estonia, communication and traveling.

Traps built by the self sabotage

I have observed recently how myself or my other loved ones stop themselves. We create situations, where it seems to have no exit. We may get into the loop like that on the roundabout and get trapped in that.

We need to take care in order to have more consciousness in our life on every level. When our consciousness is turned on fully, we can not get trapped in traps like that any more.

Why do we stop ourselves like that? Because we are afraid to live fully from our full consciousness and potential. What would happen if we would turn on both of these elements? The world would transform in an instant! People would live from the courage, not from the fear. Fear will take us in one way or another into a trap and limits us.

-11destiladeraspalmstoneSimplify your life!

Sometimes I get emails or comments about my lifestyle – where sometimes people complain saying – ‘you are so lucky – you do not have bills or loans to pay, no obligations, you are so lucky!’ But it is not luck, it is all to do with conscious choices.

I started to simplify my life in 2009, after my Hawaii trip when I understood that there are other options to live differently available. Simplification has happened in phases. Like in 2007 I moved from Norway to Estonia, only taking with me 7 boxes, as all the rest I sold or gave away. It was so cool to be in my new home, have the doors opened to my dresser and it was basically empty. As I lived in Estonia for 4 years and as I had several studios, I gathered several things, as we also were facilitating several courses. I am still simplifying some of these things out of my life and simplifying it.

When I left Estonia again in 2011, then I simplified my life once again to the tiniest detail. My company expenses used to be 4000 euros per month, but when I did my rearranegments, it turned into 400 euros or less per month. I sold my car, did everything I could to cash in as much as possible. I created my location freedom and started to take steps to find my new base. I am now having a clearer vision and understanding how it will come together.

pv amigos de la cruzI live a very simple life, my monthly expenses are all under my budget’s eye and I am always coming up with new ideas how to create new systems to sustain myself over some time. I live in the tropics, I have a very cool new family, I have amazing friends, I have my own place to stay, new job opportunities and I also have a kayak to adventure around on the bay. I am happier than ever and live in the eternal summer. I do not remember any more what is snow or minus degrees. My body is relaxed, tanned and very alive every moment.

If you have leased a car, you have to know that you can still sell it. If you have an apartment, you can make it earn you money, through all these new websites, for rentals from the owners type. You can also sell it or choose other ways to make it earn you money. If you are smart enough, you can create a job online, which would cover your minimum expenses and more than that.

In these times, when someone tells that they do not have a job or they are poor, it is all about laziness. It is all about starting to do it. If you are smart and observe what possibilities are there in your area, what your heart desires to create and what else is possible – you can create the new reality with your head, your brain and your two hands.

Here in Mexico, it is really cool, as you can see by the traffic lights how some people sell flowers, do tricks, or wash the car windows, in order to get some kind of income, instead of just sitting at home and complaining that there is no job and no possibilities.

Simplifying is connected to the air element, what is one of the main elements according to the new time numerology. Simplifying creates air, clarity and cleanness. When we have obligations, which are pushing us down, we need to make a little overview and think what we can change and how to make the life work for us, not the contrary.

 This week’s home assignment

Think about your life right now and ask what and how you could simplify, so that life would work for you?


I have often asked myself why did I choose to be born in Estonia?

As time goes by I understand it more and more. Growing up in Estonia has made me a very strong, smart and persistent woman and even when I am outside of my country, I will manage any time. It has turned me into a woman who can turn every situation into a solution. Most places where I travel, they do not really know much about Estonia. I am also the natural promoter for Estonia. Estonia does not warm me any more, but it will warm my memories, and I love the Estonian summers with the long days and nights. I love my loved ones, who are still living there and I also love the Estonian simplicity, smartness and innovativeness. It has helped me everywhere. Sometimes I am very proud to be an Estonian – from such a small country, but so well functioning in so many ways.

Why is it so that many Estonians want to leave Estonia right now?

 Many have financial targets. The Estonian minimum salary can hardly cover your living costs, as also most of the prices are equal to other European Union countries, even though our salaries are far from it. This makes a smart person to stop and think.

Is this life if I go to work every day 8 hours, money is enough just to buy food and get the roof over my head?

Is that life if I live in a climate where there is almost not much sun for 9 months and where most people are not happy with their life chronically expressing it towards the others?

Is that life if you are most of the wintertime inside or just in the gym, as there is no snow for you to ski on?

Is that life?

This is life for only those who would love to live their life like that. But those who know that the other way is possible too, create differently and according to their choices.  Maybe they will buy a land in the tropical country, where they create their own fruit garden, build a little house to live in, attach some new time technology to it – like how to collect the rain water, how to connect to the solar power. If we do that consciously, we create environments, where we live from abundance and choices done accordingly instead of lack and discomfort. Someone may also choose to move in to an eco village.

Estonian writer Tammsaare, said that ‘work, sweat and pain brings you love’, but this slogan is not valid any more. The new time youth are very clever and understand that they would not like to live like their parents did. Now it is the question how much we are ready to listen to our youth, who holds the key to the future in their hands and heads.

That is why I call everyone to delete and dissolve all the national beliefs or patterns which you have consciously or unconsciously and that you create the new according to your own choices and needs. It may be a little change, but can create a domino effect and create new results accordingly .

--11beachpalmsdestiladerasIn the New Time Energy all the people will choose their suitable environment to live. Many may start to look for their ‘tribe.’ It can happen that many people start to travel more, in order to find that place. This year’s number is 8, which is through the air element an inviting year for traveling.

What would it be if every reader would think about your life without any limitations and road blocks, would you live in the same place and the same way like now? If not, then what can you do to change that? What would be your dream place to live?

The year of communication

This year’s number is 8 and it would also bring the attention into communication. More clearer and conscious it is as well respectful, more clarity it gives to the results. It would be better to discuss things from eye to eye, but if that is not possible, then every word you are going to use, should be thought through carefully before writing it down.

Conscious communication will be the main key of this year. It can create new opportunities and results and towards your life mission. It is important to be in yourself and in your consciousness in order not to miss the chances!

--crystalbushsmallI am Crystal Ra Laksmi. During the last 14 years I have searched for my home and happiness and love. I have traveled to many places and countries (+26). When I stopped hunting and searching, I got all what I needed, but even more and even in the better form than I could imagine. The golden rule – if you are not chasing your tale, it will follow you wherever you go! I am so to say a cat who walks alone, but moves the tale so that it will follow me too.


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