Weekly Keys – 19 – 26th of January Surfing on your platform in the ocean of change

---00kayakteamThis week’s keys focus on the changes in the new time, what to do with wanting, how to stand and surf on your own platform, wanting money, giving and additional topics for January.

New time changes

In the old time, things were happening very slow. In the new time everything goes in tact with spirit. More time passes, faster everything goes. This 2015 is a huge year of changes, especially because we are dealing with the air element and a year of fast change. Previously it would have maybe taken some months or years to get over something, it will happen now within days or hours.

The collective patterns from the old energy were assuming what you needed to do in certain situations. If someone is doing something which is against this pattern, it will create a lot of judgment for them, who are not used to the quick changes of the new time and cooperative with it. More and more each one of us is training to adjust quickly to the changes and flow with it, more we are able to create ease and flow. More we hang onto the old, harder everything is moving. In order for us to have soft and flowing new changes it is very smart to listen to the spirit and its guidance.

As I have suggested earlier, the guidance can come through signs, events, but we need to know how to read them. Practice makes perfect. The messages and signs can come from advertisement or even as the conversation you may overhear from the people passing by or something what is going on right that moment.


It is important that all of the changes, what we choose for the future would be chosen from love and in cooperation with the heart. In the new energy it does not work any more to choose from money focus – I am going to do this – then I will get a lot of money and then I do this … style. In the new time I perceive that the new energies and spirit have the focus on us choosing what makes us happy.

If you do not quite know what that is, it is really good to check it out with a home assignment. I have also suggested it earlier, but not sure how many of you actually did it.

Home assignment

Take from your life 30 days when you do not want anything or anyone. Make notes and see what happens by the end of the 30th day.


Why is wanting such a crime? Because it will push everything away from us. What else is happening right now is that we should also learn how to put a full focus on ourselves and our happiness and wellbeing and joy. This will bring energies into your center and back to your platform and creating from that will create balance, harmony and activates the inner magnet, which will actually pull into our life everything you need with ease. After this it is important to believe in yourself and surrender to the spirit and give the lead to it, so that the best essence would reach us.

11crystalsurfupStanding on your own platform or surfing on it

This year’s main focus point is to fully learn how to stand on your own platform and not only, but also how to surf on it. What does it mean? It means that we could express freely, what do we need and how and what works for us and why and if not, why and what can be changed.

I experience with myself and others who are close to me here, how the universe collaborates in different ways, to make it happen. But it is super important that we all learn how to set our boundaries without fear. It would be easier if you add to the end of your sentence: ‘ This does not mean, that I do not like you, or you are not important to me, but I have to take care of me and my well being and when I do that, then I can give you more as well.

moneysuitcaseWhen you want money, it will push it away

It is an interesting experience during the last months here, that when I want money, then my agreements will get cancelled. When I do not want money, then people will find me themselves, they will look for me, so that I could make sessions with them. Till this day I do not have a single flier out there about my services. This is a total universal marketing, which shows how we can make business happen in the new time with different techniques.

 It is important to talk to the money energy as to a friend, who would be present with care and would give us what we need and even more according to our level of receiving.

--melolaGiving because you want something

Old time patterns will also be cleaned with this topic. If you do something voluntarily, but you have the expectation to get back something particular, then the universe and spirit will put things into place. In this situation complications will be created and everyone who is involved should check where their boundaries are and where to draw the line. It is also important to see what needs people have and how to co-create and solve it together. Clear agreements  and clearly expressed wishes are very important to make it function in the flowing way.

People who function still from ego, will hit their head on the wall, as they function from the rationality and mind. If that person has not yet weaved and integrated the new time energies, then the mind is functioning as a separate unit. The new time adult integrates the spirit with the mind where the spirit will take over slowly. This is firstly a bit scary experience, but as time goes by, it can be done more with ease. It feels like you are on the sailboat, where you have an experienced captain behind the wheel. This is what our spirit energy is for sure.

Today I got a little feedback, where it seems that all what I have experienced within the last 6 months, has paid off as I am softer, more attentive than before. It was also helpful to work on my interpersonal skills.

00meseahorseTopics for January

This year’s January has another topic which is number 9, which means to finish the old circles. Everything what does not work any more, needs to be cleared out. It does not matter whether it is a house which is out of order, or cupboards full of trash, or relations which are not functioning. Everything must be cleaned. If you do not do it yourself within this month, then the spirit will come and create emptiness within a month. This may be uncomfortable and sudden. That is why it would be smart to prevent that and prepare accordingly.

This month is also the month where your life mission will be activated. Make a list of everything what you can, what skills you have, what talents you have and what you would like to do in our everyday situation. Put it all together and see how you could choose something from this list and integrate it into your daily routine.

crystalhappyI am Crystal Ra Laksmi. I have learned how to surf in the emotions as in the ocean. I have understood that it is not wise to fight with them. More I play with them, spend time with them like with friends, easier it is. One is for sure – all the emotions come and go at some point. Now I step into me, where I land in perceiving and feeling. Feeling is like an emotion which has grown roots. What fruits will come from it, we will wait and see!

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