Weekly keys – 26th of January – 2nd of February – Boundary settings as a new time key to your harmonic life

-crystalpoppinsclimbThis week’s keys will focus on the main new time key – setting boundaries in all your affairs – home, work, relationships and more and how this tool can create your dream life now not later! Share in your circles!

The key to happiness in the new energy is the ability to set boundaries

I met a very special man yesterday. He has been a body work teacher for many many years. Now he is living here and is reinventing himself while he has made wise choices, which have created him a new sustainable life for the years to come on every level.

When I talked with him I discovered how many choices and changes I have done within the last 2 months, which has given me a complete new quality of life. I share some of these here, so that you can get an idea what I am talking about and test it in your life!

Written agreements

In the new time things are more fluid and flowing and change much quicker. That does not matter, you can always be creative and make a written agreement with some main details with your new employer or even if you are just a volunteer for someone or some company. That is what I did with my volunteer work here.

How many times over the period of my last 14 years I have started out with the heart and soul connected with my business partners or organizations and then some years later ended up in a mess and chaos, because people had hidden expectations, did not communicate clearly enough or other reasons? So many times! It is exhausting after a while! When the written agreements are done, then the main tasks are noted down, the main agreements are clearly there as well, there is no assuming. All the new changes which need to be made, will be made as things flow accordingly.

0sayulitapalmsYour living space

Check if the place where you live, your home – if the conditions how you live work for you.

Do you feel like you want to come to home?

Do you feel you get rested and charged when at home?

Can you be fully yourself?

Do you enjoy the space?

Is it supporting you?

Do you sleep well?

If you answered yes to all of the questions you are in the right spot and you have created a space which serves you. If you answered no to most questions you should evaluate and see where you can draw the line to make changes and set boundaries to make things work for you.

---viewmorningwindowI love the new apartment here. It is the loft apartment, it has the view to the whole area – including the mountains as well the village and the ocean. I can do my own bird and people watching from here…

It has a nice afternoon breeze. It is pretty quiet during the day. At night time I can clearly see the moon and the sky. Right now I have decided to have the space only for me for the next couple of months. Every person who comes in here, is amazed of the space and beauty. I am going to make more shakti and goddess like. I have nice neighbors downstairs and everyone is respectful towards the others. I feel I rest well here, I can be fully me and it supports me fully. I have all the elements activated here in full blast.

I am very grateful for my friends Stefan and Sandy who invited me here to be part of their family in the first place and were kind to let me stay till they were still here and came up with the idea to talk to Wayland and Aruna. It is a new and nice foundation for me.

Your work

What about your working hours?

Does this work for you?

Does your work make you happy?

What do you do?

Do you love it so that while you do it, the time flies?

Do you get up in the morning with excitement?

I wrote down some hours and have been actually working accordingly, even got up earlier to get things done faster.

I do not even remember where was the last time where I truly enjoyed everything in my life as now. I enjoy everything what I do. Today I was a DJ and helped to facilitate the free dance. It was so nice! There are so many hidden skills I can activate again. I am so excited what unfolds. I am getting up every morning with excitement what will happen next.

Multiracial Hands Surrounding the Earth GlobeYour relationships

Does not matter if it is your work or home relationships, what matters is that they should also work for you. If you answer no to most of these questions, you should really evaluate your relations.

Do you have enough respect, care, kindness and generosity in your relationships?

Do people let you be who you are or always try to fix you, or change you?

Can you be fully who you are at all times without being judged?

Are you free, independent and expansive at all times?

Home assignment

Go through your whole life – check if you have set your boundaries at home with your family and loved ones, at work with your coworkers, at social arena etc. Go through every arena you have in your life right now and see if there are any changes which need to be made. Where should you set more clearer boundaries? How could you do it? What would come out of it if you would do it?

It can be as simple as taking one hour a day just for yourself no matter how busy your schedule is or stopping fixing and taking care of others even before they have asked you.

crystalpirateI am Crystal Ra Laksmi. I am reinventing myself and my life step by step holding my hand with my spirit, heart and courage. Setting boundaries has been one of the main keys for my new life, my new balance and harmony, happiness and love. Choosing what feels right for me, what works for me and being bold enough to speak my truth without feeling guilty about it and doing it with kindness, generosity and full presence. You can do it as well. Step into your full power and live from the heart, spirit and courage and the universe will lay out a whole new life for you where there are no limitations and everything will be brought to your plate. So you can have your cake and the cherries too!

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