Weekly keys – 21 – 28th of December – Flashback to success keys from 2015

redgingerIt is the end of the year and it is a time to look back at the year. I will bring forth some of the qualities which were some huge game changers for me this year and brought me success. I will divide this blog post into two, so you have the follow up next week. Happy holidays everyone!


In the beginning of the year I started to rebuild my self worth, as well self belief. I figured I had lost it completely. When can we lose it? When we are in a wrong place and with wrong people and longer we are, harder it is to pull it all together again. This is also connected to self-confidence. It is all connected together like a spider web.

When we lose ourself, then one way to get back on track is to surround yourself with people who believe in you and not only 1 or 10% but 100% and more.

losmuertosThis must be affirmed not only with the words, but also with the actions. In situations like that we need that constant reminder and affirmation from the outside world, till we start to believe it ourselves and the moment when we do, everything becomes possible.

Because that what we tell ourselves becomes our reality – does not matter whether with our thoughts, words or actions or even just with the subconscious.

losmuertosbaywatchI started this year in a very weak place and one of the biggest changes in the beginning was a new place (Octopus Garden in La Cruz, Nayarit, Mexico) where I had good people around me (Stefan, Sandy, Wayland, Aruna, Michael etc) and they all believed in me and were not shy to express it to me and not only one time, but several times.

More and more I landed on my new platform, more and more things started to change. I was guided to right places and right people and more flow and abundance was formed (read more in my blog archive this year). Even in my own family I could see how this changed when I believed in one of the family members and helped to create a complete transformation and turn the new page for him too.

Positive affirmation and support and believing in another person can not only change one person’s life, but also the world. It does not cost a dime to do that. It should be in our everyday menu of actions towards the others.


I realised this year that all the decisions which I made from fear during the last years leaded me into more fear, lack and problems.

The moment, where I stepped into my power, listening to my heart and intuition, setting boundaries, taking care of me – I was instantly on the right path, even if I could not see where the road was going. When I arrived to Estonia I observed this so closely. In order to overcome it, I made a commitment and a schedule and what was amazing was that it really worked.

Keeping myself busy and doing what I love really worked. I had no time to think of anything else and fear had no place in my life. So taming your fear is one of the main keys in your life to live your life on your terms.

The decisions I made this year were now made from courage and I decided to continue with many commitments – like with my weekly blogs, my online clients, my Alanon meetings, my event planning and organising my courses and classes and my personal family life. It gave me the feeling of owning my reality again and controlling it a lot more than before. Most importantly it gave me peace and balance, which I had not had much since I moved away from my last studio in Tallinn in 2011.

casaentrancejungleMeeting the demons and inner shadows

I have for years run from them, even to other continents, but this was the year were I really faced them.

My successes of this year came about because I stopped running away from them and rooted myself into the centre of my own energy vortex and became the eye of my own inner storm. It was an interesting process, but my main peace and calm came from doing what I love and being in right places with right people.

The demons had no food any more as well the fears died out and I was in charge of my life again. The shadows which are still here, I have tamed and when they rise their heads again, I will show them where is their place and what they need to do. It works miracles. The main key was that I was surrounded by people who were conscious and I did a very deep work with myself through Alanon books, which helped me to become conscious of my own patterns and self sabotage. Once you are conscious about it these demons and fears have no more power over you any more.

sayulitajungleroadTwo way street 

Another big and important level had to do with two way streets. I have lived my life for too long only communicating or operating with people who mostly took from me and when they gave, they did not give back to make it a two way street. In healthy relations it is always two ways street – where things flow in a way which supports both parties and nourishes both sides.

More and more I took care of this and attracted more people into my life like that, more and more people arrived. More and more people who supported my old patterns disappeared. This was one way to weed my inner garden, so the outer could flourish. 

junglecatcrystalI am Crystal Ra Laksmi. As this year is finishing I am counting my blessings and I understand how many choices have brought me here where I am today – spending my winters in the tropics of Mexico and doing what I love most – working with people in the water and now also going to do it completely legally here at the same time preparing for my summer in Europe again. How exciting.

I have enough of everything – time, money, care, love and attention. My life is full of adventure, growth and excitement and I am truly living my dream.

My biggest Christmas wish and gift to all of my readers would be that my example would inspire all of you to step out of your own boxes and limitations and take your first steps towards your dream and make it happen. No one else is the bigger roadblock for you than yourself. So – it is time to demolish all your roadblocks and move on – to your paradise wherever it is – so that your heart can sing and co-create the magic of the universe. Merry Christmas everyone!

PS! As it is Christmas time, I will not give you a home assignment. You will get it with the next week’s blog. Have fun and enjoy your family time!

Be the blessing you would like to see in the world!