Weekly Keys – 2nd of February till 9th of February – Do not make any compromises with your dreams!

0cloudsThis week’s keys are talking about how to balance your masculinity and femininity; the balance key; being ahead of your time; how you should avoid compromises with your dreams; how the spirit gives you the best! Enjoy the reading!

February – balancing the masculine and the feminine

This second month of the year according to the numbers will focus on the sacred feminine and sacred masculine.

0feetAll of us we have it deep inside and in order to live and flourish in this new life, we need to really learn how to become the sacred shakti (the feminine) and the sacred shiva (the masculine).

The masculine is there to hold space, create security and safety and let the shakti to unfold the unknown. The shiva has to learn how to fully trust the shakti within him or herself or outside. The key lies to get to know all the tiny details of the shakti. 0catacrystalstretch

The times when the shakti is connected to the shadows and dancing with Kali – the goddess of transformation. The shiva’s task is just to be present, listen and forget about throwing out solutions. The key is to calm the shakti in whatever way works for her and simply say: ‘It will be all right dear, don’t you worry’, even when the shiva has no idea how to fix that something which is bothering the shakti. If you are patient enough, you will see how it works. The times you see the shakti is the divine mother. The times when she is the caretaker. The times she is the seducing goddess etc.

1goddessdanceThe shiva needs a conscious shakti beside him. The shiva needs to learn how to hold space and be the pillar of light – so to say not to run away when the shakti starts to ‘boil over’ or creates chaos. The shiva’s task is then to be fully present and have the control, even if he does not. Stronger the shiva is, more the shakti will open up, show her unpredictable sides as well the vulnerability and dance the dance of the unknown. From there the shiva and also the shakti can co-create a new universe or universes – whatever they choose. Then the spirit will unfold people, places and circumstances in such an ease that it is mindblowing.

More shivas we have who do that, more shaktis will open up and more we heal the planet, ourselves and everything around us. This is the core key theme and topic and key for the rest of our time on this planet, but especially during this next month.

1footstepThe balance key

When you are most of the time in balance and surrounded by harmony, kindness, generosity and care, you will notice very clearly when you are out of balance and out of these qualities. It is so strange for me to experience it as it used to be that I was so much out of balance that I hardly had longer periods of being in balance. Now it is the contrary.

Today I was a bit off balance as many things did not go my way. I understood that one of the biggest problems kicking us out of balance is exactly that – wanting to control life and circumstances. Today was one of these days. Couple of things did not work out according to the plan, so I took something else from the list, which I had to do. This worked out very nice. In the end I even got a nice goddess massage, which brought me back into my body, into my center and balance. I also got invited to the goddess feast after that. So all I needed was a friend doing a session on me and also a question – asking what would get me back into my center. So to say – if you get off balance and your own tools do not help, find someone who can help you, even if it just 5 minutes listening to you. Because the balance is the number one key in the new energies. More you live in it, more you create it and more you flow with it. Then every wave you surf, is the perfect wave, it is all about you finding the right position for all that to come together into a beautiful surfdance!

0catasailsBeing ahead of your time

This can be one of the issues of this year. This is the year of the air and it will often activate people who are really tuned in to the spirit and as the spirit is beyond this reality many may have problems to really get what is said. But even if you can not understand it with your mind, your spirit gets it. Your spirit reads energy, frequency and resonance. It recognizes the message. So what is the most important for everyone during this coming year is to find places, people and circumstance what uplift you and make you feel good, in harmony and beyond this reality. If you do that, it does not actually matter how many people can truly understand you as you have at least some who do. This becomes your core family and your new foundation and you can build your new strong castle on it, which will not only be your safe place but also for many others.

0lacruzsunsetNo compromises with your dreams

None of us should compromise with our dreams. No matter how big, crazy or unreachable. If we say No and Yes in a right way, it will finally lead us to our dreams. If we receive the support from our heart and step with courage and follow our intuition, there will be a day when our dream comes true.

Where you will feel like a queen or a king and will feel completely loved, cared and nourished the way you deserve. We all deserve the best and in order to receive that best, we have to start to give it first to ourselves. That can be a cornerstone or a building platform for our new dream or life where dreams turn into reality not once a year, but every millisecond! Yes, imagine the world like that!?? Could you live in it?

This is your home assignment for the next week – follow your heart, intuition and courage. Lets see where it guides you!

guatemalasunriseThe best will be given by your spirit

One year ago I came back from Guatemala with my heart broken into millions of pieces. It was hard. All I had was gone and I had no desire to co-create on this planet any more. But as it usually is with low moments like that, the Universe will pick you up if you allow it to. I came back to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Mexico and luckily my friends needed help to boatsit for them for the next 5 weeks. These 5 weeks healed me together with the ocean, amazing friends and community here. Slowly I came back into myself, my life and desires.

1puntaiguanapalmsOne year later I look back at it with gratitude. I look back to every challenge, hardship and loss with gratitude. Gratitude that it did not happen, that someone was ripped out of my heart, as now the universe has gifted me firstly my self love and secondly when I was not looking, also a wonderful partner to love, admire and share my now with. So just a reminder to everyone: if something or someone is taken away, do not worry, something or someone better will be given. Yesterday gave me a glimpse back to my Utah time full of chaos and despair. It is now fully gone from my life. I am cherished, loved, admired. I receive kindness, generosity and care I have never before. How lucky am I?

Every step is a step closer to your spirit’s dream. Number one key is to surrender and let it guide you. Be the sailor who is letting the wind dictate the course! If not all the time, then sometimes, as it may take you to a hidden treasure – a tropical beach, where you do not want to leave and it may become your last cruise indeed!

0mesailinghappyI am Crystal Ra Laksmi. I take every day as a new chance to build a new future for myself. I know that every thought, feeling and word and action is an important little step on that road and that is why I am very conscious on this road. More I do it, mroe I create and bring into my life all of that, what makes me feel happy, full and shiny understanding that the first step to all of that is the path to myself and falling in love with myself with all my horns and tales!

Please share this post with your friends and family and loved ones! Thank you so much and all the best for your new week!

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