Weekly keys – 4. – 11. January – Roadmap to the Highway to Yourself in 2016

BB7palmsI promised to all of you my dear readers that this time I will talk about the new time numerology for this year, but the spirit is guiding me to write about another topic this time and follow up my promise next time.

This time I will talk about how one idea can reset and reorganise your life, give you your livelihood as well help you to live your dream. As it is the beginning of the year I would love to inspire everyone to make a little research what needs to be changed in your life and where one is headed in general to make it the best year ever!

During the summer 2013 I unplugged myself so that I could understand why I am here on this planet. I came to Mexico.

I entered a time, where I was just a boat on the ocean, and went wherever the wind blew me. I had no target and by the year 2014 November I had almost lost myself completely.

I got out of it thanks to my own product and creation and my new targets, which I got to only after I fell down to the mud.

Sometimes we need to get to the bottom of the abyss, in order to really wake up or find our new and right direction. My wish for you my dear readers is that you would be smarter and would use some of the guidance before falling. 

londonTo begin today’s story I will go back into the year 2013, when I lived in London, UK. I tried to get my life working there, but I guess the timing or the people or place was not quite right and I did not succeed.

But during this time I got an idea with one of my female friends and future co operation partners, to put together an online course, where we offer people different tools, how and what they can do in order to create something with little resources. She offered to be behind the technical and business part leader and I took the spiritual leader role. We put the introduction texts together and shared the information during the next 2 weeks online. In the beginning we had an introduction price, but with time we changed it. 31 people joined the course with ease. 

The name of that course was ‘Ettevõtlusjooga’ (Translation – Business Yoga) and it lasted 6 months. Looking back at it I think it was quite courageous to offer something like that. I took this as a chance to write some of my knowledge to the paper, which had helped me in life and present it in a very systemised way. I wrote a summary of a different topic every week with additional home work for my new clients.

abundance wheel copyMy main focus was on my own product called – abundance wheel. I noticed over the years that when people came to me with a money problem, it was never just that. It was connected to their low self esteem, low self belief, or bad relation to themselves which influenced their relations to others. In the end the health will suffer as well you can not work not to talk about sexual desire. When we do not create something, nothing will come out of it, unless some automatic systems have been set up beforehand.

Now I had created a program for me, which I could not skip and had to present new material every week to my clients who already had paid for my product and service (btw many internet course producers do the same thing). This was a successful way to go about and people were happy with the material.  We also had monthly group skype calls. In the end this suffered a bit, as we were in the different parts of the world as the course leaders (me in Mexico, my friend in Belize) and our internet was very bad, but it was a good way to get immediate feedback from our participants.

KISsuurkaartyldtekstarchiveAs I had disagreements with my cooperation partner later, we shut the whole project down after 6 months program ended. I understood that I have to redo it, so that I could reuse it again. By the summer 2014 I had got quite many followers for my Estonian blog and many of them started to ask what I could offer them as some kind of a support product and service if they would have liked to work more personally with me. Then I remembered my first online course material which I had parked in my drawer. I took it out again and rewrote it with a new name – Kiirtee Iseendasse Kursus (translation – Highway to Yourself Course). I added 6 more months and offered a 12 months online course. I had no idea if I would find people who would take the risk to take such a long commitment with me.

mexicoFor me it was a good way to work with my own materials in a different way and see how it works. As I stayed in Mexico, where the internet is not so good in most places, then I asked my participants to send their homework by e mail weekly during the first 6 months, which I went through immediately to give them my feedback. The last 6 months they sent their homework monthly to my email.

It seemed to work very well. The results thanks to my online program were very powerful.

Who got a new job, who got a new place to live, who a new partner, who clearer targets with the partner at the moment, who got a new house, who left the old job, or a relationship, who created a new business, learned new skills, and who let go of the old habits or patterns, which helped to create the new life quality. You can ask now, how can I see all that was influenced by my course? I can not, but if all that happens to all of the participants, who took part of the course – I think there needs to be a connection and influence to it.

sailingronMy own personal life was very challenging last year, but as mentioned in my last blog posts, one of the key factors for me was my commitment and dedication to myself, which helped to create a system.

One was the work with my online clients and the other was continuing my blog and starting my blog in English as well and doing so weekly.

These were two containers for me, which helped to create a new platform instead of my chaotic life.

0mesailinghappySuddenly I was the captain of my own boat again, and I had chosen a new direction to my boat, where we moved towards. It literally felt like the whole universe was helping me as the wind was blowing more and more from the right direction, the currents were going where I needed them to. I felt like I had stepped out of my struggles going against the flow. It was a very light and easy feeling. I felt myself that it was rooted into my cultural code as an Estonian – that things have to come in a hard way and if you win something through that, then someone needs to give you a prize for that. 

I got 14 new participants to my online course which gave me the monthly income here in Mexico (two minimum wages monthly in Estonia). As I traded my place to live with my contribution and work here, my monthly expenses were only around 100 – 200 euros (mostly food and transportation). When I travelled back to Estonia, my monthly living expenses were around 1500 euros per month. Imagine the difference!

The rest of the money I earned with the online course while in Mexico, I could save which helped to create new possibilities while in Estonia (like the rental of the car, renting of the living space) and small investments.

palmtreesunWhat I would like to tell with this story is that thanks to my own online program it did not only change the life of my clients, but also my own. I also would like to show that the road to my dream life did not only come by dreaming under the palm tree and sunbathing, but also thanks to concrete choices as well action, which created material as well physical results. 

Many spiritual therapists or leaders have a problem with being very powerful with the spiritual leg, but their physical as well material leg is  actually leaping. But those two should cooperate and work together in this lifetime in order to create the maximum balance in life.

My life is getting into balance on all levels and I can make more and more conscious choices how I would like to spend my life and where and with whom.
I do not share this now to brag about it, but so that you my dear reader would feel also inspired to change your life to the dream you always wanted. 

La Cruz anchorageI invite you all not to just make the New Years resolutions, but to take your life into your own hands and book some private sessions with me (till I get the online course translated into English). It is important that we make choices which are conscious. If you have something in your life right now which you do not like, it is there because you have done unconscious choices or no choices at all. Your reality right now is the reflection of your inner world. If you do not like it, you need to fix your inner world, and make your new choices, so that the outer world could change and transform for you.

Do not be jealous for how I live my life, but be grateful as through this support you bring all that into your life. You can also create that, but you need to do the right choices, which would help you to create your dream, whatever that is. 

beachheartMy last year’s experience was that when I put in place all my dedication time for myself (like Alanon material work, regular training, learning something new etc) then I had new possibilities coming up right away whether it was a new job or a new travelling opportunity.

Till you do not put yourself to the first place in your life, it can not happen. If you would like to get something from the Universe, you should start with giving to yourself as it can activate it all!

It is your choice to do it for the next 6. months or 12. months. The best results have been for those who have done my coaching program for the 12 months in a row. We work through the abundance wheel during the first 6 months and thereafter we go deeper into different topics. 

Let me know if you would like to work with me and how! Take contact with me here: 

taurusmountainsIn the new energy, the spirit energy needs targets to co-create with the Universe and you. The New Years resolution is not really working, as well the simple flowing. You need a little action plan as well structure, which helps to keep the direction as well walk towards it strategically, even though softly flowing. Check out my friend’s Michael Ditton’s guidelines for that as well goalsettingbasics.com 

Couple of feedbacks from my  online course participants: 

‘Thank you Crystal for helping on that road. I am so grateful and have grown a lot, arrived into myself and into my creation power and it is powerful. The power is amazing as is life. I got into the Art Academy and was the second in their list. I found my path! Thank you!


Hei Crystal, 

‘I am very sad that this year is over. I am so much richer with amazing experiences as well all kinds of tricks. I left from my old work place and learn a lot of new skills right now, so I can start with my very own new business. I do not know how to express my gratitude in words. I wish you all the best, you wish to your life. You are just amazing!’

With gratitude Inge


Home assignment

Do not only give yourself the New Years resolutions this year, but write down your targets more clearly: 

1. What would you like to accomplish this year? Something you could measure by the end of this year? 

2. How can you put down a strategic game plan which you can fullfill and what do you need to contribute so that the Universe can co-create it with you?

3. What kind of old habits and patterns would you like to get rid of, which are stopping you to live fully and in such a way that no one and nothing can stop you any more? 

4. What kind of agreements and dedications are you willing to make for your first 30 days of the year which help you to create a new platform to your new life and are you willing to prolong these later? 

crystalmermaidsmallwhiteI am Crystal Ra Laksmi. I have polished my crystal’s corners with the years and these are now more round and softer. Many places which were foggy, are now clear, so that my inner sun can shine the rays through this crystal to myself and others, so it can bring the abundance in all forms which is necessary in order to fulfill the dreams.

The fastest change happens through the inner change.

This is my main message, which has taken my time, my adventures, oceans, different people, abysses as well pain and pleasure and mountain tops to get to!

Happy New Year my dear ones!