Weekly Keys – 18 – 25th of May Walk your path while doing what you love

HP blue poolThis week I would like to talk about how to find your path and some obstacles I have met on my road. Hopefully it will inspire more people to explore and have fun with life to figure out where is their place to create value and meaning to themselves and for the planet.

It is getting so hot in Mexico that my only dream is to lie several hours a day in the cold bathtub. I would never imagine me saying this, a girl from Estonia. The temperatures can get as high as +35 – + 40 and more. Add to it a 70% or more humidity and you have the whole package of how to sweat your extra weight away…

 Recent observations

I have made some new choices and these were not really going the way I wanted to. I started to look more into this and seeing that there were other people in my close circle who really wanted me to do or choose something else and it was so weird to experience that it actually created obstacles in my life. So think if you have many people projecting their thoughts and ideas on you against your own will, what would happen? You would most probably have trouble to create what you would like. How to solve that?

HP mangosI did a very deep meditation where I kind of like zoomed out of the whole situation and looked at it from the bigger perspective. I could see where my old beliefs were creating problems and how my thoughts had created the situation. I started to correct them and basically demand that the universe would bend according to my wish, as I felt that I had been too flexible and not really put my foot down to show what I chose deep inside with my heart. Once I did that – everything realigned accordingly, even though slow. It was almost like the universe created this red light, so I could stop and take a moment to check in. How many people actually do that? Not many. Most people would just give up or push through the walls if needed without really listening what is going on. The new time energies are almost demanding us to be more flexible and find out where our place is to shine.

HP cowsJudgments

Another very interesting detail I just noticed during the recent days is that when I met a person who first was indifferent about me and then I started to feel that she started to create judgments about me. I noticed it very clearly, because recently I have lived with people who have no judgments about me and are very supportive. It is really interesting to follow the process. The energy is not flowing, the wall between me and the person just grows. You have awkwardness when you communicate. At times it feels like you are from different planets. These people are usually not from your tribe.

So what has worked for me is to not take it personally, and focus on myself. These people have usually also lots of issues themselves and the inner judgments which they are working on, will be projected on a target very soon and it may be you. It all happens often times completely subconsciously. You have the matching energy and vola – there is the problem!

octopusteamThe best in this kind of situation for me has been to focus more on the people who see my value and meaning and presence and appreciate it. Self affirmations may also help. You can not change people and their ideas and beliefs. You can only change you. Often times I also do a little meditation with that person in mind which will actually dissolve or create a situation where things get really balanced out and at times even all the judgments dissolve. Most of the times they still remain and you just have to accept that.

This planet would be so much more balanced if people would work more with themselves instead of what others did or said.

Deep inside all we want is to love, be loved and do what we love without any limitations. It is that simple. Now the question is how to create circumstances for this life and possibilities to show up in your life?

To do what you love

This is actually more simple than we think. It is basically this from my experience – do what you love and the rest will follow.

If you do not know what this is – you need to explore and find out what this is. Just try as many different things, activities and ways of being.

wantra group alohaToday I did a water class with 9 teenagers. 2,5 hours went by super fast. Why is that? Because I did what I love. I was completely in the now – the rest of the world disappeared for me – all there was – was me and the kids. I enjoyed it and everyone in the group enjoyed it, because it was like a water journey. Something new and different and unexpected. When I started in 2007 with my business – I just did what I loved and all the rest came into place – the nice place to live, the car, the money and new friends.

Most people make the mistake to put money first and they say – I can not do it because I do not have the money. You can, you just have to choose it. Once you choose it, it will manifest one way or another. My whole life is full of these examples from studying at the University of Oslo till traveling to Hawaii.

Home assignment

Your home assignment for this week would be to make a list of all your talents, skills and activities you love to do and then see if the combination of some of those would create you a project, a possibility for livelihood or a new beginning. If you still do not know what that could be, ask the universe a question.

What place and people would be most beneficial for all my full potential to unfold with all the power I have so I can create value and meaning to myself and the planet?

Ask that question for a week, for a month, for a year and see what happens. Touch base with me if you get results and tell me your story!

crystalwaterstarI am Crystal Ra Laksmi. I am fully stepping back to my own path again and walking on it feels nice and comfortable and I am now choosing to own it. I am grateful to everyone and everything as they have all made me who I am today – the good and the bad. I am anchoring into myself to create a new value and meaning as well a new future for myself, my son and the planet!


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