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Sry some of the weekly photo blogs get a bit late. I guess they are coming out on Mexican time. Please go and read the last big entry about my 1 year in Mexico here.

Here is another beautiful sunset photo from Mexico, from Mazatlan. I have seen many beautiful and breathtaking sunsets in Mexico. Continue reading

Gratitude from the heart

How amazing is this? I spent an amazing evening with my two very amazing Estonian goddesses in Chicago, Sirje Press andHelbe  Lume and got to go to the  Estonian sauna with them and enjoyed the best amazing meal ever! And on top of it got driven all the way to the airport in the middle of the night, while Sirje stole almost 3 hours of her sleep time for me. Gifts like that are amazing and never to be forgotten! Thank you, your contribution is so valued!

Throughout the whole trip, I experienced miracle after miracle and it has been so amazing to be grateful for every single one of them! How blessed can we be and how much more can we create and attract, if we also count all our small blessings – I wonder! I am so grateful for all the women who donated money for my trip in Chicago, my amazing hostesses in Chicago: Sirje Press and Greta Campagnolo and Lisa Burnham and all the fun time we all had together! I am stepping myself into a new sisterhood and womanhood time and it is so amazing! Thank you, thank you! How lucky am I?

naisedchicagosI feel how every step with gratitude opens up more and more doors for me as well as more opportunities create itself with ease and abundance and I feel again that my world cares about me as I care about me and I have got back my vision and targets where to move to. I am so excited, so full of life and totally empowered! This event and the whole adventure which took almost a week of my life, gave me my life and my fullfillment back to me! Gratitude arises from the bottom of my heart to the world and every quantum particle being part of creating this! Thank you!