New websites are like new babies!

crystal-new-header-2.jpgLast week I launched my new Estonian site and it was a funny and crazy experience. One Estonian journalist contacted me after I got my notes about the future blog post up on my personal FB message board. She asked me to get the link so she could set it up to her online magazine. I knew what that would mean. Loads of traffic. What was missing was the proper systematic site. So I hit it off with 3-4 other people in various parts of the world (London, Paris, San Diego, Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu) to get all the bits and pieces together. We made it! Wohoo! It is still just the beginning. Loads of extra work to put in.

I experienced the power of full cooperation for the first time in my life on that level. It was so intense – I worked on the content and everything else for a constant 50 hrs. One of the nights I just got so tired, that left for bed. In the morning I had an amazing surprise as some of the bits were in place as someone from the team had fixed it. First time in life I started to love the different time zones. 

I am now setting up the Hawaii adventure trips and this site has to get all in place as soon as possible. We have experienced some real fun and challenge with these pages. How the themes can be a limitation even though it looks beautiful.

childSo all in all it reminds me of a process of becoming a mother. You have an idea to become a mother and then start to take steps in order to make it happen. The same with the website. You have an idea, you start to put them together into a nice system and make it happen. Then it will be born and now it is your turn to take care of it in the best way you can. You can make it nice with colours and pictures (like putting clothes on a baby) and make it contribute to you. Sure, the first weeks and months it needs a lot of your attention, like a little baby does. Later on, it can crawl and walk on its own and if not, you can get someone to help you with that.

So here is my new baby – – the English website to serve me and you and make all the possible fun happening. All your ideas, suggestions are truly welcome! Thank you!

Baby picture from © UNICEF/Olivier Asselin

Thank you all for contributing for my website making process: 

Marie Nicole Lapointe (design, plug ins and more)  (San Diego)

Kristi Laur (technical help and contact form and other tips) (Tallinn)

Maiko Koort (technical help with the pages) (Tartu)

Tiina Liimandi (pictures, design, content feedback) (Pärnu)

Mo Elnadi (social media) (London)

Chapi Tchoupi (technical and internet) (Paris)

Katrin Haiba (English content clearing) (New York)

Please share your stories about your making the web page experiences and what tricks have you learned? 

Funny stories with making websites?