Birthday present – a shortcut!

aacrystalbirthdayI had the most amazing birthday in Tallinn, Estonia with my loved ones!

In the very end of the day, me and my two girlfriends we started to walk in the old town of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. We started to go up.

I started to tell the story about the shortcuts and how taking shortcuts actually is an amazing thing, as then you will find people who take the shortcuts as well, you will have more time for fun and the rest. How amazing is this?

While I talked about it we started to go up Lühike Jalg (Short Leg) street. There is a legend, that Tallinn is limping, and it is because we have two streets – one is Short Leg, other one Pikk Jalg (Long Leg). So we heard some guitar music and it was so beautiful and mystical. Unbelieavable.

I stopped in front of the street musician, who was a sweet Russian man, I put him some money and asked if he had some birthday songs for me. He did and we danced with one of my girlfriends. We were about to leave after the song when he invited me to listen to one more. I stepped over the edge and wanted to sit by his side. He stood up and offered me his place where he was sitting. It was amazingly kind. He had made this little strong pillow to sit on (on the stone).

So I sat down, he started to sing, my girlfriends were watching and the whole place turned into a magical wonderland, like in the bubble. I did not understand the words, but tears started to run down my eyes and it was so powerful, that I could not stop crying. So he finally stopped and was thankful, gave me a small kiss and a hug and good bye. We took the steps up and got to the Long Leg.

aabirthddayshortcutOnly after we got down to another street I understood how I had talked about the shortcuts and how we had just taken one and experienced the most beautiful instant magic walking on the Short Leg (equal to a shortcut)!!!

Would you like to experience more shortcuts? Empower Network is one of my shortcuts! I have never made any money on online marketing business and I have already made some money. So this is working, it is a shortcut to your sustainable financial freedom in life and not only!

My other shortcuts are AuraTransformationTM, Water therapy, Access ConsciousnessTM, Organic StretchingTM, tantra etc. Ask me more about these techniques.

Here is a little video memory, done by me dear girlfriend Tiina Liimandi. Thank you all who showed up, it was so much fun!

New websites are like new babies!

crystal-new-header-2.jpgLast week I launched my new Estonian site and it was a funny and crazy experience. One Estonian journalist contacted me after I got my notes about the future blog post up on my personal FB message board. She asked me to get the link so she could set it up to her online magazine. I knew what that would mean. Loads of traffic. What was missing was the proper systematic site. So I hit it off with 3-4 other people in various parts of the world (London, Paris, San Diego, Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu) to get all the bits and pieces together. We made it! Wohoo! It is still just the beginning. Loads of extra work to put in.

I experienced the power of full cooperation for the first time in my life on that level. It was so intense – I worked on the content and everything else for a constant 50 hrs. One of the nights I just got so tired, that left for bed. In the morning I had an amazing surprise as some of the bits were in place as someone from the team had fixed it. First time in life I started to love the different time zones. 

I am now setting up the Hawaii adventure trips and this site has to get all in place as soon as possible. We have experienced some real fun and challenge with these pages. How the themes can be a limitation even though it looks beautiful.

childSo all in all it reminds me of a process of becoming a mother. You have an idea to become a mother and then start to take steps in order to make it happen. The same with the website. You have an idea, you start to put them together into a nice system and make it happen. Then it will be born and now it is your turn to take care of it in the best way you can. You can make it nice with colours and pictures (like putting clothes on a baby) and make it contribute to you. Sure, the first weeks and months it needs a lot of your attention, like a little baby does. Later on, it can crawl and walk on its own and if not, you can get someone to help you with that.

So here is my new baby – – the English website to serve me and you and make all the possible fun happening. All your ideas, suggestions are truly welcome! Thank you!

Baby picture from © UNICEF/Olivier Asselin

Thank you all for contributing for my website making process: 

Marie Nicole Lapointe (design, plug ins and more)  (San Diego)

Kristi Laur (technical help and contact form and other tips) (Tallinn)

Maiko Koort (technical help with the pages) (Tartu)

Tiina Liimandi (pictures, design, content feedback) (Pärnu)

Mo Elnadi (social media) (London)

Chapi Tchoupi (technical and internet) (Paris)

Katrin Haiba (English content clearing) (New York)

Please share your stories about your making the web page experiences and what tricks have you learned? 

Funny stories with making websites?

To have a life and build a business with Empower Network

Today I would like to share my experiences in Empower Network and also invite you to investigate more! For me it has been really real and continues to be so!

I joined in the middle of April in 2013, my sponsor is an amazing Canadian woman Greta Campagnolo, a mother of 5 kids and she has been a total kick ass for me. Thanks to her support and other women in the SuperWomen group and my friends in the world I got to go to the EN Chicago event and experience a new beginning with 5000 other people from all over the world, including all the top leaders in the network. I made magic happen basically every step of the road together with people who empower and believe in me.

Watch this video to get the vibe from Chicago event here

In addition I would love to thank Elizabeth Wood, Liina Remmel, Mark Myers, Eve Härmson, Sirje Press, Helbe Lume, Lisa Burnham, Tiina Liimandi, Sander Kruusement and so many others for believing in me and supporting me taking massive action!

For me Empower Network seems to be a platform, which Dave Sharp and Dave Wood have made to empower people and helping them to create a sustainable life on all levels – uniting spiritual and self development inspiration with top secrets in internet, online and offline marketing and advertising, plus motivation and inspiration and how to self dicipline and keep things on track every single day.

Would you like to have a location free business, or more time to be with your family, or more money to take care of your family? I have the secret 3 steps formula for only 25 usd:

Check it out from this video here!

Read one of the blog posts here about talking to the stranger:

Why did I join Empower Network and what is the value for me?

  1. High business ethics (100% commissions, donations for charity, client support, team support etc)

  2. Super support from my sponsor Greta at all times (practical questions or personal motivation)

  3. Human values (family, time, care, depth, abundance, helping etc)

  4. Possibility to earn lots of money if you are consistent

  5. Highways in online or offline marketing, what you can also use in your own business

  6. Simple structure of the business – easy and quick results

  7. New supportive friends and girlfriends who believe in me!

  8. Being part of different FB groups and constant flow of new information (massive)

    The women’s group has been amazing as well is the main team called Take Massive Action, where very many of the top leaders are part of!

  9. New targets and support to achieve these

  10. Discipline and commitment training

  11. The leaders inspire to be who we truly are and this is real

  12. Constant inspiration and motivation

  13. To live in your own power

  14. Experiencing freedom and independence

  15. Experiencing easyness

  16. Can learn technical skills and sell it at the same time with ease (not agressively)

  17. To contribute to others and see them succeed

  18. Everyone is welcome, does not depend on your age, race, cultural background or faith or health condition.

  19. An opportunity to cooperate with my son and inspire teenagers to take their financial reality already into their own hands (he is 16) and become an example while learning and creating new values for ourselves and others.

  20. You can start with as little as 25 USD!!!

  21. Women get totally empowered in EN, there is a special SUPERWOMEN group and we have daily hangouts and keep uplifting each other daily no matter what is happening without any jealousy, gossiping or judgments

  22. You can be you – you can wear what you want, have a background you have and look as you like!

  23. You do not have to have the numbers to be valued! You are valued by your actions and mindset! So step into your power and kick some ass!

  24. If you do not believe in you, there are thousands of others in EN who do. Once you have connected to them, you may start to believe in yourself as well and even create some miracles as I did and continue to do so!

  25. All the failures in my life so far, have been the stepping stones for my future successes!

If you are interested to find out how it actually works, let me know! I will explain more!

Questions I would like you to answer before you take contact with me would be:

  1. Do you know how your dream life would look like?

  2. Do you know what is your mission on planet Earth?

  3. What is stopping you to live your dream life?

If you would like to join, let me know, I can help you in the process. I would suggest to join first and then start to recommend it to your clients, friends and family. But only for those people who are willing to change their life and take full responsibility of their life into their own hands!

This is the first kind of network where I feel like really fired up and passionate about, as the values really resonnate with me. I also love the way it is built up and how you can make money with it and create sustainable income streams. I would like to form an amazing strong team, and dedicate for targets like travelling to Denver in the end of July with the whole team in 2013!

In my team I would love to share loads of spiritual knowhow I have experienced and gathered within the last 13 years from all over the world, how to make it all work even more for you. I am starting from the same platform as you and on that level we are equal!

There is so much fun and cool stuff going on all the time, different kind of contests and inspirational stuff in En – so you will not be bored for sure!

You can also invite your spouses, partners or children into the business. I am going to invite my son into this and I am very excited about this! If you have children under 18, they can join, but only with their parents.

The business is in their early days, so to join now means loads of more opportunities later not least the money and new value!

All the possible earnings are dependent on the personal effort and person’s charisma and courage and choices and may vary from person to person!

If you feel inspired and would like to change you and the world, pls let me know! Welcome to the team and congrats that you choose to make the change in your life, in your universe! I can not wait for us to hang out in some of the most amazing paradises on this planet and have the fun beyond of our wildest dreams!!!

My personal email is crystalralaksmi @, ask for more!

And join the Prosperity Expansion team!

Talk to you later!

With aloha mahalo to you, Crystal Ra Laksmi