Lightworker versus New Time Energy therapist or simply becoming a Human Angel?

One of my friend’s post about the topic made me think about this topic and how I have not really explained publicly my viewpoint, but here it is.  

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Many of you may know that I have worked with people and energies for 20 years now. I started as a leader for some spiritual book groups in Norway as a volunteer, progressed into Angel Therapy and got certified as an Aminologist (Angel Therapist) from Cape Town in 2005. This opened doors for many other possibilities and ideas and in 2007 I heard about Auratransformation™ for the very first time. Anni Sennov who founded it believed that as we are heading into Indigo, Crystal and Golden energies – a little energy upgrade would really make a difference. Sadly Anni passed away last year after 4 years of fighting with the cancer. But she published many books and also had a program for Aura Mediators who could do Auratransformation™ for other people. That sounded so exciting so I got my Auratransformation™ in February 2007 and did the program for Aura Mediator in August the same year.

Just one month later I brought it officially also to Estonia and became the very first Estonian also part of the Aura Instructor program for couple of years and continued as an Aura Mediator after that. At the moment of writing this blog (June 2020) I have been transformed for 13 years and have been doing this work the same length. I learned so much about energies and people and countries during these years. I implemented many things, tested many things from 2007 – 2011 as I was mainly located in Estonia. In 2011 I left Estonia for destinations unknown and traveled the world till 2014 until I met my future husband Michael in Mexico. After some time we moved to Hawaii. While traveling I observed and continued to work with the New Time Energies and express more and more of my Life Purposes in various forms. Read more about it here: 

One of the things I learned during these years – was that I was not a lightworker any more… In the New Time Energy we actually do not really have lightworkers any more – as lightworkers work with the main perception that we work “towards ascending into the light” or “awake into the light” (which is still outside of us from that point of view – as in the old (rainbow) energy) and where ever you focus on light, you actually instantly pull forward also darkness.

I did not quite understand it until I started to work with angels and angel therapy like 20 years ago. I wanted to be the “light-worker angel lady” who is only in the goodness and light and then someone showed me what that actually entails and I saw the darkness and the other side which almost killed me…

Most New Time Energy workers are not globally very verbal yet — so this is not really something talked very publicly yet. But in the New Time Energy our consciousness works from the balance energy source and structure, which means that we are working on uniting and dissolving the light and darkness into one energy.

When you are in the New Time Energy system like indigo, crystal or golden or diamond energy – then this “enlightenment” happens automatically with time as the Spirit Energy enters the body step by step and the enlightenment happens from inside out. Spirit energy is connected to that “balance energy” – which has united the light and the dark and is of a very high frequency.

This point of view I share here is my personal, which I have picked up with my 20 years of energy and clairvoyance work globally. I will give also more energy and attention to it and do all I can to share it – so that it would be something people would hear more about and give a thought about.

Very many lightworkers oftentimes also work from the point of view that they “fix” people or things, but it almost always ends up with the “dependency hook” on a client.

Once someone is in the New Time Energy – then their main purpose is to “free” people from the “dependency” from the outside source for further movement on their inner path. Instead they will start to be able to figure it out on their own with a stronger intuition and Inner Woman in the focus. It feels so freeing and so liberating!!!

Then the person can just occasionally check in with someone outside to just check how it feels because that person will be so much more connected to their “true path” already that they will start to make choices and steps according to their full inner guidance.

I would say that most healers nowadays are opening up and growing into a New Time Energy therapists (and a little energy upgrade is recommended), but the most important is not the title, but what a person feels inside and how everyone will package their amazing gifts they have come here to share!! This is the moment when we start to embody the Spirit energy and turn into human angels. Becoming a human angel is a big responsibility as you truly have to start to share your gifts and talents with the world. The problem is very many people have still not yet figured out how to make it all work for them in the practical world. 

Many of us have chosen to be reincarnated to this planet right now because we had the subconscious intention to come and experience enlightenment into our body and the process of becoming a Human Angel in person! Sooner you wake up to that and take responsibility – more you can accomplish, more you can expand, more you can liberate!

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